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Blue God Strain Review: Effects, Health Benefits & Side Effects

Bred by Jordan of the Islands in Canada, the Blue God strain is one of the most potent strains that fulfills all your indica expectations. This strain is known for strong narcotic effects that make even the most experienced cannabis consumers back off after a few hits, afraid of being rendered immobile.

Some people believe that this strain was named after the Hindu Deity, Krishna, who is often depicted in blue. If that is the case, this strain is the underrated god of the indicas since it’s not as popular despite having such strong effects. Other people say the name is nothing more than a combination of its parent’s names.

Blue God is a cross of two popular award-winning strains, so it’s not surprising that its potent effects, appealing appearance and delicious berry aromas leave an impression on any consumers who dare smoke this potent bud.

In many ways, this bud is irresistible, and the pedigree makes it even more desirable. But why is it not as favoured as other near-pure indicas? For this and more, here is our Blue God strain review to help you figure out if this bud is worth buying online. 

What Is Blue God Strain?Image of the Blue God Strain cannabis plant growing. buy weed online. buy vapes online canada. top weed site.

Blue God is a near-pure indica whose indica:sativa ratios are not known yet. It was bred by prolific Canadian breeders – Jordan of the Island, who have been crossing cannabis strains since the early 90s.

As we have mentioned before, not a lot of buds come with the same pedigree as the Blue God. This strain was created through a cross between two award-winning strains, the legendary God Bud and the classic Blueberry strain. God Bud was the 2004 winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup Indica Award, while its other parents had won the overall best strain in the same award four years earlier.

Being a cross of two highly acclaimed strains suggests that Blue God is an improvement of its parents. But can it match the accomplishments of its parents?

One of its celebrity parents, Blueberry, has a cult following because of its intense effects and flavours. Blueberry is one of the most popular strains in today’s cannabis industry. It is an 80:20 indica leaning hybrid created by crossing Afghani indica with Purple Thai and Thai sativa.

On the other hand, God Bud is a slightly indica strain created by crossing a Hawaiian landrace strain with Purple Skunk. 

The God Bud and Blueberry blend created the Blue God strain. Some cannabis enthusiasts say that the bud got its name from combining the names of its parent strains. But more imaginative stoners have another theory.

The legend is that the strain was named after Krishna, the Hindu deity who is often depicted in blue – the colour that’s said to make him irresistible. The theory suggests that this strain’s effects are irresistible, hence the name. 

One striking feature of this bud is its super potent effects, considering that its THC content tests at a moderate 15% to 20%.

Blue God Strain Review


This strain has a typical indica stature, topping out at three or four feet in height and wide lateral branches. This makes it an easy plant to grow indoors. Outdoors, the plant may reach as high as 12 feet!

Blue God weed buds are dense, as is typical with indicas. The sugar leaves appear more violet than green, with reddish-brown pistils twirling around the buds before reaching out to the skies. This bud produces lots of resin from a heavy trichome coating that makes the dried buds appear almost iridescent.

Aroma & FlavourWine bottle full of grapes showing the aroma of the blue god strain. buy online weeds cannabis canada. buy weed vapes canada.

This photogenic bud carries on its parents’ delightful aromas and flavours. Opening a jar full of Blue God buds gives off a sweet fruity scent of herbs and blueberry with notes of earthiness. Consumers describe the bud as dunk, with skunky and sweet pine undertones becoming more apparent when grinding it.

Blue God’s smoke is harsh and quickly fills up the lungs, which may cause coughing. On the inhale, the Blueberry influence is evident with a rich berry flavour. On the brighter side, this bud doesn’t have the hashy acrid tang typical in heavy indicas.

How Will Blue God Strain Make You Feel?Woman sleeping on her sofa at home after buying weed online from west coast cannabis online dispensary and mail order marijuana weed online.

Blue God, as a near-pure indica, is undoubtedly a nighttime strain. Its effects are primarily physical, although it may induce a mild cerebral sensation before the relaxing effects take over. 

However, Blue God’s mental effects are more psychedelic than cerebral stimulating. Its onset is marked by a feeling of euphoria and, in some cases, a tingling sensation moments after consuming this bud. This mild heady high is soon replaced by a creeping numbness that relaxes every muscle in your body and soothes any pains and aches.

As the relaxation wave washes over your whole body, Blue God’s divine powers push you further into the couch, making you feel sleepy. Before you realize it, you are falling into the most peaceful sleep you probably have had in a long time.

Underestimating the power of this bud will most likely leave you in a couch lock, overwhelmed by the effects and in a spacey, stoned space. The spacey feeling makes it impossible to focus on any tasks, so only consume it when you have no pending tasks. 

Its mental effects are perfect for activities that don’t require much involvement. But does Blue God have any health benefits?

Blue God Medical BenefitsMan with pain in his shoulder. online dispensary. weed online canada.

Blue God is also beneficial to medical marijuana users. One of its most used qualities is its ability to reduce chronic pain and soothe out daily aches such as those that appear after an intense workout. 

Its potent relaxing effects are also helpful for reducing stress, calming down thoughts and anxiety, with some consumers reporting that it also helps with depression. People experiencing trouble sleeping will also appreciate this bud’s sleep-inducing properties.

Blue God is said to help manage insomnia, and its sedative and relaxing effects may help you fall asleep faster and longer. Like most strains, Blue God is also known to cause intense munchies, which means it may help maintain or restore a healthy appetite and deal with conditions that cause nausea.

This strain has no out-of-the-ordinary side effects, with the typical ones such as cottonmouth and red eyes being easily manageable. However, Blue God may strike you with anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness if you take too much. 

Where To Buy Blue God Weed Online In Canada

Despite its moderate THC content, Blue God is a knockout strain more than a motivator. If you are looking to experience the benefits and effects of this heavy indica, ensure you only buy weed online from a reputable mail-order marijuana dispensary to get the best, fresh buds.

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