The use of cannabis as a medicine has been around since ancient times. Now that it is legal in many places, new ways to consume marijuana are emerging. Cannabis-infused honey is an exceptionally healthy and delicious way to experience the benefits of the plant. Here are some of the health benefits you may get when you add honey infused with cannabis to your diet.

Cannabis Infusion

The science of cannabis infusion is just as simple as the process of making any other type of infusion. You simply need to combine fresh, raw cannabis with honey and let it sit for a few weeks. This is an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of both substances.

Why Honey?

Due to the fact that water is not required for this process, one might wonder why we would use honey and not another substance like cane sugar or maple syrup. Many people believe that honey offers many health benefits that those other foods do not. These benefits include:

  • Improved digestion
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Higher vitamin B12 levels
  • Lessening of blood sugar levels

Health Benefits of Honey Infused with Cannabis

Cannabis honey isn’t just a delicious treat. It also has many medical benefits.

One of the most recognized health benefits of cannabis honey is its anti-inflammatory properties. Honey contains the same inflammation-fighting compounds that are found in cannabis, making it a natural way to soothe sore muscles or inflamed tissue.

Additionally, cannabis honey is an immune system booster. Your body’s white blood cells are responsible for fighting off foreign invaders and reducing inflammation in your tissues, so eating this type of honey should help stimulate these important cells.

If you want to get even more out of your cannabis honey, try pairing it with other foods that have strong antioxidant properties like berries or turmeric powder. These can help you boost your metabolism and regulate hunger hormones. They might even reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes!

But wait! There’s more! Cannabis honey is also an appetite suppressant, which could be helpful if you’re looking to lose weight by using marijuana medicinally.

What is the difference between regular honey and cannabis infused honey?

Cannabis infused honey is made by combining raw cannabis flowers, coconut oil, and honey. The raw cannabis flowers act as the main ingredient to make this type of honey.

Raw cannabis flowers are typically dried before using them for other purposes like making edibles or tinctures. Raw cannabis flowers are not heated during this process which means that all of the terpenes and cannabinoids present in the plant remain intact.

When you compare regular honey with cannabis infused honey, you’ll find that regular honey is processed into a syrup that has had the beneficial properties leached out of it. This makes it pretty much just sugar water with not much nutritional value at all.

Regular honey also does not contain any nutrients found in cannabis flowers which can be helpful for those dealing with health conditions like cancer, epilepsy, or HIV/AIDS.

Other than containing marijuana flower extract, there are no additives or preservatives in cannabis infused honey which enhances its nutritional properties. It doesn’t have any refined sugars either so it’s a great choice if you’re looking to add some variety to your diet while still getting some health benefits from consuming cannabis.

Why you should use cannabis infused honey

Cannabis infused honey is a great way to ingest the benefits of the plant because you can add it to anything from your morning coffee to your evening tea. You can also easily incorporate it into recipes that you’re already making.

Many people choose cannabis infused honey because they don’t want to smoke or vape cannabis. In this case, they may be more comfortable using a form of the plant that doesn’t have an odor and isn’t smoked. They may also not want to ingest THC, which comes from smoking or vaping marijuana, but still want the benefits of CBD found in cannabis products.

Others choose cannabis infused honey for its flavor. Cannabis infused honey tastes differently than other forms of cannabis and can make a great addition to a variety of dishes—both sweet and savory.

There are many reasons why you might opt for using cannabis infused honey rather than another form of marijuana. From increased ease in delivery methods to increased taste, there’s no shortage of reasons why marijuana-infused honey is becoming a favorite among users!


If you are new to cannabis honey, you will be pleasantly surprised by the incredible benefits. Cannabis infused honey is a powerful medicinal aid that can be used for a host of health benefits. From inflammation to pain relief, cannabis infused honey has been shown to have a wide range of health benefits. If you’re looking for a natural remedy that is safe and legal, cannabis infused honey is a great option!  Cannabis-infused honey is available at Westcoast Cannabis online dispensary.

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