10 Best Weed and Oil Pens

There are tons of different ways to enjoy marijuana nowadays. While some users prefer simply smoking a joint of weed, others might prefer using potent weed Edibles or THC Tinctures for a convenient high. However, one of the best ways to enjoy the effects of marijuana is vaping, and with so many great Weed and Oil Pens, vape enthusiasts have plenty of options for vaping THC.

Vaping has many advantages over other methods of consumption. For instance, surveys have found that most users find vaping a safer and more positive experience than smoking. One study even found that vaping produces stronger effects than smoking cannabis. On top of all that, it’s also a convenient, easy, and enjoyable way to consume THC.

Vaporizers and Vape Pens come in many forms. Some contain chambers that you can fill with products weed, concentrates or vape oil for vaporizing purposes. Others come pre-filled with THC-infused vape juice and simply need to be charged and powered up. Whichever way, there’s a device suitable for every user. Here are some of the best Weed and Oil Pens you can buy.

1. Bob Vape Kits

If you want a simple and effective vape pen that you can use with a range of THC Vape Cartridges, then Bob Vape Kits are worth checking out. Although the vaporizer isn’t the fanciest or most stylish device, it’s designed for pure functionality and comes with everything you need to start enjoying potent THC vapor.

Each Bob Vape Kit comes with a Vape Pen, Battery, and Charger so you can use it over and over again. Each kit also comes with one Vape Cartridge of your choice, containing 0.6 grams of potent THC Vape Oil. Simply attach the cartridge to the Vape Pen, start it up, and take draws of the smooth and flavorful vapor inside.

Various flavors are available, mostly based on popular cannabis strains. Options include Blue Dream, Clementine, Watermelon, and Bob’s Widow (White Widow). You can get a fair few uses out of one cartridge but, once you’ve finished, you can simply buy more Bob Vape Carts. If you’re concerned more with functionality and quality than style, this is one of the best devices for you.

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CG Extracts Disposable Pens 

2. CG Extracts Disposable Pens 

Another fantastic choice for users looking for an easy way to vape THC is the CG Extracts Disposable Pens. You won’t have to buy any cartridges or extra equipment- each pen comes pre-filled with potent vape oil so all you have to do is turn it on and enjoy the experience.

Various fantastic flavors are available, including popular strains such as Blue Dream, Gelato, Grape Ape, Jack Herer, Northern Lights, and OG Kush. Users who are more concerned with medical benefits than psychoactive effects can also choose high-CBD options such as Charlotte’s Web and ACDC.

Even though they’re just disposable pens, these devices look incredibly slick and stylish. You’ll also get multiple uses out of each pen and, with each one costing just $35, you might want to buy more than one. If you want a quality vaping experience but aren’t concerned with buying a reusable pen, this is a great option for you.

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3. Joi Pods Vape Kits 

While many Vape Pens and Batteries take 510 thread Vape Cartridges, some users prefer the more compact and stylish style of Vape Pods. Joi Pods Vape Kits give you everything you need to enjoy all kinds of flavored THC Vape Pods in one handy bundle- a Vape Battery, USB Charger, and a Vape Pod of your choice.

The Pens look stylish and discreet. They’re small enough to carry with you in your pocket and compatible with any kind of Vape Pod. The USB charger makes it easy to charge your device with any USB port so you can use it as many times as you want. You also have plenty of options when it comes to pods.

Flavors available for this Joi Pod Vape Kit include Gelato, Grapefruit, Lemon Drop, and Strawberry Banana. Each pod contains a whopping 500mg of THC, meaning you’ll get many uses out of a single pod. For just $70, this is a top-quality kit for users looking to try vape pods.

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4. Diamond Concentrates Cherry Disposable Pen

Diamond Concentrates is another brand that offers sensational disposable vape pens at fantastic prices. If you enjoy the sweet taste of cherry and want a flavorful vaping experience, then you’ll want to try out the Diamond Concentrates Cherry Disposable Pen.

This Disposable Pen comes in a slick design that’s both stylish and functional. Since it’s already pre-filled with high-quality THC, all you have to do is power your pen up and start enjoying the smooth, tasty, cherry-flavored vapor. You’ll get a fair few uses out of one of these pens before it runs out of oil.

One of these Disposable Pens costs just $40, giving you great value for your money. If you don’t enjoy the taste of Cherry, other great flavors are also available, such as Diamond Concentrates Lime Disposable Pen and Diamond Concentrates Tangerine Disposable Pen. All of these give you potent THC vapor at a great price.

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Diamond Concentrates Cherry Disposable Pen

5. Diamond Concentrates Cannatonic Disposable Pen

If you’re looking for a cannabis Vape Pen that combines the effects of THC and CBD, then check out the Diamond Concentrates Cannatonic Disposable Pen. Cannatonic is a cannabis strain with a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. As such, this vape pen gives you a soothing and relaxing high along with all the benefits of cannabidiol.

The pen contains a gram of distillate, containing an equal dose of both THC and CBD. While THC heightens your senses, soothes your body, and puts you in a happy and euphoric mood, CBD helps add to the medical benefits and also prevents the high from being too overwhelming. As such, you’ll get an amazing experience from one of these disposable pens.

