8 Steps to Grow Awesome Indica Marijuana

Marijuana is now legal in Canada and users can buy marijuana online whether they prefer indica, sativa or hybrid strains. What’s more, as long as you’re of legal age and live in a province where it’s legal, you can also grow marijuana at home either indoors or outdoors. 

How long it takes to grow marijuana depends on the type of strain you grow and the growing conditions. While sativa strains generally take longer to grow, you can grow some awesome indica marijuana within a few months.

Growing indica marijuana is a great choice for many reasons. For one, it grows quicker than sativa strains- your indica marijuana plants could be ready for harvesting within around 8-12 weeks. It’s also much easier to grow indoors, especially as indica plants are much shorter than sativa strains and respond well to artificial growing conditions.

While growing indica marijuana can take less time than growing sativa strains, there are still some important things you need to know about the growing process for a successful grow. Everything from the type of seed you choose to the growing equipment you use can affect how well your plants grow. Here are eight steps to grow awesome indica marijuana at home.

1. Pick Your Favorite Indica Strain

If you want to start growing indica marijuana, you have plenty of strains to choose from. Indica strains are more prevalent than sativa strains, especially since they’re so easy to grow either indoors or outdoors. You might want to choose based on the effects, taste or even how well the strain grows. Here are some of the most popular indica strains for growing.

Bubba Kush – Bubba Kush is one of the most popular indica strains and also a great choice for beginner growers. Bubba Kush seeds are known for producing great yields, giving you plenty of high-quality buds to smoke. The strain itself is known for its heavily sedating body-focused effects, making it ideal for relaxation, pain relief, and improving sleep.

OG Kush –  OG Kush is another top choice for growers. It’s a legendary indica-dominant strain that gives users a strong psychoactive high that entrances and relaxes both the mind and body. It has an average flowering time of 8 weeks and can grow well both indoors and outdoors, provided that it’s subjected to the right conditions.

Blueberry Kush – Blueberry Kush is an award-winning pure indica that’s known as one of the best medical marijuana strains available. It can help with pain, inflammation, nausea, stress, sleep, and a lot more. It gives users a sensationally calming body high while also relaxing the mind. Blueberry Kush can flower in around 8-10 weeks and produce some impressive yields.

While these are some of the most popular options, you can grow any kind of indica strain you want. Simply check seed banks and cannabis stores for the kind of seeds you want to grow.

Pick Your Favorite Indica Strain

2. Make Sure You Use The Best Cannabis Seeds

Choosing the strain you want to grow isn’t your only choice when it comes to growing indica marijuana. There are also a few different types of seeds to choose from. Each type of seed has significant differences when it comes to growing and it’s important to make sure you pick the right one.

Regular seeds are cheap and easy to find. However, if you’re looking to grow marijuana, it’s best to avoid regular seeds. These have a 50/50 chance of growing either male or female cannabis plants. However, male plants don’t produce THC- the psychoactive chemical found in marijuana. Although you may grow some female marijuana plants, the male plants can ruin your yields.

Feminized seeds are great for growing THC-rich marijuana plants. These are seeds that have been genetically enhanced to grow female cannabis plants, which is exactly what you should be looking for if you’re trying to grow marijuana. Naturally, these seeds cost a fair bit more than regular seeds, but they’re worth the price.

Autoflowering seeds are another option. These can come in the form of regular or feminized seeds that have been crossed with ruderalis cannabis seeds- a type of cannabis known for growing extremely quickly and easily. As such, autoflowering feminized seeds are perfect for beginner growers who want to grow marijuana quickly and successfully.

3. Indoors Or Outdoors?

Another important choice is whether to grow indoors or outdoors. As long as your marijuana plants are kept out of public view, you can grow either inside your home or outdoors in a garden or private outdoor space. Each of these methods has its pros and cons, and various factors can impact your decision.

Outdoor growing often takes less effort as your plants can naturally get the sunlight and water that they need. You’ll still need to feed them nutrients and keep your plants watered, but in many cases, it can be fairly straightforward. With that said, you can’t control the weather conditions and growing marijuana outdoors can be tough during the winter months. Plus, some strains require stricter conditions to grow to their full potential.

Prepare Your Grow Area

Indoor growing gives you much more control over the conditions your plants are subjected to. By creating an enclosed growing space, you can determine how much light, humidity, and water your plants get each day. Although it’ll require more effort, you can grow marijuana faster and also produce better yields. You’ll also need to spend some money on growing equipment such as artificial lights and air conditioners. However, the investment pays itself off in high-quality weed.

When it comes to growing indica marijuana, indoor growing is often preferable. Since sativa plants grow much taller than indica plants and grow well under sunny conditions, they’re usually grown outdoors during the summer. However, indica plants are short and bushy and you can make them grow much faster by growing them indoors and controlling the growing conditions.

