Where To Buy Weed From an Online Dispensary in Prince Edward Island?

Are you looking for the best PEI cannabis to buy online? You can now order weed online in Prince Edward Island and have it shipped straight to your doorstep anywhere in the province.

Prince Edward Island, or simply The Island as it is popularly called, is one of the maritime provinces of Canada. This magnificent island is the smallest of Canada’s ten provinces and is the most densely populated. 

Marijuana is legal in PEI, but it may be hard to source the right strains or quality locally. Don’t worry; that’s where mail-order cannabis dispensaries come in. Buying your stash from an online dispensary in Canada allows you to access high-quality PEI cannabis and weed products from trusted manufacturers and retailers. 

If you’ve just arrived on The Island and are wondering where you can buy weed online in PEI, you’re at the right place. We’re an online weed store committed to quality, convenience, discretion, and customer satisfaction. 

Need PEI Cannabis? A Few Reasons To Buy From An Online Dispensary

The days of lurking around the corner waiting for the weedman to arrive are over. Now that marijuana is legal in Canada, you can buy your PEI cannabis online and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

Online dispensaries offer lots of convenience and discretion, making it easier to replace your weed stash without leaving the house. 

Another benefit of buying from an online store is the premium quality of their products and the competitive prices they offer. Due to the ever-growing number of weed dispensaries, online pot shops offer the best products and prices to have the edge over the competition. The consumer benefits from this the most. 

PEI cannabis stores source their products from trusted Canadian farmers and manufacturers that use best practices to grow their plants. This is crucial as it ensures the weed you smoke isn’t contaminated with any herbicides or pesticides. 

Online marijuana stores have a wide selection of PEI cannabis strains and other weed products and are a one-stop shop for all your PEI cannabis needs. Whether you’re looking for some CBD flower, some Sativa, or even a vape kit, you can get it from an online weed dispensary. 

At West Coast Cannabis, we deliver all orders within 1-3 business days and offer free shipping for all orders above $150. All orders made before 1 pm PST will be sent out on the same day, and those later than 1 pm on the next day. Talk about convenience! 

What Can You Buy From The Best Mail-Order Dispensary In PEI?

If you’re looking for cannabis products in Charlottetown, PEI, we recommend ordering from an online weed store that ships to your door. You’re at the right place whether you need cheap PEI cannabis or premium-quality value buds. Here are some of the products you can purchase from our online shop: 

1. Cannabis Budget Buds

Nothing beats the novelty of cracking your weed jar open and rolling a fat joint after a long day at work. Rolling your own weed ensures you’re in control of how much you smoke and the quality of the joint.

You get to ensure no twigs in your blunt and that the airflow is perfect. That’s why many marijuana smokers prefer buying full buds from the dispensary and rolling it themselves. 

We have a wide selection of marijuana strains up on our online store. Sativas, indicas, hybrids- you name it! Whether you want the uplifting effects of Durban Poison or the calming and relaxing high of Death Bubba, you can easily find what you’re looking for in an online PEI cannabis dispensary.

2. Edibles

You can purchase various edibles from a PEI cannabis store and have them delivered to you. Some of our edibles include baked edibles, like the Classic Chocolate Chunk Cookies from Mary’s Medibles. This cookie contains 150 mg of THC and is made using sativa weed. 

You can also buy chocolates like Maple Bacon THC chocolate from Potluck. This chocolate bar contains 300 mg of THC and is incredibly potent. If you’re looking to get high discreetly, edibles are the way. They do away with the smoke, which is pungent and easy to detect, and offer a longer-lasting high. 

3. Pre-rolls

Sometimes, you want to enjoy the therapeutic effects of marijuana without having to roll weed or pack a bong. Pre-rolls come in handy in such circumstances. We have a wide selection of pre-rolls to choose from on our online store. 

These pre-rolls are made using some of our best-selling PEI cannabis strains and are packed tightly and generously. Pre-rolls are great for whenever you’re leaving the house to visit a friend, go to the beach, etc., as they are portable and easy to use. All you need is a lighter!

4. Concentrates and Extracts

Weed extracts, concentrates, and isolates have become a popular way of consuming cannabis in PEI and other provinces in Canada. One of these concentrates is live resin, which is extracted in a way that retains most of its terpenes and cannabinoids. Resin is, therefore, quite potent and offers a high-quality smoking experience. 

The potency of live resin will depend on the specific strain it was extracted from, the methods of extraction, and other factors. You should try this indica live resin if you’re looking for a way to spend your Sunday afternoons.

How To Order From An Online PEI Cannabis Store

To make an online order, visit our products page and choose the specific product you want. Hover over the “Add to Cart” option to select the weight/flavour you’d like, then add the item to the cart.

Click to View Cart when you’re done to review the items in your cart. You can remove or add items to your cart or select the quantities you’d like. When you’re done, click Update Cart and proceed to check out. 

At this point, you’ll need to review your billing details, shipping details, and order details. Place your order. You’ll receive a confirmation note in your email with the E-payment details.

Once your E-transfer has been sent and confirmed, we will process and ship your order in discreet packaging straight to your doorstep.

Things To Do When High In Prince Edward Island

Although many marijuana users prefer to relax after smoking PEI cannabis, going on adventures while high could be a great way to make memories with the people you love.

Smoking weed enhances your senses; being outdoors can be a uniquely exciting experience, especially if you’re visiting a place you’ve never seen. The light breeze on your skin, birds singing in the distance, flowers swaying in the wind: PEI cannabis makes everything poetic. 

Prince Edward Island has lots of attractions and sites you could visit. Here are some of them: 

1. Prince Edward Island National Park

Prince Edward Island National Park

Located at 41 Dalvay Crescent, Dalvay by the Sea, PE C0A 1P0, Canada, Prince Edward Island National Park is a scenic Canadian national park located on the North shore of Prince Edward Island.

This park is approximately 60 km long and several km wide. It is incredibly well-maintained, with large sand dunes, beaches, wetlands, and salt marshes. 

This park is home to the piping plover, an endangered bird species, and has been designated a Canadian Important Bird Area. There’s a lot to see in this park, so carry a camera and a few edibles! 

Visit Parks Canada to learn more about the Prince Edward Island National Park.

2. Cavendish Beach, Prince Edward Island National Park

cavendish beach in prince edward island

If you’re looking for a scenic place to spend an afternoon, you should visit Cavendish Beach at the Prince Edward Island National Park.

Whether you’re with your friends or on a solo adventure, Cavendish Beach will be a relaxing place to visit while high on PEI Cannabis. This beach stretches for 8 km, making it ideal for an evening walk with the dog or an early morning jog. 

The Cavendish Beach is located at 590 Graham’s Ln, New Glasgow, PE C0A 1N0, Canada. Visit the Cavendish Beach website to learn more about the beach and events.

3. Confederation Trail

The Confederation Trail is a 449 km hiking route on Prince Edward Island. This hiking trail is in gentle terrain, making for a moderately easy hike. The Confederation Trail was developed in the 90s after the Canadian National Railway abandoned all provinces’ railway lines. 

The area offers a calming and replenishing respite in nature. Walk through this trail in the Fall to catch a glimpse of the changing colours in the leaves. It’s a long walk, so bring some edible weed with you.

Visit the Island Trails website for more information on the Confederation Trail.

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