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Do You Know About These 8 Common Types Of Cannabis Concentrates?

We often get questions about what cannabis concentrates are, how to use them and where to buy the best cannabis concentrates online in Canada. To help you enjoy the authentic weed concentrate experience, we have tracked down the 7 of the best cannabis concentrates you can buy online today. 

The market is awash with concentrates, and to be honest, most of them suck. As a result, people have to go through the trial-and-error route before getting a product they actually want to use. That’s why we have sifted through thousands of products so you won’t have to.

Here is our list of the 7 best THC concentrates that you can buy online today, plus information on what they are, how to use them and where to buy woman blowing vape smoke cloud. buy thc concentrates online canada.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates? A Quick Primer

A cannabis concentrate is a highly potent product made by concentrating the desirable cannabinoids, terpenes and other cannabis compounds to be stronger than the plant they are extracted from.

Concentrates can either be extracted using a solvent, i.e. alcohol, butane, or supercritical CO2 or can be made mechanically/physically without using solvents, as is the case with rosin, dry sift, kief, among others.

What are the different types of cannabis concentrates you can buy online?

image of cannabis leaves and THC concentrates8 Common Types Of Cannabis Concentrates

1. Shatter

One form of BHO (butane hash oil) that has a brittle consistency and will usually “shatter” when serving. Most shatter is smooth, with the colour ranging from amber to gold. Shatter can be transparent or translucent. 

Shatter is solid, while other concentrates are slightly sticky.

2. Wax

Dab wax is a sticky, typically yellowish concentrate made from BHO. Wax is sticky and should only be handled with a dab tool. 

3. Crumble

ABHO concentrate that has a soft and brittle consistency and crumbles down when handled.

4. Moon rocks

These are a combination of flower oil and kief.

5. Live resin /Rosin 

This is an extract created by pressing cannabis flower to produce a gluey substance with the texture of honey.

6. Oil

Sometimes concentrates are made with CO2 extraction instead of BHO. This process produces a slightly runny oil often sold in bottles and prefilled cartridges.

7. Hash

Hashish is made by compressing and heating trichomes of the cannabis plant. Trichomes are the “hairs” that produce cannabinoids such as THC and CBD and contain a high concentration of terpenes.

8. Kief

Kief is made by concentrating the cannabis plant trichomes. The trichomes resin glands resemble a fine, sticky powder

Note that shatter, crumble, wax, are made using the same process (BHO), and the only primary differences between them are colour and consistency.keif, crumble, wax, and shatter for sale online dispensary west coast cannabis. THC concentrates for sale.

3 Ways To Use Cannabis Concentrates

Wondering how you can consume marijuana concentrates? There are several ways to use concentrated cannabis, with and without equipment. Here is what you need to know about taking concentrates before buying weed online.

1. Using A Dab Rig

This is the most common method of consuming marijuana concentrate. A dab rig is like glass pipes/bongs, but instead of using a lighter to burn the flower when inhaling, you use a torch to heat a nail and apply the concentrate using a dab tool.

Alternatively, you can use an e-nail, a nail that heats up electronically instead of a torch. Most e-nails hook up to a box with temperature controls to control how hot the e-nail gets.

2. Vaping

Some vape devices are designed to vaporize concentrates; however, ensure you check the specs of your cannabis concentrate vaporizer before using it for this purpose. Cannabis concentrate vape pens heat the concentrate to produce vapour which is delivered to your lungs.vape products for sale online dispensary. buy online weeds & order weed online.

3. Add The Cannabis Concentrate To A Joint Or Blunt

When rolling a joint or blunt, sprinkle some concentrate on the flower further from the end you will light to ensure it’s vaporized, not burned.

Now that you know what weed concentrates are and how to use them, what are the 7 best THC concentrates you can order online today?

7 Best Cannabis Concentrates To Buy Online

1. Premium Shatter Alien OG (Hybrid)

This high-quality marijuana shatter delivers a unique combination of effects that tend to your problems effectively. Alien OG is a cross between Tahoe OG and Alien Kush. This delicious strain delivers the typical lemon and pine OG smell and flavour that will leave you wanting more.

