A Guide On Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Many marijuana users are satisfied with simply buying high-quality cannabis for all their recreational and medical needs – especially as you can buy cannabis online discreetly. However, some marijuana lovers may want to grow weed at home, and this involves germinating your cannabis seeds.

Germinating your cannabis seeds involves getting them to sprout before planting and growing them. Although it might seem like extra work, germinating your cannabis seeds will enhance your cannabis growing success significantly, resulting in more high-quality homegrown marijuana at your disposal.

Fortunately, germinating your marijuana plant seeds isn’t difficult, nor do you need any special equipment. Anyone can do it and it’ll help your plants grow to their full potential. Here’s our helpful guide on germinating your cannabis seeds and why you need to do it.

Why Do You Need To Germinate Cannabis Seeds?

Germination is a crucial process for any kind of plant seed. Germination occurs when the seed finds itself in a fertile environment allowing it to absorb the light, water, and nutrients it needs to grow. This causes a seedling to break out of the shell and start sprouting roots, allowing for successful growth.

When it comes to growing cannabis plants, germination is particularly important. Although seeds can often germinate while planted in soil, cannabis seeds are fragile and many things can go wrong during the growing process if proper care isn’t taken. Germinating your cannabis seeds simply ensures that your plants will have the best start possible.

Additionally, germinating cannabis seeds is easy enough for any grower – even complete beginners. As long as you follow a few basic steps, you can germinate your seeds without any issues and your plants can then grow and mature fruitfully when you transfer the seedlings into soil.

Types Of Cannabis Seeds

Before you start growing marijuana at home it’s important to choose the right cannabis seeds for the job. You can buy cannabis seeds from seed banks and, while you’ll find an enormous variety of strains, there are three main types of seeds to consider.

Regular seeds are cannabis seeds that have a roughly equal chance of growing male or female cannabis plants. This might not sound like an issue for some experienced growers, but female plants are needed to produce marijuana flowers or “weed”. Since male plants can impact the growth of your female plants, it’s best to stick to feminized seeds.

Feminized seeds are genetically-enhanced cannabis seeds that have an almost 100% chance of growing female cannabis plants, making them ideal for growing marijuana. Most growers should stick to using these seeds – especially beginner growers. Although they’re priced higher than regular seeds, they’re worth the cost.

Autoflowering seeds are cannabis seeds that have been crossbred with cannabis ruderalis seeds. These can be regular or feminized seeds – the difference is that they grow much faster than normal seeds. Autoflowering seeds cost more than non-autoflowering seeds, but you might want to use them if you want your plants to mature faster.

How To Choose The Right Cannabis Strain

How To Choose The Right Cannabis Strain

Not only do you need to pick the right type of cannabis seeds, but you also need to consider what type of marijuana strain you want to grow. You might already be familiar with the different effects of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, but these types of strains of cannabis plants are also unique in their appearance and how they grow.

Indica strains are generally the best choice for indoor growing, especially as indica plants are shorter and bushier than sativa plants. Indica strains are also quicker to grow than sativa strains and are largely known for their soothing, body-focused effects.

Sativa strains are taller and narrower than indica plants and take longer to flower. They can produce large yields of foxtail-like buds and are better suited to outdoor growing due to their height. Sativa strains are known for delivering stimulating cerebral effects.

Hybrid strains possess a mix of indica and sativa genetics and, as such, hybrid cannabis plants vary widely in their appearance and growing behaviors. For instance, some may have the taller appearance of sativa plants but the shorter flowering time of indica plants. It’s best to research the specific hybrid strain you plan to grow so you know what to expect.

Some users may prefer to grow high-CBD strains. These are strains that contain higher than average levels of cannabidiol – a non-psychoactive cannabinoid known for its beneficial properties. These can be indica, sativa, or hybrid strains, but many high-CBD strains come from hemp – a type of cannabis sativa plant.

What You Need To Germinate Your Cannabis Seeds

You won’t need any specialist equipment to germinate your seeds. While there are multiple effective methods of germination, the simplest involves nothing but household equipment.

You’ll need a few paper towels – these will be dampened and layered to sandwich your seeds in a damp environment. Since you’ll need to provide your seeds with water, it’s best to have a small spray bottle. However, even a regular water bottle can work as long as you use it carefully.

You might also want a container to keep your paper towels and seeds in. This can help keep your seeds safely in one place while you’re germinating them. Alternatively, you can enclose the paper towels and seeds between two plates.