Since it’s a pre-filled disposable pen, all you have to do is start it up and enjoy the smooth and flavorful vapor. You can use it multiple times and, since it only costs $40, you might even want to buy a couple.

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6. Diamond Concentrates HTFSE Disposable Pen

Another one of the fantastic Disposable Vape Pens from Diamond Concentrates is this Strawberry Northern Lights HTFSE Disposable Pen. These pens are packed with incredible flavor and give you one of the most potent vaping experiences available. If you want sensational vapor, then this is a great choice.

HTFSE stands for High Terpene Full-Spectrum Extracts. While many cannabis extracts lose their flavor during the extraction process, these extracts are reinfused with terpenes to give them maximum flavor as well as enhancing the effects. High Terpene Full-Spectrum Extracts are also packed with THC and other cannabinoids, making them incredibly potent.

These pens look incredibly stylish and, for $60, you’ll get great value for your money. If you’re not impressed with the quality of other disposable vape pens and want something with high-quality cannabis extracts inside, then try this out.

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7. Lite It Up Extracts Pen Starter Kits

If you need a handy device for vaping, then check out the Lite It Up Extracts Pen Starter Kits. Each one of these kits sets you up with a handy vape battery, charger, and a vape pod of your choice. The device is also compatible with all kinds of vape pods, so you can always grab refills whenever you want.

The device is simple yet stylish. Like most other devices compatible with vape pods, it comes in a small, rectangular shape that’s easy to fit in your pocket. To use it, you simply have to attach the vape pod and power it up. It also comes with a USB charger so you can recharge it using any USB port.

One of the most impressive things about this kit is that there are all kinds of vape pods to choose from. Whether you prefer THCA Diamond concentrates, THC Distillate or CBD, there are flavors to accommodate every user. Some of the strains available include Bubba Pink, Gelato, Lemon Cake, and Rockstar.

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Sweet Leaf Terp Pen Kit Death Bubba

8. Sweet Leaf Terp Pen Kit Death Bubba

Sweet Leaf offers a range of handy distillate vape pen kits for users who want everything they need to vape in one practical bundle. Each one of these kits includes a reusable Vape Pen, a handy USB charger, and a distillate vape cartridge of your choice. Once your cartridge runs out, you can simply buy refills.

The pen is simple yet effective, and you’ll get some quality vapor out of their high-quality distillate cartridges. Their distillate is made using natural CO2 with no filler products- just natural cannabis terpenes. As such, you’ll get smooth and flavorful vapor that hits you hard and fast.

This kit comes complete with a Death Bubba distillate cartridge. If you’re looking for a relaxing and sedating high that will relieve you of stress, take away pain and tension, and help you sleep, it’s a great option for you. Other options are also available, such as Rockstar and Ghost Train Haze.

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9. FeelCBD Revive Disposable Vape Pen 

If you want a vape pen that doesn’t get you high but still gives you an effective way to consume CBD, then the FeelCBD Revive Disposable Vape Pen is the perfect choice for you. This disposable vape pen is filled with CBD Vape Oil for a relaxing and enjoyable vaping experience with no psychoactive effects.

Unlike CBD, THC doesn’t give you any kind of high, although you may feel some sense of calm and relaxation from this CBD Vape Pen. It’s designed to help with issues such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, and more. CBD is very well-tolerated by humans with no harmful side effects, making this a great product for medical users.

While the Revive Disposable Vape Pen is designed to help with various medical issues, you can also try FeelCBD’s range of other Disposable Vape Pens. Options include FeelCBD Natural Disposable Vape Pen, Love Disposable Vape Pen, Sleep Disposable Vape Pen, and Calm Disposable Vape Pen.

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10. Keyy Concentrates Vape Pen Kit

The Keyy Concentrates Vape Pen Kit is another kit that contains everything you need for enjoying cannabis vapor. Each kit comes with a stylish rechargeable vape battery, a USB charger, and a vape cartridge of your choice. Various refills are also available.

This is a great vaping device for beginners looking to vape THC or CBD. It’s simple, easy-to-use, and there’s a great deal of variety when it comes to the cartridges available. Just attach your chosen cartridge to the vape battery, prime it by taking a few pulls, then power it up to enjoy the rich and flavorful vapor.

Whether you prefer the relaxing effects of indica strains, the stimulating effects of sativa strains or the balanced effects of hybrid strains, there are plenty of options when it comes to cartridges. Some of the strains include Grapefruit Haze, Green Crack God, and Sour Diesel. There are also pure CBD options as well as sweet fruit flavors, so there’s something to suit every user.

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Keyy Concentrates Vape Pen Kit


If you enjoy vaping and want the effects of THC, these are some of the best weed and oil pens available. With a massive variety of strains and flavors, there’s something to suit every user. Even if you don’t want to get high but enjoy the medical benefits of cannabis, there are various pure CBD options to choose from.

You can also find a range of other Vape Pens and Cartridges in our online store. Alternatively, you can check out a range of other cannabis products including strains, concentrates, edibles, and tinctures. All products are available for efficient, discreet delivery all over Canada, simply order online from WCCannabis.ca.

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