As a proper hybrid, its intense high combines heavy body effects and psychedelic cerebral buzz. This high-quality Alien OG shatter is available on West Coast Cannabis, Canada’s number one online dispensary.image of Premium Shatter Alien OG Hybrid weed for sale. order THC concentrates online in canada.

2. High Voltage Live Resin 1g

Looking for a cannabis concentrate that delivers, uhmm, a slightly superior cannabis experience than the others? This 1g Live Resin concentrate from High Voltage contains high terpene content than traditional BHO extracts.

This gives it a more robust flavour and aroma than other concentrates. This concentrate is available in various flavours, including Hindu Kush, Space Queen, ChemDawg, Train Wreck and many others. Pick this premium live resin today!High Voltage Live Resin 1g for sale online dispensary buy weed canada.

3. So High Premium Syringes – Blueberry Kush

Looking for the highest THC potency possible? We got your back with this So High Premium Distillate Syringe. 

Each syringe contains 1g distillate, testing at 95.79% THC and cannabis-derived terpenes. This premium distillate comes in a calibrated syringe for easier dosing and dispensing. Order your Blueberry Kush Syringes online today and get it delivered anywhere in Canada.So High Premium Syringes Blueberry Kush for sale. Online dispensary to buy cannabis canada. order weed online.

4. Ketama Gold Afghan Hash AAAA

Although there are many concentrates available in Canada today, none beats the experience of high-quality Afghan hash. Originating from the Northern Provinces of Afghanistan, between Hindu Kush and the Russian Border, hash is pressed by hand and worked on until it becomes elastic and has a strong aromatic scent.

Now, you can enjoy the authentic hash experience in Canada with this premium AAAA grade Katema Gold Afghan hash. AAAA grade hash is the most sought-after, highest-quality weed you can order online.afghan hash for sale online dispensary to buy weed. best cannabis canada.

5. Ghost OG Diamonds (Indica)

These pure Ghost OG diamonds do nothing but impress. Ghost OG is one of the popular Indica dominant strains with a mixture of 70% indica and 30% Sativa. It produces a strong buzz that takes you over instantly, calming your nerves, making you happy and cheery.

Ghost OG is excellent for anxiety, stress, and pain. These diamonds deliver a pleasant aroma with a hint of lemon and citrus with sweet and lime flavours. Get these Ghost OG Diamonds online today and enjoy unmatched relief!ghost diamond og thc concentrate for sale from west coast cannabis. buy weed order weed online

6. Tahoe OG Kief (Indica)

Add extra potency to your joints, blunts and edibles with this high-quality Tahoe OG kief. Tahoe OG kief offers a potent mix of heady indica and body uplifting Sativa in a 90:10 Indica-Sativa ratio. With THC levels well above 18%, this strain provides relaxed body and mind effects with its Sativa side, adding an intense euphoria and feelings of happiness.

Tahoe OG has an earthy, lemony taste with a pungent plant smell. Get Tahoe OG Kief online today!Tahoe OG indica kief for sale to buy weed online in canada. online dispensary mail order marijuana. buy online weeds.

7. Mix & Match Multi-Pack (Budder, Live Resin, Shatter, Diamonds, Caviar, Wax, Crumble)

Not sure what cannabis concentrate best suits you? Why not Try Them All? West Coast Cannabis offers a chance to try up to 7 different concentrates with this 7g Mix & Match multi-pack.

Choose your preferred combination of Budder, Live Resin, Shatter, Diamonds, Wax, Caviar, or Crumble concentrates, add to cart, and we’ll deliver to you anywhere in Canada. Get this Cannabis concentrates multi-pack today.image of mix and match buy weed online offer featuring cannabis concentrates & THC concentrate for sale. cannabis canada online dispensary.

Where To Buy The Best Cannabis Concentrates Online

Cannabis concentrates are available everywhere these days. But for assured quality, safety, purity and quick delivery, only buy your weed online from reputable sellers.

At West Coast Cannabis, we test all products ourselves, so you can rest assured that we are only selling what we would buy ourselves. We offer premium products and safe, secure and fast delivery everywhere in Canada. Order weed online from the comfort of your home anywhere in Canada, and we’ll deliver it to you!


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