10 Most Popular Cannabis Myths Debunked

When it comes to marijuana, there’s tons of misinformation out there. Many popular cannabis myths come from past decades where laws and attitudes against marijuana led to great misunderstandings. Some myths simply come from a lack of research or a lack of knowledge about weed.

Fortunately, attitudes and laws toward marijuana have changed significantly. What’s more, there’s now a much wider body of research into the effects, drawbacks, and intricacies of cannabis. As such, we now have a better understanding of cannabis than ever before. Here are 10 of the most popular cannabis myths debunked.

1. All Cannabis Strains Are The Same

One of the most popular cannabis myths you’ve probably heard at some point is that all cannabis is the same. Many people believe that there’s no difference in their smoking experience whether they smoke a low-potency indica strain or a potent sativa strain. However, cannabis strains can be very different from one another.

There is some grain of truth to the statement. The effects you experience from smoking cannabis are largely due to THC. Whenever you consume THC, you’ll experience some level of mental euphoria, physical relaxation, and other effects such as heightened senses and creativity. As such, an indica strain can still be mentally stimulating and a sativa strain can still be relaxing.

However, strains can still vary significantly. Each strain contains varying levels of cannabinoids. So, for instance, a high-CBD strain will often feel more calming and relaxing than a high-THC strain. The terpenoid content of each strain can also impact the effects – as well as the taste and smell.

The best way to determine which strain you should use is to buy weed online. That way, you can browse detailed product descriptions and learn about the potency, effects, and flavors of each strain. You can also read reviews from customers to get an idea of how each strain might impact you.

2. You Can Die From A Cannabis Overdose

Another cannabis myth that you might have heard before is that too much cannabis can cause a fatal overdose. This is completely untrue and one of the most dangerous marijuana myths out there. There have been no reported deaths from a marijuana overdose.

However, that doesn’t mean that a cannabis overdose is impossible. Smoking too much or consuming too much THC at once can cause a variety of uncomfortable effects. Many people report nausea, vomiting, anxiety, dizziness, and loss of coordination from marijuana overuse. But even in these cases, the negative effects will pass and it won’t be fatal.

Acting irresponsibly – such as driving while high – can lead to injury or death. But marijuana by itself won’t kill you. With that said, you should still smoke responsibly and avoid taking too much to avoid unwanted effects.

If you end up smoking too much, try to stay calm and let the effects pass. Drinking water, eating something, focusing on your breathing, and resting can all help you get over a bad trip faster. But even if you’ve smoked far more than usual, you won’t need to worry about a fatal overdose.

Cannabis Is A Gateway Drug

3. Cannabis Is A Gateway Drug

In the past, people were often deterred from smoking weed due to the myth that cannabis is a gateway drug. Many anti-drug organizations and even those without any knowledge of cannabis claimed that smoking cannabis can lead to harder, more dangerous drugs. However, this isn’t the case.

People enjoy weed for a wide variety of reasons. Some find that getting high is a calming and relaxing experience. Others find that it enhances their creativity or relieves their anxiety. Some even use it to counteract certain physical and mental symptoms. As long as it’s used responsibly, it can be used without harm.

Enjoying these effects won’t make you suddenly want to seek harder drugs. While some enthusiastic thrill seekers may be interested in the effects of other substances, this would likely be the case whether or not they use weed. What’s more, weed may help some users avoid more harmful drugs such as opiates.

In short, smoking a joint or enjoying cannabis edibles won’t make you want to suddenly seek harder drugs. The effects, benefits, and drawbacks of each substance vary, and compared to many other substances, cannabis and CBD are much safer.

4. Potency Equals Quality

If you’re on the hunt for the best cannabis strain possible, you might be led to believe that the strain with the most THC is the best choice. Potency is always brought up when it comes to weed strains. Even when you visit a dispensary or buy weed online, you’ll notice that strains are often labeled with how much THC they have.

But potency doesn’t necessarily equal quality. Strains with higher THC levels will usually be stronger and hit you harder. But that doesn’t mean they’re always the best choice. The effects of each strain vary, and stronger isn’t always better.

Some users may prefer strains with lower THC levels – especially if they’re looking for a more relaxing high. What’s more, even if a strain has high THC levels, it might not have the effects or taste that you prefer.

You’ll also notice this in the grades of strains. AAAA-grade strains aren’t necessarily more potent than AA-grade strains. The grades usually refer to the color, freshness, and bag appeal of each strain. As such, a top-shelf strain could still have low THC levels yet be highly graded due to its freshness and color.

5. Using CBD Is Pointless

CBD products have become extremely popular over the past few years. They’re often used as an alternative to cannabis products. The experience of using CBD is completely different from using cannabis or THC products. It’s non-psychoactive and won’t get you high at all. As such, some people may claim CBD products are useless.

However, using CBD products is far from pointless. Many studies show that CBD can be highly helpful due to its ability to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system. The only difference is that it won’t get you high in the process.

