Cannabis Manitoba; Where To Buy Top Tier Cannabis In Manitoba

Here’s what you need to know when buying weed online in Manitoba, Canada

Manitoba boasts incredible sights, a rich cultural heritage, and an explosively alive nature. The prairie province is located on the eastern side of Canada, bordered by Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Its capital Winnipeg is considered the geographical center of Canada, while the entire province is considered a keystone province thanks to its shape and position in the center of Canada.

Manitoba has a lot to offer for both locals and tourists.

From prairie farmlands, northern arctic tundra,  and mountains to forests and Hudson’s bay. That’s not all. Manitoba also boasts 100,000 beautiful lakes, perfect for swimmers, anglers, kayakers, and canoes.

If you like to see nature come alive, the 80 protected provisional parks will be brimming with uniquely wondrous creatures for you to gawk at.

And the legalization of cannabis has just spiced things up for Manitobans. With the Cannabis Act in place, all Manitobans aged 19 and above can buy weed online for recreational or medical use.

What’s more? When you buy weed from an online dispensary such as West Coast Cannabis, all your products get shipped directly to your mailbox.

Here’s everything you need to know about Manitoba cannabis; all the types of weed products you can access online, the ordering process, and the incredible Manitoba sites you can explore while riding your euphoric buzz.

Is Cannabis Legal in Manitoba?

Cannabis Manitoba legal concept. Buy weed online in Manitoba from a weed store and online dispensary near Winnipeg.

Manitobans over 19 can buy, possess, and store cannabis legally in Canada. While in public, you’re only allowed to have 30 grams of non-medical cannabis.

However, you can store as much weed as possible in your private home. Just remember you can’t legally grow non-medical cannabis at home in Manitoba.

Another thing to remember is that smoking or vaping cannabis Manitoba products is restricted in publicly shared outdoor spaces. However, you can smoke and vape in the comfort of your home or any designated smoking area.

West Coast Cannabis Manitoba Weed Delivery

Woman using a laptop to buy weed online from an online dispensary in Manitoba for mail order marijuana and dispensary weed.

Have you been looking for cannabis Manitoba stores in Winnipeg? With West Coast Cannabis, finding the highest quality weed products at guaranteed affordable rates just got simpler.

Our online dispensary here in Canada features some of the rarest cannabis strains, value buds, and budget buds for medical and recreational cannabis Manitoba consumers.

We also have the most diverse collection of cannabis Manitoba products, including concentrates, oils, CBD, vapes, mushrooms,  accessories, and other pet health products.

And when you make your cannabis Manitoba purchase from our online dispensary, we’ll ship the products directly to your mailbox in tamper-proof, discrete packaging for your privacy. To sweeten the deal, we offer free shipment for all purchases above $150.

Are you Wondering how you’ll securely pay for your orders? West Coast Cannabis Manitoba now accepts bitcoin payments. You can also pay using an email money transfer.

And if you run into any issues while ordering your favourite weed product, our online chat support is open every day from 9 am to 7 pm PST. In addition, you can also reach us via email support.

If quality is a priority to you as far as weed products are concerned, buy weed at West Coast Cannabis Manitoba. Our team members thoroughly test our products to ensure consistent quality every time.

Find All Your Favorite Manitoba Cannabis Products Online in Canada

Are you looking to get your hands on cannabis in Manitoba? West Coast Cannabis Manitoba will ship your cannabis products anywhere in Canada, including Winnipeg and Manitoba province.

Here is a list of our incredible product categories.

1. Cannabis Buds

Weed online in Canada from a Manitoba Cannabis online dispensary and weed store to buy weed online in Winnipeg.

Whether you like the vibrant, energetic, uplifting high common with daytime use Sativa strain, or you’re a chilled-out person who enjoys the sedating couch-locked effects associated with Indica strains, you’ll find something for you. Even cannabis Manitoba enthusiasts who enjoy the Hybrid balanced effects will be in for a treat.

So go ahead and order some Tangerine Haze to enjoy a sweet Sativa high accentuated by tangy tropical flavours.

If you love your weed pungent with those striking diesel notes, Gorilla Glue #4 AA which boasts sedating Indica effects, will be all you need. On the other hand, Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC) AAAA+ is a hybrid that promises a balance between Sativa and Indica effects.

