10 Popular West Coast Weed Strains

Cannabis strains come in all kinds of varieties. Whether you need a strong indica strain to sedate and relax you, a sativa strain to perk you up and give you energy and motivation or a hybrid strain to give you the best of both worlds, there are plenty of popular west coast weed strains to choose from.

All of these strains are available for online delivery in various quantities. You can grab all the high-quality weed you want at a great price and have it sent straight to your doorstep. But which should you choose?

Here are ten popular west coast weed strains to consider.

1. Pineapple Godbud

Kicking off the list is this rare and unique tropical-tasting hybrid strain. Pineapple Godbud crosses Pineapple Kush with Godbud, resulting in a delicious strain with a mix of effects. It’ll quickly give you a boost, making you feel more happy, creative, and motivated. This will soon give way to some relaxing indica effects which will help you mellow out and unwind.

It’s a fairly strong strain that can also help treat everything from pain to anxiety. What’s more, it’s only $35 for an eighth, so you can get a great deal on this popular strain.

2. Darth Vader

Darth Vader is a powerful indica strain with THC levels reaching as high as 24%. It gets its namesake from the Star Wars villain, and smoking a lot of this might make you feel like you’ve turned to the Dark Side and started breathing like Darth Vader.

It has some very tranquilizing effects. You’ll get intense relaxation and euphoria. You should also be prepared to feel tired and hungry- this strain can knock you out quickly. It’s perfect for medical issues such as pain, anxiety, and insomnia. It’s also a joy to smoke thanks to the grape-like taste.

Darth Vader Strain

3. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is one of the best strains out there for both recreational and medical users. It’s known for its sativa-dominant effects. It’ll instantly perk you up, making you more happy, creative, and social. However, it’s also good to smoke on your own if you need a burst of energy and motivation.

It’s perfect as a wake-and-bake strain, although it can be useful at any time of the day. In addition to the enjoyable effects, Blue Dream also has a delicious, rich blueberry taste, making it a clear favorite for many users.

4. Moby Dick

Moby Dick is an award-winning sativa-dominant strain with super high levels of THC. As such, this strain will give you some intense cerebral stimulation with a happy, euphoric, and focused high. It also helps relax your body and relieve you of stress.

Moby Dick has an interesting mix of flavors, and you may catch tones of lemon, cedar, and tobacco when you smoke it. It’s one of the best strains out there if you need a strong sativa.

5. Banana Kush

Banana Kush is one of the most interesting strains out there. It’s a cross between Ghost OG and Skunk Haze, resulting in a strong hybrid with a hefty dose of THC. While most fruity strains taste like berries or citrus, this one has a strong banana flavor that goes down like a treat.

The effects are just as satisfying. It’ll simultaneously soothe you with a euphoric, all-over body high and stimulate your mind with psychoactive effects. This is a unique strain everyone should try at least once.

OG Kush Strain

6. OG Kush

OG Kush is another one of the most popular West Coast weed strains, and one of the most well-known strains in general. It’s a dank and earthy hybrid strain that has become the parent of many other top cannabis strains.

OG Kush will give you some nice, smooth, soothing effects. You’ll feel much more mellow and relaxed and the high will quickly melt away any sense of pain or stress. This makes it fantastic as a medical strain, although the sensational high is also extremely enjoyable for recreational users.

7. Sour Diesel

You might know Sour Diesel as Sour D. It’s another highly popular marijuana strain, and for good reason. It’s known for its pungent diesel aroma and invigorating high.

Sour Diesel will give you some strong sativa effects. If you need to counteract fatigue, anxiety, depression, and stress, this strain will give you a quick and long-lasting boost that’ll make you more uplifted and motivated. It’s perfect for taking on daily tasks and also a stellar social strain.

8. Purple Kush

Purple Kush is a pure indica that’s easily recognizable by its purple hue. Its thick buds are packed with colorful hairs and trichomes, as well as high THC levels of up to 20%.

Purple Kush Strain

When it comes to effects, you can expect a strong indica high. Purple Kush promotes all over physical relaxation and will also make you feel very calm and sleepy. It’s a great medical strain for anyone who needs to counteract pain, inflammation, anxiety, and other issues. It’s also ideal for recreational users who simply want to mellow out on the couch.

9. White Castle

White Castle is a hybrid strain with a unique flavor and fun effects. You’ll catch hints of diesel, pine, and strawberry when you smell or taste this strain. It’s a mix between White Widow and Ice, which gives it some interesting properties.

As for the effects, you’ll get a balance between a calming body high and stimulating mental effects. It’ll make you feel happy and creative, although you’ll soon want to lay back and drift off. It’ll also give you some very interesting dreams thanks to the psychoactive effects.

10. Death Bubba

Death Bubba is one of the most popular strains available. It’s a super-strong Indica-dominant hybrid with THC levels going as high at 25-27%. As such, you can expect some seriously relaxing and tranquilizing effects when you smoke this powerful strain.

Death Bubba is fantastic for medical users. It’ll instantly relieve any kind of physical or mental tension and leave you feeling loose and relaxed. It’s also ideal for insomnia sufferers as it’ll make it incredibly easy to sleep. It may be a little too powerful for some beginner users, but it’s perfect for those in search of a hard-hitting indica.

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