Best THC Bath Bombs Reviews

Cannabis comes in some surprising forms today, and one of them is THC Bath Bombs. These are bath bombs that have been infused with THC extracts, allowing you to simply add them to your bath and soak up the cannabinoids. They won’t get you high or give you any side effects, but many users find them helpful for issues such as pain, inflammation, stress, and skin problems.

If you want to try THC Bath Bombs for yourself, then you can buy some right here at WCCannabis. We have a few to choose from so there’s a scent to suit each user. What’s more, if you’re feeling crafty, you can even make Cannabis Bath Bombs yourself using either THC Oil or CBD Oil. Here are our best THC Bath Bombs reviews.

Miss Envy Lemon Lime Bath Bomb

If you’re looking to add the benefits of cannabinoids to your bath, then this Miss Envy Lemon Lime Bath Bomb is one of the best products you can buy. Each of these bath bombs is carefully handmade using all-organic ingredients and 50mg of THC extract. Simply drop it in your bath and enjoy the scent.

There are various scents available, but the Lemon Lime Bath Bomb is perfect if you want your bath to smell fruity and zesty. You can enjoy laying back and taking in the scent of sweet lemons and limes as you enjoy the pure relaxation and stress relief your bath provides.

Along with THC, the Miss Envy Lemon Lime Bath Bomb also contains a range of natural ingredients and essential oils to add extra benefits. These can soothe and moisturize your skin while you lay back and enjoy. Each bomb costs only $12 and won’t give you any psychoactive effects.

Buy Miss Envy Lemon Lime Bath Bomb

Miss Envy Lemon Lime Bath Bomb

Miss Envy Rosemary Lavender Bath Bomb

Another top choice if you’re looking for THC Bath Bombs is the Miss Envy Rosemary Lavender Bath Bomb. This handmade bath bomb is packed with helpful organic ingredients and plenty of THC. Run a hot bath, drop it in, and you can enjoy a pleasant bath time experience.

As soon as you drop this in your bathtub, you’ll be met by the alluring scent of Rosemary and Lavender. If you want a scent that’s less fruity but still incredibly pleasant, then this bath bomb is a great option. Not only will you get to soak up plenty of THC, but it can also offer a unique form of aromatherapy, helping you unwind and relax while you lay back in the bath.

Along with 50mg of THC, the Miss Envy Rosemary Lavender Bath Bomb also contains a range of natural ingredients including coconut oil and essential oils to add extra benefits. It’ll help soothe your pain, moisturize your skin, and simply help you relax after a long day. Each bath bomb costs only $12.

Miss Envy Rosemary Lavender Bath Bomb

Miss Envy Sweet Orange Bath Bomb

The Miss Envy Sweet Orange Bath Bomb is another one of the best THC Bath Bombs you can buy right now. Along with the sweet fruity scent it adds to your bathtub, it’ll also add a whopping dose of 50mg of THC. Of course, you won’t have to worry about getting high, but it can help with relaxation and relief.

This bath bomb is ideal for those who want another sweet citrus bath bomb. The smell is incredibly alluring and, as you sit back in your bath, you’ll feel incredibly tranquil as you soak up the THC and take in its amazing scent.

Each bath bomb costs $12 and it contains a range of natural ingredients designed to soothe and benefit your skin, along with a good dose of THC. If you want one of the best fruity cannabis bath bombs, then this is another solid option for you.

Miss Envy Sweet Orange Bath Bomb

How To Make THC or CBD Bath Bombs

How To Make THC or CBD Bath Bombs

Although there are many great THC Bath Bombs to buy, if you’re looking for a different scent or a higher dose, you might want to try making them yourself. Making THC Bath Bombs is quick and easy. You can also make CBD Bath Bombs, simply use CBD Oil instead of THC Oil. Here’s how to make them.

What You’ll Need:

  • ¼ teaspoon of THC Oil/CBD Oil
  • 2 oz Epsom salt
  • 2 oz corn starch
  • 2 oz citric acid
  • 4 oz baking soda
  • A teaspoon of essential oils
  • A teaspoon of water
  • Bath Bomb molds
  • A bowl and cup

Step 1: Combine your dry ingredients (Epsom salt, corn starch, citric acid, baking soda) in a mixing bowl and stir thoroughly until the mixture is smooth. Combine a teaspoon of water, a quarter-teaspoon of THC Oil/CBD Oil, and a few drops of essential oils in a cup and mix them thoroughly.

Step 2: You can now combine your wet ingredients with your dry ingredients. Carefully pour your cup of wet ingredients into your mixing bowl while stirring thoroughly. If you see the mixture start to fizz, then make sure you stir slower.

Step 3: After combining your ingredients, your mixture should feel fairly thick but not too wet. You can tell if it’s ready if it stays together in clumps when you squeeze it in your hand. If it’s too dry, add extra water.

Step 4: Slowly fill each half of your Bath Bomb mold with the mixture. Overfill it slightly so there’s enough for it to stick together. You can then place both halves of the mold together tightly. Leave your mixture in the mold for a few hours and you’ll have a satisfying Cannabis Bath Bomb to use in your bath anytime you want.


THC Bath Bombs are one of the most interesting products out there. Although they won’t get you high, they’re also free from harmful side effects and will give you an incredibly relaxing and soothing bath whenever you use them. Although you can try making Cannabis Bath Bombs yourself, you can also buy Cannabis Bath Bombs online along with a range of other high-quality cannabis products at WCCannabis.

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