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Alien Cookies Marijuana Strain Review & Information

Marijuana strains come in many flavors, terpene profiles, and THC potencies. They give cannabis users a wide range of experiences that include relaxation, happiness, paranoia, and increased creativity. 

The Miracle Alien Cookies strain is popular for its exquisite flavor and high THC potency. It also has an interesting backstory that might convince you to try alien weed at least once. 

Capulator, an old-school cannabis grower and crossbreeder, was experimenting on weed strains and he forgot some hybrid seeds in his pocket. 

He later took the clothes for laundry and they were washed along with the seed. His wife discovered the seeds after the clothes were washed. 

She tried to dry them in paper towels but the seeds germinated instead of getting dry. The plants seemed to be healthy at first but most of them eventually died, leaving only one survivor. 

This sole survivor was called “Miracle15”. Miracle15 was male and got crossbred with female alien cookies. 

That is how the otherworldly MAC strain was born.

Capulator has since made a fortune and a lot of breeds from this strain. 

Because of the peculiarity of this strain and its effect on the popularity of alien cookies in general, it has been dubbed the “Mother of All Cookies.” 

The original phenotype that was mass-produced by Capulator is sometimes referred to as MAC1.

Getting High on Alien CookiesHappy woman listening to music on headphones at home after buying Alien Cookies weed online from West Coast Cannabis online dispensary.

The MAC high comes as a quick and smooth ascension. It starts with a rush of sensations that is first felt in your head. This feeling of euphoria reaches your mind and the rest of your body almost immediately. 

The rush is followed by a feeling of happiness and upliftment. After that, you will feel a deep sensation of relaxation. 

This alien weed is very relaxing and may not be ideal for puffing in the daytime unless you want to chill for the rest of that day. It will leave your body and mind in a very calm, soothing state when the high fades. It will revitalize your body and imagination.

This alien weed gives you a body and mind that is brimming with peace, energy, and creativity. It also leaves you with more than enough alertness to handle daily tasks. 

According to alien cookie strain reviews on online weed dispensaries, the relaxing effect is the most dominant feeling you get from this alien weed. If you are battling with stress or a little bit of anxiety then this strain will help you feel at ease. 

It will help you unwind after a long, busy day at work. Its other notable effect is that it gives you a happy, uplifting feeling that makes it quite desirable on boring days. 

It can also make your fun moments even livelier. This happy feeling is the reason it is a very effective remedy for some health conditions and mental states. 

It is comforting to people who experience Insomnia, loss of appetite, depression, nausea, or PTSD.

A lot of cannabis lovers in Canada fancy this strain for its sensational euphoric experience. The Miracle Alien Cookies strain feels much more potent than the average strain with THC concentrations ranging between 25-30%. 

It will give you impressive results that will leave you ordering more of this alien weed for a very long time. When you are high on MAC, your favorite song will probably feel twice as nice because of the euphoria it brings. 

It is a good choice when smoking with friends or at parties because it encourages you to socialize as it does not cause feelings of anxiety or paranoia.

Though not its most dominant effect, It will give a boost to your creativity. Moderate consumption of this alien weed will leave your mind flowing with a stream of new ideas and happy feelings. 

This creativity is easily channeled into most forms of art. You want to feel the effect of MAC at its strongest you should try out its live resin.

Genetic Components of the Miracle Alien Cookies StrainCannabis plant photo with yellow background. Buy weed online in Canada from the top mail order marijuana weed dispensary West Coast Cannabis.

MAC is a hybrid of Starfighter, Colombian gold, and Alien cookies strains. Though there are some variants of this alien weed where the Sativa component is a bit dominant with 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. 

The most common variants are evenly balanced hybrids. This means they are 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. Such a balance is quite rare among cannabis hybrid strains.

Alien cookies was produced by crossbreeding Miracle 15 and alien cookies. Miracle 15 is a product of Starfighter and Colombian gold which are both gotten from cross-breeding strains of Alien Dawg, Tahoe alien, and Lemon alien. 

With its purely alien origins, it is only natural that MAC gives you an otherworldly experience. Though this genetic makeup can be duplicated by a lot of dispensaries, mediocre dispensaries usually stay away from it. 

They avoid it because it is a premium strain and only the best brands can survive in this alien market. 

It is mostly produced by experienced growers because of its difficult production process. Its production requires more space and care than the average strain.

Flavor and Terpene ProfileWoman smiling with tongue out surrounded by slices of oranges. Mail order marijuana online dispensary Canada. Buy Weed online.

Miracle Alien Cookies has a distinctive orange, earthy flavor that is neither sharp nor bland, it also has a pungent diesel feel that is dank and gassy. 

This heavy flavor gives a smooth, sweet sensation that keeps citizens ordering large amounts of this kush in online dispensaries in Canada. You will enjoy the way its pleasant aroma will fill your room if you like to smoke weed indoors. It has resin-covered nugs that look nice and taste even nicer. 

The nugs are very sticky and covered in orange hairs and a slim coating of trichomes. These physical features make it easy to crush and bend. 

These nugs taste and smell like flowers and have a touch of citrus. Some users say it looks a bit like cotton candy. It has a sweet heavy flavor that you will not be forgetting anytime soon.

It can also come in flavors that are savory, garlicky, gravy, or zest. This wide range of flavors makes it a good source of cannabis edibles and concentrates. 

You can add some of this alien spice to your food or snacks to get the alien high without smoking. It can also be used creatively to make beverages like weed tea

Consuming cake that has been baked with MAC will give you a high that can last for several hours. This aroma is the reason alien cookies strain reviews have a lot of positive comments on the best online marijuana dispensaries in Canada.

Terpene ProfileWoman smelling the top of a cannabis marijuana plant. mail order weed. order cannabis online.

The dominant terpenes in MAC are Limonene and Pinene at 0.26% and 0.21% respectively. 

Limonene is what gives the nugs the citrus flavor, it is also associated with the relaxation and happiness feeling you get from a MAC high. 

Pinene increases the user’s alertness and is believed to improve memory retention for short periods. It also reduces the side effects of THC and is the main reason this strand has mild side effects despite its high THC concentration. 

Other terpenes that are present in smaller amounts are Myrcene, ocimene, and humulene.

Possible Side Effects Of Alien Cookiesalien cookies cannabis bud next to close up of human eye. weed online canada. buy weeds online.

MAC is very enjoyable because of its heavy flavors and enjoyable high but it is not ideal for consumption by beginners and people who have a low THC tolerance because of its potency. 

If you are new to the world of marijuana and looking to buy weed online. You can order MAC with a weaker strain like strawberry cake. That way you can mix them to reduce their potency. 

The high hits real quick and one more big puff can give you THC doses that you are uncomfortable with. Other than dry mouth and red eyes which are common to all forms of cannabis smoking, too much of this kush can leave you with a bit of headache and dizziness. 

Even experienced users sometimes get carried away by the sweet favor and take too much of it. It is worth noting that MAC side effects are mild unless you are smoking its live resin.


Miracle Alien Cookies is strong, heavy, and smooth. It has a long and pure alien ancestry that will give you an experience that is out of this world. 

The next time you want to order weed online, you should order a bit of MAC too. 

Alien cookies is very popular and is readily available in online dispensaries. 

You can also give your weed-loving friends pleasant surprises by placing mail orders for marijuana to be delivered to them anywhere in Canada. 

It is really nice to get miracles randomly delivered to one’s doorstep!

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