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High Octane Strain Review: Effects, Health Benefits And Where To Buy It Online In Canada

High Octane strain, also known as High Octane OG or High Octane Kush, is a 100% indica hybrid that is slowly becoming popular in Canada for its hard-hitting high and super heavy aroma. Going by its effects, High Octane is a top-tier bud that can take out even experienced smokers.

High Octane OG has won several cannabis awards, further affirming its position as one of the most preferred strains for kicking back and unwinding after a long day. 

In this strain review, we look at the effects, benefits and where to buy High Octane weed online in Canada. Read on!

What Is The High Octane Strain?High Octane Strain buds from Online dispensary West Coast Cannabis Canada mail order marijuana weed online.

What type of strain is High Octane? High Octane OG is a 100% indica hybrid strain created through a three-way cross between Chemdawg, Lemon Thai and Hindu Kush strains. This strain has a super heavy aroma and intense high, which set it apart from other near-pure indica hybrids.

High Octane OG should not be confused with “Hi-Octane marijuana strain.” Hi-Octane is a different strain created through a cross between the infamous Sunset Sherbet and Octane strains.  Unlike High Octane, Hi-Octane strain is an evenly balanced hybrid strain, whereas High Octane is a 100% pure indica hybrid. Confused? 

High Octane strain is said to be one of the best evening strains that help you unwind after a long and stressful day. But what sets this pure indica apart from other heavy hybrids out here?

One property that makes High Octane special is the 100% pure indica genetics. That’s why it produces heavy physical effects that will leave you couch locked or asleep for hours if you are not careful. 

The second thing that makes this strain popular among cannabis smokers is its heritage. This strain is the child of legendary or classic strains. High Octane resulted from a three-way cross between Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Hindu Kush. 

Lemon Thai is a 60:40 indica dominant hybrid created by a cross between a Hawaiian strain and the famous Thai sativa. This strain is known for its energizing and uplifting high and is popular among recreational users. 

Chemdawg, the other High Octane parent, is a popular strain that enjoys a cult-like following due to its mind-blowing cerebral effects. However, its origins are still unknown despite its popularity.

High Octane’s third parent, Hindu Kush, is one of the cannabis strains that have made the industry what it is now. Hindu Kush is an original indica landrace strain native to the expansive Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

This strain is also linked to OG Kush, the infamous strain birthed by the same parents and a Northern Californian strain. OG Kush and High Octane share some effects and physical characteristics, but OG Kush’s unnamed fourth parent is responsible for the differences between the two.

High Octane Strain Review: Appearance, Fragrance And FlavourFresh orange slices and High Octane Strain buds. online dispensary canada. order weed online.

High Octane is a pure indica hybrid strain, and as is typical with indicas, it grows short and bushy, making it an excellent strain to grow indoors where every inch of space is precious. Its buds are smaller compared to most strains, are popcorn-shaped and dense.

Light green and purple sugar leaves give this bud a visually appealing array of colours. This strain’s buds are covered by a thick coating of frosty white trichomes, which produce lots of sticky resin.

These sticky and dense buds can be quite challenging to break down by hand, so ensure you carry your grinder. 

This strain is known for its complex, super-heavy aroma. This bud is super dank and pungent with spicy herb and earthy notes that get more intense when you break the buds open. This bud also has some sour citrus and spice hints.

When it comes to the flavour, this heavy indica doesn’t disappoint. Its smoke is rich and gassy and fills your lungs quickly on the inhale, causing intense coughing. High Octane has a pungent, sour lemon flavour with spicy, pine and citrus hints. You may also notice gas and heavy, spice and herb flavours when the smoke is leaving your mouth. 

High Octane has an almost similar flavour profile to OG Kush, but it has a stronger diesel-like aroma. Now that you know what this bud looks and tastes like, how does it make you feel?

How High Octane Strain Makes You FeelAsian woman sleeping with a smile on her face after buying weed online from West Coast Cannabis Canada online dispensary.

Wondering what High Octane effects are? If you are new to this bud, High Octane OG’s heavy smoke will likely irritate your lungs, causing heavy coughing. But as soon as the coughing lessens, the THC will already be in your system, and its intense high will be kicking in.

A few tokes of the High Octane joint produces a burst of energy to the head that lasts for a few minutes before the heavy physical effects kick in. After your final toke, you will feel a wave of laziness start to wash over your body, creeping in before finally taking over.

The sensation relaxes your body from head to toe. The initial head rush slowly settles into physical effects that will have you looking for somewhere to lay down as your body starts feeling heavy. Once settled, this strain will push you deep into the couch, and before you know it, you will be sedated and couch-locked.

This strain will also cause intense munchies so ensure you have your snacks nearby because once the physical effects set in, it will be challenging to get up to look for some. As such, this strain is best used at night or just before bedtime.

Medical Benefits Of High Octane StrainWoman with back pain. buy weed online canada. mail order marijuana. mail order weed canada.

With THC levels that test up to 26% and pure indica genetics, this strain has an edge for managing several medical conditions over other less potent hybrid strains. 

High Octane’s heavy relaxing effects help manage muscle spasms, aches, cramps and chronic pain. Its pain-relieving properties, combined with the anti-inflammatory qualities of its cannabinoids and terpenes, make it an excellent choice to improve conditions such as arthritis or even soothe the body after an intense gym session.

This strain’s quick onset of lazy and sleepy feelings may come in handy if you suffer from insomnia and other sleep problems. The relaxing effects also make it easier to fall asleep.

Consumers report that this strain can help lower stress levels and anxiety, promote positive thoughts, and lift moods. This strain also causes intense munchies, which can come in handy if you have no appetite or are dealing with nausea. 

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