5 Popular Dab Rigs with Home Items

Dabbing is a popular method of consumption specifically for cannabis concentrates or “dabs”. It involves using a special device known as a Dab Rig, along with a blowtorch and a small piece of your chosen cannabis extract. You need to apply heat to the Dab Nail before applying a dab of your concentrate and inhaling. But can you make Dab Rigs with home items?

Unlike makeshift Bongs and Pipes, making a Dab Rig with things you have lying around the house is much more unlikely. Dab Rigs usually use high-quality components that can withstand high levels of heat without cracking. With that said, there are a few alternative methods of dabbing that don’t involve investing in a dab rig. Here are some popular alternatives.

1. Dabbing With Hot Knives

One common option is to use hot knives. While it’s not quite like using a Dab Rig, it’s one of the cheapest alternatives that you can carry out using household items. This method won’t require anything but a couple of knives and a bottle to use for inhaling.

First of all, cut the bottom end of the bottle and remove the cap. You can now use this as a funnel for inhaling when you inhale the vapor given off by your dabs. However, be careful not to apply heat to the bottle- you don’t want to inhale any burning plastic.

Put two knives on the stove and wait for them to heat up. If they have metal handles, you’ll want to handle them with gloves so you don’t burn yourself. Once they’re hot enough, scoop up a small dab of your chosen cannabis concentrate, place it on one knife, and place another hot knife over the top. It’ll instantly vaporize and you can inhale the vapor with your bottle.

Although this method is fairly easy, it’s not the best. It’s hard to carry out unless you have two people and there’s also a risk of getting burned. What’s more, the hits you’ll get aren’t as satisfying as some other methods.

Dabbing With A Bong

2. Dabbing With A Bong

If you don’t have a Dab Rig but still want to try high-quality dabbing, you might want to try using a Bong. Bongs are much easier to find and many marijuana enthusiasts will already have one of these in their homes. There are a couple of effective ways that you can use a Bong for dabbing.

You won’t be able to use a Bong like a Dab Rig unless you use a Quartz banger. The glass bowls found in Bongs aren’t equipped to handle high heat and may crack if you try to heat them with a blow torch. However, some Bongs have removable bowls that you can replace with a Quartz banger. Just find a Quartz banger that fits in your bong, heat it with a blow torch, apply your dab, and enjoy.

Alternatively, if you want to enjoy cannabis concentrates with a regular bong, simply mix your dabs with weed. Trying to burn concentrates on their own in a bowl can damage your bowl, but if you fill it with weed first and put some small pieces of your chosen extract on top, it’ll burn thoroughly and give you a stronger high.

This method is a great alternative to using a Dab Rig. While it’s not quite as strong and satisfying, it’s a good solution to the problem- especially if your Bong has interchangeable bowls.

3. Dabbing With A Joint

One of the simplest alternatives to not using a Dab Rig is to roll your cannabis concentrates into a joint. You’ll need to mix them with weed and it doesn’t quite have the same effect as dabbing, but it’s still a perfectly good way to use your dabs.

Simply roll a joint full of weed the same way you usually would and apply some dabs of cannabis concentrates on top. While you won’t be able to burn concentrates on their own, the weed will keep them burning and you’ll get the effects of both your ground weed and your chosen cannabis concentrates.

The great thing about this method is that you won’t need to use anything except the usual equipment you use for rolling joints- some weed, rolling papers, a lighter, and some dabs. The effects won’t be as strong as with vaporizing your dabs, but it makes for a useful alternative when you don’t have the equipment.

4. Dabbing With A Vaporizer

If you want satisfying dab hits, then you might want to try using a Vaporizer. A Dab Rig offers the most powerful vaporized dab hits, but using a Vaporizer or Vape Pen can give you a powerful high that isn’t too overwhelming.

Of course, you’ll need a compatible device. Some vaporizers are only equipped to handle dried herbs or vape oils, so make sure you find a Wax Vape Pen, also known as a Dab Pen. You can also find pens with interchangeable coils that you can use for vaporizing cannabis concentrates. You can buy a Vape online if you need a compatible model.

Once you have the right vaporizer, simply put a small dab into the chamber of your vaporizer, press the button to turn it on, and enjoy smooth and flavorful hits from the mouthpiece. Vaping is known for producing strong effects, making it a solid alternative to dabbing.

Dabbing With A Vaporizer

5. Dabbing With A Health Stone

You might also want to try dabbing with a Health Stone. A Health Stone is a special kind of glass with a consistency similar to volcanic rock. You can apply high heat to it and place your dabs on top for effective dab hits.

To use a Health Stone, simply place one over the bowl of a Bong or Pipe. Position it well so that the smoke is funneled through your device and can be inhaled through the mouthpiece. Once you’re ready, simply use it as you would a Quartz banger- heat it with a butane torch, apply your dab, and inhale. It’s an interesting alternative for when you don’t have a Dab Rig.


Even if you don’t have a Dab Rig, there are other ways to enjoy your dabs. Although it’s dangerous to make homemade rigs, there are various other items and devices you can use for getting strong effects from your cannabis concentrates. Usually, the best approach is to simply grab a vaporizer or try other products such as weed or edibles instead. You can find plenty of cannabis products and accessories online at WCCannabis.ca.

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