If you’re purely looking to get high, using CBD will be pointless. However, it isn’t designed for that. Those who want to enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids without psychoactive effects often prefer CBD products. Many users even use products that combine THC with CBD for a wider range of benefits.

Using CBD Is Pointless

6. Cannabis Can’t Be Addictive

Many substances are physically addictive, causing users to depend on them greatly and have a hard time when they try to stop. For the most part, it’s believed that cannabis isn’t physically addictive and users don’t report withdrawal symptoms. This has made it a popular alternative to substances such as addictive opioids.

However, to say that “cannabis isn’t addictive” isn’t completely true. Studies show that marijuana dependence can still occur, especially in those who use it frequently and excessively. However, it appears that clinical dependence is less common and less harmful.

Smoking occasionally won’t suddenly make you need to smoke multiple times a day, as you might experience with cigarettes. However, those with addictive personalities may still become hooked, as they might to food or video games.

It’s also important to note that you should never use marijuana as a crutch for issues such as depression or anxiety. Although it can help reduce symptoms in the short term, smoking regularly isn’t a long-term solution. Marijuana should always be used responsibly and in moderation.

7. Weed Will Make You A Dangerous Criminal

Even just a couple of decades ago, the negative stigma against marijuana was out of control. This led to many harmful myths, such as the claim that smoking weed would make you into a dangerous, out-of-control criminal.

Like many other myths, this was simply used as a way to deter people from smoking marijuana. Smoking a joint won’t make you suddenly become impulsive and violent. On the contrary, most users find it makes them want to mellow out, relax, and avoid any kind of danger or confrontation.

Of course, laws against marijuana in the past meant even those who enjoyed pot responsibly were branded criminals. Fortunately, laws and attitudes toward marijuana are much more relaxed in many parts of the world. For instance, marijuana is legal for adults in Canada and you can even buy marijuana online as long as you obey certain rules and restrictions.

8. Cannabis Smokers Are Lazy

Another one of the most popular cannabis myths often used against marijuana smokers is that smoking weed makes you a lazy, unmotivated loser. Of course, smoking a powerful indica strain will probably make you want to kick back on the couch and relax. However, that doesn’t mean that all pot smokers are lazy.

Most marijuana users use it in moderation. For instance, many hard-working people enjoy a joint after they’ve handled their responsibilities for the day and want a way to unwind and improve their sleep.

Some even use it to enhance their productivity. Many creative types find that sativa strains help them unleash their creative thoughts and ideas. This can often help with writing, painting, and even studying various subjects and ideas with an open mind.

This myth is also disproven by the fact that many successful people have been known to smoke cannabis. Many athletes smoke weed to help them relax and recover. Michael Phelps – the most decorated Olympian in the world – famously endorsed marijuana use. World-famous astronomer Carl Sagan was also an avid pot user.

Cannabis Smokers Are Lazy

9. You Can Drive While High

Marijuana helps many users relax and relieve their nerves. Some users might even find that this helps them focus on tasks such as writing or studying. However, even if you feel more relaxed and focused in some aspects, you should never drive while high.

Even a small amount of weed can reduce your concentration and coordination when it comes to tasks such as driving. Even if you feel completely fine, you should never get behind the while after using marijuana.

Driving while high is also against the law. If you’re caught driving with THC in your system, you could face fines, criminal charges, and jail time. You’ll also have your license suspended. You should also never drive with an open container of weed or any other marijuana product.

As such, it’s never worth the risk. You can enjoy weed responsibly to your heart’s content – just don’t do it when you need to drive. If you get high and need a ride home, ask a friend to drive you or order an Uber.

10. Marijuana Isn’t As Potent As It Used To Be

You might hear some potheads from the ‘60s and ‘70s claim that weed isn’t as strong as it used to be. The chances are that this is purely due to nostalgia. On the contrary, the marijuana you can legally buy today is much stronger than the strains from the past.

Advancements in cannabis cultivation and breeding over time have led to strains with much higher THC levels. Cannabis growers can now easily produce strains with THC concentrations of 25% or even higher.

Even in the past couple of decades, cannabis has gotten significantly stronger. This was even proven by a study comparing cannabis samples between 1995 and 2014. The study found that cannabis samples from 2014 were up to three times as potent as samples from 1995.

Fortunately, cannabis consumers also have more options than ever nowadays. Whether you’re looking for the most potent strain possible or a strain that’s milder and easier to manage, you can find what you need when you buy cannabis online.


Many of the popular cannabis myths of the past have now been stamped out. You won’t die from smoking marijuana, nor will it make you into a dangerous criminal or lazy pothead. As long as you use weed responsibly, it can have many benefits – although it’s still important to avoid overuse.

Our understanding of cannabis has changed over time and so has our access to cannabis. It’s now easier than ever to peruse a massive selection of diverse marijuana products and find the best one for your needs. For a range of cannabis strains, concentrates, edibles, and more, visit West Coast Cannabis.

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