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Everything You Need To Know About Consuming THC Distillates

The cannabis industry has evolved from the time when smoking was the only option for consuming cannabis. 

Today, there is a fascinating range of products with different consumption methods. One such form is THC distillate.

But what is THC distillate? Let’s delve deeper into THC extract to understand more about this potent product whose purity levels can be up to 99%.

What Are THC Distillates?

As mentioned earlier, THC distillates are high-purity cannabis extracts with a thick oily consistency and clear gold in color.

Distillates are usually sold in syringes, so you can conveniently use the plunger to pump out your required dosage. If that’s not your preference, you can also get cannabis distillates in solid form.

Evaporation and pressurization are the processes used to separate THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) from the cannabis plant.

All cannabinoids evaporate at a unique temperature compared to other cannabinoids. This characteristic makes it easy to manipulate the extraction process and capture THC.

This combination of processes eliminates any other compounds that are not THC, including terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids, so the substance that remains behind is pure or near-pure THC.

How Are THC Distillates Made?

The initial stage of making distillate, or THC “juice”, involves selecting a cultivar plant. Depending on your preference, you can choose to make an Indica distillate, Sativa distillate or a hybrid distillate.

After harvesting the cannabis, the plant is dried and cured to ready it for extraction.

During extraction, solvents such as butane, ethanol and carbon dioxide are used to separate plant material from essential compounds such as cannabinoids and terpenes.

Once the plant materials such as stems, leaves and bud are removed, the solution is now ready for the next step, distillation.

The distillation process used here is similar to that used in breweries to make alcohol. A distillation apparatus is used to separate compounds sequentially, including:

Removal of terpenes:- Because THC distillates are almost pure, even beneficial compounds such as terpenes are removed. Terpenes are compounds responsible for the unique flavours and scents of cannabis plants. Some terpenes have been found to also contribute to the medical benefits of cannabis.

Removal of solvents:- Stem distillation removes harmful compounds such as carbon dioxide, ethanol, butane and other unwanted elements such as fertilizer, lipids and remaining plant materials from the solvent.

Extractions of THC:- To avoid denaturing essential THC components from the solution, the distillation equipment will be heated to a specific temperature. THC can then evaporate from the solution. Afterward, it will be condensed into a liquid for collection.

What Are THC Distillates Effects

THC distillates are highly potent, so they have stimulating effects in small doses. For example, So High Premium Syringes – Grape Kush will leave you feeling euphoric, sleepy and hungry. Similar effects are associated with smoking Grape Kush and other Hybrid strains.

If you’re looking for deep relaxation that will leave you couch-locked and free from pain, try some Indica-dominant terpene-infused THC juice such as So High Premium Syringes – Blueberry Kush

Aside from giving a good night’s rest, these distillates improve your appetite making food taste and smell even more delicious.

Sativa dominant terpene-infused distillates such as So High Premium Syringes – Green Apple or So High Premium Syringes – Lemon Skunk will boost your creativity and get you fired up and ready to face your day.

What Are the Best Ways to Use THC Distillates

When it comes to consuming THC distillates, the phrase “less is more” holds true. Because the THC distillates have up to 99% THC content, you will experience intense highs using less product.

Also, start with small doses and work your way up as you build tolerance.

Here are some tried and tested ways of getting high potency distillate into your bloodstream.

1. How To Use Distillates In Edibles And Beverages

Can you eat THC distillates? The answer is a resounding yes. Most commercial edibles are made by infusing THC distillates into the product’s ingredients.

THC distillates lack flavour or odour. Therefore, this works well and will not affect the final product’s taste or smell. Also, the product’s recipe won’t need unique manipulation to obtain consistent results when the distillate is added.

What about beverages? Can you put distillate in a drink? Absolutely! You only need to add a few drops of this highly potent distillate into your favourite drink and drink away. Suffice to say, you can mix distillate in water.

For a more intense effect, use a steaming cup of your favourite beverage, whether tea or coffee, to end up with some weed beverage.

2. How To Use Distillates In Tincture: Can You Eat Distillate THC Oil?

The tincture is consumed sublingually by placing a few drops under the tongue. The liquid is then absorbed into the bloodstream through blood capillaries under the tongue. The remaining oil suspension is then swallowed.

The ingested THC oil will go through the normal digestion process, and any THC compounds remaining will be broken down in the liver to give a psychoactive effect.

Otherwise, the THC directly absorbed from the tongue leads to a rapid onset of effects similar to vaping or smoking.

3. How To Dab THC Distillates

If you’ve been looking into dabbing THC distillates, you’ve probably come across distillate syringe dabs. 

THC distillates are sold in syringe packaging, which goes by a host of names: THC syringes, dab dart, cannabis syringes, and distillate syringe dabs.

To dab THC distillate, set up your rig, heat the nail until it turns red, let it cool for about 40 seconds, apply your THC distillate, and begin inhaling slowly.

4. How To Smoke Distillates

To smoke THC distillates, apply a few drops to your flower before rolling it up, or add the drops to your bong, light it up and smoke. Intense effects are sure to set in almost immediately. 

Advantages of THC Distillates 

THC distillates are especially attractive for medical marijuana patients because of their potency and purity. 

Most THC distillates found in the market are over 96 percent pure. What this means for patients is that their symptoms will be relieved using only small doses of the product.

Here are other essential benefits of THC distillates.

1. THC Distillates Are Versatile in Consumption

THC distillates can work whether you prefer smoking, vaping, oral ingestion, suppository ingestion, or sublingual ingestion.

This versatility in consuming THC makes them easy to ingest discreetly. 

If you have a medical condition that requires regular cannabis dosage, there is no need to walk around with a bong or constantly puff vast clouds of smoke that will draw attention from every which way. 

Instead, popping some pills, applying some distillate sublingually or ingesting THC infused edibles will suffice.

2. Purity

How pure are distillates? Are distillates safe? If you’re worried about the chemical such as ethanol, butane, and carbon dioxide used during THC distillate extraction, remember all other compounds extracted are removed from the solvent. So the final product is high potency distillate.

This process leaves behind THC extract that is almost 100% pure. This purity level also speaks to the potency of distillates.

THC distillates have hard-hitting effects that will last you a good while.

Medical Benefits Of THC Distillates

If you’re a medical marijuana user and have developed a tolerance for low concentration Cannabis products, THC distillates might be the thing you need.

THC distillates may help relieve conditions such as loss of appetite and insomnia. Together with that, THC may also mitigate both physical and mental health conditions thanks to its hard-hitting effects.

If you need relief from physical symptoms such as migraines, inflammation, chronic pain, or nausea, THC can help with that.

THC distillates can also help in the management of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and stress.

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