How To Germinate Cannabis Seeds

How To Germinate Cannabis Seeds

While there are a few ways to successfully germinate your cannabis seeds, the best method to use for beginners is the paper towel method. This involves keeping your seeds between dampened paper towels until the seedling sprouts and only requires paper towels, water, and something to put your seeds and paper towels between.

Start by layering two paper towels on top of another and dampening them. You don’t want the paper towels to be too wet – simply apply enough water to keep them moist. Place your dampened paper towels either on a plate or at the bottom of a sealable container.

Next, add your seeds to the top of your moist paper towels, spacing them a few centimeters apart. You can germinate as many seeds as you want as long as you leave enough space between them.

Add another paper towel over the top of your seeds and dampen it with warm water. It’s best to use a spray bottle with this or a small cup of water. Once again, remember not to drench your paper towel – just apply enough water to keep your seeds damp.

Place a lid over the top of your container (or another plate on top if you’re using a plate) and leave it in a dark, warm place. Check your seeds regularly and apply extra water to your paper towels. You’ll need to do this consistently to ensure the paper towels don’t dry up – this can prevent your seeds from germinating.

Sometimes your seeds will sprout overnight whereas sometimes it can take a few days. You’ll know your seeds have sprouted once you see a small, white taproot emerging from the shell. At this point, you can transplant your seeds to their next growing medium.

How To Plant Your Germinated Seeds

Once your seeds have sprouted taproots, you can transplant them into your soil. It’s best to use small plant containers filled with organic potting soil. It’s important to remember to create space for your seeds and to plant them root down, allowing them to root themselves into the containers and grow upwards.

After filling your containers with soil, create a small hole around an inch down. You can then carefully take one of your germinated cannabis seeds and transplant it into the soil with the root facing down.  You can then surround the top of the seed with soil. Repeat this process for all of your germinated cannabis seeds.

When you’ve planted your germinated seeds, you can move on to the growing process. Make sure you have a suitable growing space along with the equipment needed to control the light, humidity, and temperature your plants are exposed to.

Growing Your Cannabis Plants

Growing Your Cannabis Plants

Generally, cannabis plants grown indoors need 18 hours of light followed by 6 hours of darkness during the initial growing phase. This is followed by 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness once they begin to flower.

You’ll also need to provide your plants with the right temperatures and humidity levels. In the initial growth stage, they’ll need temperatures of around 70-75°F with relative humidity levels of around 60-70%. You can then reduce this to 65-70°F and 55-60% once your plants start to flower. 

Your plants need to be regularly watered for them to grow. They also need nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium. Many growers provide these by watering their plants with nutrient-enriched water. You can also use nutrient-enriched super-soil to give your plants the nutrients they need.

It generally takes anywhere from 3 to 8 months to grow a marijuana plant, and this can vary widely depending on the type of strain and seed used. Some autoflowering seeds can be ready for harvest in less than 2 months. You’ll know when your plants are ready to harvest once the buds start to develop darkened hairs and cloudy trichomes.

Can You Skip Germinating Your Cannabis Seeds?

Technically, you can skip the germination process altogether and simply start growing your cannabis plants by planting the seeds directly into the soil. With that said, this isn’t recommended for various reasons.

When you germinate your cannabis seeds, this allows you to see where the taproot sprouts before you transplant your seed. This then makes it easier to plant your seedlings properly to ensure they grow upwards.

If you skip germination and plant your seeds directly into the soil, they may end up growing downwards and dying. As such, you’ll end up wasting your seeds as well as wasting your time as you’ll need to replant your seeds. Even though germination can take a few days, it’s worth the time you spend and will likely save you more time in the long run.

Although it’s possible to successfully grow cannabis seeds without germinating them, it generally isn’t worth it to risk it. Not only will germinating your seeds help you when it comes to planting them, but it’ll also give your seeds the best start possible and result in you growing healthy and abundant marijuana plants.

Can You Skip Germinating Your Cannabis Seeds

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Germinating your cannabis seeds is a straightforward process that helps your cannabis plants grow successfully. If you’re planning to grow weed at home, make sure you don’t skip this step as it’ll save you a lot of effort in the long run.

Growing cannabis plants is a lengthy process and it’s best to thoroughly research how to grow weed before you start. With that said, you can grow plenty of high-quality homegrown weed if you’re willing to take on the challenge. Alternatively, you can buy all the marijuana products you need online at West Coast Cannabis.

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