4. Prepare Your Grow Area

Before you start growing marijuana, it’s important to make sure you have everything you need and prepare a designated growing area. When you grow marijuana indoors, it’s best to use an enclosed space so that you can control the light and temperature that your plants are exposed to. Indoor growers often use a closet, spare room or even a tent for these purposes.

You’ll need some special equipment so that you can control the growing conditions of your plants. To control the amount of light your plants get each day, you’ll need artificial lights. LED, CFL or HID lights can all work well for indoor growing. You’ll also need to deck your grow space out with air conditioning so that you can control the temperature. Some beginner growers buy grow tents or grow kits including everything they need for indoor growing.

Cannabis plants also require specific nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium to grow successfully. You can either use nutrient-enriched super soil or composted soil and nutrient-enriched water to give your plants the nutrients they need. It’s also best to use pots for containing your plants.

If you plan to grow marijuana outdoors, you won’t need to buy as much equipment, although soil, nutrients, and plant pots or planters are still required. You’ll also need to build a fence or enclosure around your outdoor grow space to keep animals and children out.

5. Germinate Your Seeds Before Growing

For optimal marijuana growth, you should germinate your seeds before you plant them. Germination is a process that involves making a seed sprout and start developing before you put it in soil. Germinating marijuana seeds helps your plants grow quicker and better, plus it’s simple to germinate marijuana seeds.

Germinate Your Seeds Before Growing

To germinate your marijuana seeds, take two damp paper towels layered on top of each other, place them on a plate, and place your seeds on top. Space them apart so they’re not too close to each other and place another two damp paper towels over them. Now, put another plate on top to create a dark, enclosed space.

Leave your seeds here and keep them at room temperature. You’ll know your seeds have germinated when a sprout breaks through the surface of the seed. Some seeds germinate quickly whereas others can take a few days, so check on your seeds regularly and apply a little extra water if the paper towels become too dry.

Once your seeds have germinated, fill some pots with loose soil and create a hole about a quarter-inch deep. Germinated seeds are sensitive, so avoid touching them and use tweezers to transplant them into pots of soil. Spray your pots with water regularly for the next week or so and you’ll see a seedling begin to grow.

6. Give Your Plants The Right Conditions

After germinating and planting your seeds, you’ll need to put a fair amount of effort in for a few months to grow the best marijuana plants. Most importantly, you’ll need to give your plants the right growing conditions for them to produce the best yields. Growing indoors is the best way to control the growing conditions of your plants as you can control how much light, heat, and moisture they get each day.

In the early stages of growing, give your plants around 18 hours of light each day and a temperature of around 70-75°F. You should also water your plants regularly, using nutrient-enriched water if you haven’t used super soil. After around four to six weeks, your plants should begin to flower.

Once your plants begin to flower, they’ll need less light and heat. At this point, you should give your plants around 12 hours of light per day and a temperature of around 65-70°F. Your plants will generally take two to three months before they’re ready to harvest. You’ll know your plants are ready to harvest when they produce darkened hairs and cloudy crystals known as trichomes.

If you’re growing outdoors it’ll be harder to control the conditions your plants are exposed to. It’s best to avoid growing outdoors in cold weather and during the summer you may want to give your plants shade on particularly long, sunny days. Watering your plants regularly and giving them nutrients is also important when grown outdoors, especially in hot, dry conditions.

7. Dry And Cure Your Buds

Once your plants have fully matured and flowered, it’s time to start cutting and drying them. The flowers of marijuana plants need to be dried before they become weed- the product that you can smoke or vape for the effects of THC. Curing is also important. Although it’s not essential, curing your buds results in potent, high-quality weed.

Start by trimming your plants until you’re left with just the buds. Leave them on a drying rack in a cool, dry room. Alternatively, you can keep the buds on their stems and hang them on an indoor washing line. It’s best to keep the room at a temperature of around 60-70°F with a relative humidity level of 50-60%. You might want to use a dehumidifier to keep the room at the optimal level of humidity.

Dry And Cure Your Buds

It can take anywhere from three to ten days for your buds to dry. It’s important to make sure they’re fully dry as damp buds can quickly develop mold and mildew. When your buds have dried out, take them down and store them in clean, dry glass containers such as Mason jars. At this point, your weed is ready to smoke. However, keeping it in containers in a cool, dry place allows your weed to cure and become more potent.

8. Enjoy Your Awesome Indica Marijuana

With all of the hard work out of the way, all that’s left to do is to enjoy your awesome, homegrown indica marijuana. How quickly your marijuana grows can depend on numerous factors, but if you follow these steps, you’ll be enjoying amazing homegrown weed within months.

You can use your weed in all kinds of ways. You might want to grind your weed and roll it into a joint for smoking. You can also vape weed once it’s been dried and cured. You might even want to cook it into marijuana butter. Whichever way, you can store as much homegrown weed as you want at home and use it as you see fit. 

Growing can be a time-consuming process, and it isn’t for anyone. But whether you’re waiting for your marijuana to grow or you simply want to forego the process altogether, you can always buy all the marijuana you want online at West Coast Cannabis.

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