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ATF Strain Review; Genetics, Taste, Effects & Where To Buy Online

Here’s the only ATF strain review you will ever need.

Cannabis consumption is one of the few ways to gain a wide range of sensations that raise your spirits while benefitting your mental and physical health at the same time. 

Marijuana comes in many flavors, looks, and potencies. The Alaskan Thunderfuck also known as the ATF strain is quite popular because of its name. But, it is even more popular among cannabis users because of its high potency and creeper effect. 

A lot of Sativa strains give you a rush of energy at first then let your energy levels crash afterward. The Alaskan Thunderfuck strain is one of the few Sativa strains that do not give this crash and burn effect. 

The ATF strain is also known for its unusual taste. You should probably buy this weed online if you are a fan of marijuana that has unorthodox taste. 

Unlike some weed strains that have big names and weak effects, the ATF strain does not disappoint.

The Alaskan Thunderfuck has one of the weirdest names among marijuana strains. In countries other than Canada, it can be hard to find this Alaskan strain in medical dispensaries or platforms where you can buy weed online.

We believe that this scarcity is partly caused by its weird name. It is sometimes called Matanuska Thunderfuck or Matanuska tundra. 

Its most used name is ATF, a short form of Alaskan Thunderfuck, because it does not sound obscene. You probably want to know how Alaskan Thunderfuck got its name at this point, well… so do we. 

The reason we cannot trace the origin of its strange name is that no company or breeder has been reliably credited for the creation of the Alaskan thunder strain. 

It is believed that the ATF strain was created by breeding a mysterious Northern California strain and a Russian Ruderalis. 

The resulting hybrid was later crossed with an Afghanistan landrace to create the ATF strain. 

Landrace cannabis strains are marijuana strains that have become abundant in a particular region by adapting to harsh environments through natural selection.

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Alaskan folk believe that thunder kush was created in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley, an area in southcentral Alaska. 

Matanuska valley’s weather is favorable for the growth of cannabis plants and is well-known for its history of illegal growing and crossbreeding of cannabis plants. 

Alaskan law did not permit the possession of cannabis for personal use until 1975 so the likeliest reason the creator of this Alaskan strain is not known is that they crossbred and cultivated the plant illegally. 

Its fable-like creation story and scarcity in many countries made a lot of people think the Alaskan Thunderfuck is a mythical strain. 

Some sources say that Alaskan Thunderfuck was just a generic name for high-quality Alaskan marijuana and does not refer to any specific strain, but that is not correct. 

This strain is quite abundant in online weed dispensaries in Canada. The Alaskan Thunderfuck strain definitely has one of the most popular weed legends in history.

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The Alaskan Thunderfuck has large, gorgeous buds that are covered in frost and have a bright look. 

It has a strong Pine-Lemony odor which comes with a touch of mint skunk and diesel. 

It is always a good idea to find out if you can tolerate the smell of some weed strains before you order weed online. Not everyone will like the strong smell that comes from ATF smoke. 

It is easy for weed lovers to be attracted by pictures of big gorgeous buds, only to order them from online dispensaries and be put off by their stench. 

If you do not like the Alaskan strain’s flavor, you can mix it with other marijuana strains that have sweet flavors.

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Alaskan Thunderfuck gives a very relaxing high that is accompanied by intense feelings of euphoria. 

The creativity and happiness that come from thunder kush make it a suitable candidate for people who want to consume cannabis for recreational purposes. 

It can alleviate a lot of medical conditions and mental states too. It is especially effective against body pains. 

ATF is widely used to relieve pain by people who have arthritis, migraines and physical injuries.

You can hardly read any ATF strain review without learning about its high potency and creeper effect. 

Sometimes its high will hit you suddenly, just like thunder from a clear blue sky. Once struck, most people come to like the ATF strain. 

Its high comes with a lot of euphoria and energy that makes some users lose track of time while having fun. 

To get the strongest Thunderfuck sensation, you should try the ATF live resin.

The Alaskan Thunderfuck will pump you full of positive emotions and uplifting sensations. It gives so much happiness that cannabis users who are not fond of Sativa strains usually make an exception on this one. 

Matanuska Tundra is a good choice for daytime consumption because its effects will keep you energetic, happy, and clear-headed while increasing your creativity. 

It is highly recommended for people who have a low appetite. It helps to regulate one’s moods and emotions. It is quite comforting to people who have PTSD, depression, and other mood disorders. ATF lovers say it can reduce the effects of ADHD, nausea, eating disorders, and chronic fatigue.

You may want to keep some munches nearby before you puff this weed because it will make you have a large appetite. 

Thunderfuck will definitely elevate your mood and energy levels. A lot of users tend to be talkative when they are high on this strain. 

It may not be the best strain to consume in public because not everyone will like its smell and its creeper effect can make some people consume too much of this weed. 

Houseplants and air purifiers can help to clear the smell of ATF if you like to smoke in your house.

Alaskan Thunderfuck Genetic ComponentsAlaskan Thunderfuck cannabis plant. weed online canada. order cannabis online. buy weed online.

From a genetic viewpoint, Alaskan Thunderfuck has more in common with its North American parent than the other mysterious marijuana strains it was crossed with. 

Thunder kush has been crossbred with other strains to create some interesting marijuana strains, the most popular ones are Chronic thunder and Chocolate thunder. 

It has 50% Sativa and 50% Indica but it is generally referred to as a Sativa because its high and flavors are totally dominated by Sativa features.

Growing ATF Strain

Thunderfuck plants are quite tall and need a lot of room when they are grown indoors. 

The ATF strain is a bit vulnerable to disease and requires a lot of care during its cultivation. Because of its origins, it grows best in cold regions where the weather is similar to that of Alaska. 

This kind of weather is hard to come by in many countries. This is why Alaskan Thunderfuck is so scarce that some people began to think it is a myth. 

Luckily, the weather in Canada is cold enough to let this rare strain be grown locally and you can easily get a mail order of this weed in Canada to have a feel of the “myth.”

If you want to grow the ATF strain, it is worth knowing that this can be hard to grow because it is vulnerable to diseases and requires a lot of space when grown indoors

But, it brings bountiful returns when grown successfully, giving growers loads of big buds that are rich in cannabinoids and have THC potency that is higher than the average strain.


Because it has a creeper effect and High THC content, it is not the best strain for beginners and people with low THC tolerance to use. 

Consuming too much THC can have very intense effects on people who want to use it to cure mood disorders. 

The best way to smoke ATF strain is to take a puff or two and wait for a few minutes to feel its effects.

For such a potent sativa, Alaskan thunder strain has very mild side effects. It can cause a bit of paranoia when consumed. Users frequently have dry mouth so you should have a lot of water or juice nearby when you use ATF strain. 

On some rare occasions, the high from Alaskan Thunderfuck can cause dizziness or headache but these side effects do not last long. It has a lot of health benefits and is a good herbal alternative to some orthodox medical treatments. 

It helps marijuana users to relieve arthritis, backaches, and migraines. 

Thunder kush also tackles mood swings, anxiety, and many other mental states. 

If you enjoy ATF, you may like other popular strains like the Bruce banner strain and Pineapple express. They also give memorable sativa sensations.

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