5 Best Homemade Smoking Devices

There are many ways to use weed – you can roll your cannabis flower into a joint, buy pre-rolled joints, or even use cannabis accessories such as a pipe, bong, or bubbler. However, if you want to get creative, you can also create homemade smoking devices to enjoy your weed. Creating a homemade pipe or bong is surprisingly easy, and there are many ways to do so.

From vegetables to leftover water bottles, all kinds of common household objects can be turned into a cannabis smoking device with a little know-how. You’ll usually need some foil or a metal pen tip to create a bowl, and some tape or blue-tack for sticking some parts together, but these things are easy to find. Here are five of the best homemade smoking devices you can make right now.

1. Water Bottle Bong

Creating a water bottle bong is pretty much a rite of passage for cannabis smokers. It’s easy, fun, and you can use pretty much any bottle you have lying around. For instance, you could make a handy mini bong from a 500ml water bottle or a big-hitter bong from an empty 1-liter soda bottle.

Empty your bottle, remove the cap, and wash it thoroughly before poking a small hole in the side of the bottle. Place a pen tube into the hole facing downwards – this will act as your downstem. You should also place an empty metal pen tip or a cone of aluminum foil in the other end of the pen to act as a bowl.

Seal up the hole using tape or blue-tack and fill the bottom of your bottle with water. You can now add some weed to the bowl, light it, and inhale through the mouth of the bottle. Not only is it easy to make, but you’ll be surprised at just how smoothly it works.

2. Soda Can Pipe

The soda can pipe is another favorite for crafty smokers who don’t have any rolling papers or smoking devices handy. The great thing about this method is that you don’t need any extra equipment such as a pen tube – you can make it using nothing but an empty soda can and a knife or needle.

Empty your soda can and press the side inwards to create a dent. This will be used as your bowl, so make sure it’s flat enough to hold your weed. Poke holes in the side using a knife, needle, or another sharp object. You can now place your weed on the side of the can, light it, and inhale via the mouthpiece.

While you don’t need any extra equipment, you might want to place some foil over the side before poking holes into it. This will prevent you from potentially inhaling burnt paint fumes from the side of the soda can, making for smoother and better hits. This isn’t the best smoking device you can make, but it’s probably the simplest.

Apple Pipe

3. Apple Pipe

You can even make a cannabis pipe out of an apple. One of the best things about this is that, along with the flavor of your weed, you’ll also get a hint of apple with every hit you take. It’s also one of the easiest homemade smoking devices you can make, and all you need is an apple and something to poke holes in it.

Cut out the core of your apple in a cone shape and use an empty pen tube, screwdriver, small knife, or something similar to make a cylindrical hole into the center. Next, make a similar hole in the side of the apple that meets the other hole. The top hole will be used as your bowl while the hole in the side can be used as the mouthpiece.

If the top hole is small enough, you can place a nug of weed on top and take a hit without needing to create a bowl. However, you might want to place some foil with holes or a metal pen tip in the hole if your weed falls through it. Whichever way, this is a handy pipe that’ll enhance the taste of your hits.

4. Pen Pipe

Although pens are often used to create downstems for other homemade smoking devices, you can make a quick and easy one-hitter pipe using nothing but a pen. This is another handy method that can help you out when you have some leftover weed but nothing to smoke it out of.

It’s important to use a pen with a removable metal pen tip. Start by unscrewing the tip and emptying the contents of the pen so that the tube is empty. You’ll need open holes on both sides of the tube, so if you can’t remove one end you’ll need to use a knife to cut it open.

Now, turn the pen tip around and put it in one end of the pen to use as your bowl. You might want to use tape or blue-tack to seal it here. You can then fill the tip with weed, light, and inhale through the hole on the other end.

Starburst Pipe

5. Starburst Pipe

You can even make a homemade smoking device by using Starbursts, or any similar chewy sweets. This method can get a little sticky, but it’ll also result in one of the coolest pipes you can get. You might even catch hints of candy as you smoke.

Start by pressing all of the Starburst pieces except three into a straight horizontal line, and use a screwdriver or empty pen tube to create a hole from one end to the other. Use another two of your pieces to create a bowl, put them on top of one end of your Starburst pipe to create an L shape.

Finally, press another hole into the bowl until you reach the other hole and remove the excess Starburst debris. You can now use the last piece to seal the end of the horizontal hole closest to the bowl. Place some weed in the bowl, light, and inhale through the mouthpiece hole to get some funky hits.


While it’s usually best to buy rolling papers or even buy a pipe or bong, these homemade smoking devices can help you out when you have nothing to smoke from. Even if you have alternatives, sometimes it’s fun to experiment with some of these crafty pipes and bongs.

Of course, you’re going to need some high-quality weed no matter what you’re smoking from. Fortunately, you can find all the cannabis you need online at West Coast Cannabis, along with a variety of concentrates, edibles, vape products, and more.

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