2. Concentrate

cannabis concentrates from wccannabis online dispensary in Manitoba to buy weed online near Winnipeg.

Concentrates are a loved cannabis Manitoba product because they have a high THC concentration and offer a cleaner way to consume cannabis without the need for combustion.

Weed concentrates feature delectable cannabis flavours and aromas.

They also come in a variety of forms to suit different cannabis Manitoba consumers.

Since concentrates are made from weed strains, each concentrate will feature a particular strain’s physical and chemical properties. 

Crumble – Alien Cookies (Hybrid) feature sweet vanilla notes and powerful hybrid effects that will leave you feeling happy before thrusting you into a state of utter sedation.

So High Premium Syringes – Train Wreck is a distillate concentrate featuring potent THC effects, which pick at 95.79%.

If you want to add powerful punches to your regular toking session, try sprinkling some Kief – Jack Herer (Sativa) on your dry flower before rolling the joint.

3. CBD

For a moment when you need the medical benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects, gorge down some Mikro Edibles CBD – 100MG or Chewda Gummies – Bananza CBD.

Research into CBD shows that the cannabinoid can greatly benefit anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

4. Edibles

Edibles are great for anyone looking for an easy and discreet way to consume cannabis. At West Coast Cannabis, you can find edibles of all types. Our Potluck Chocolate – Milk features the characteristic nutty and buttery chocolate milk flavour and delivers powerful THC punches thanks to the 300mg of THC it boasts.

If you’d like an oreo that gets you high, try our Stoneo – Chocolate Creme Oreo’s. They come in the familiar form of a typical oreo and are bound to thrust you into the deepest high thanks to their 500mg of THC.

If you like something squishy you can grind between your teeth, our wide selection of gummies will spoil you for choices.

5. Vape

Vaping has surged in popularity among cannabis Manitoba consumers for various reasons. For one, a vape’s hits are smooth, clean and do not produce any scents.

Second, vaping devices come in various sleek designs that are both easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.

You can also get a So High Extracts Disposable Pen – Bubba Kush which you use and dispose of when the concentrate inside runs out, or you can get a CG Extracts Premium Concentrates Blue Cheese which you can refill once the distillate runs out.

The Best Attractions in Manitoba to Explore While High

Whether you’re touring Manitoba or are a resident, there are plenty of attraction sites to explore.

And after toking your joint or downing some delicious gummies, the best way to enjoy your high is by delving into one of these hidden gems in Manitoba. 

1. Explore the Wonders of Cement Cemetery in Rosser, Manitoba

image source: Ctv news Winnipeg

The cement cemetery consists of a small smattering of cement spires. Though the site may seem unassuming from afar, the mysteries shrouding its origin are what will draw you in.

Fanciful accounts believe the site to be an alien graveyard. Those holding pragmatic views believe that the spires are simply a remnant of concrete testing by a company that owned the land in the 50s and 60s.

Whichever side you choose to believe, neither account has been proven. Best to gallop down there and see for yourself. 

Name: Cement Cemetary

Location: Sturgeon Road and Inkster Road, Rosser, Manitoba

Address: Rosser, MB R0H 1E0, Canada

2. Strike a Pose With Winnipeg the Bear Statue

image source: Twitter

As a child, were you enamoured by Winnie-the-Pooh’s fantastical stories? At Winnipeg the Bear Statue, you’ll get a chance to meet history.

The A.A.Milne’s books and Walt Disney cartoons about Winnie-the-Pooh were inspired by a real-life bear that the author owned.

When you visit Winnipeg’s Assiniboine Zoo, you’ll surely catch a glimpse of the statue as it freezes history in time.

Name: Winnipeg the Bear Statue

Location: Winnipeg’s Assiniboine Zoo, 2595 Roblin BlvdWinnipeg, Manitoba,

Address:  R3P 2N9Canada

Phone: +1 204-927-6000

3. Delve Into Icelandic History in New Iceland Gimli, Manitoba

As the end of the 19 century loomed closer, Sigtryggur Jonasson hoped to find his fellow Icelanders a new land brimming with natural resources and suitable farmland, with conditions not so different from their homeland.

So he set out on a journey and led his people to the shores of lake Winnipeg. Unfortunately, tragedy would soon follow, seeing to the demise of many of the settlers. However, the beautiful history endured.

The area still boasts a strong Icelandic influence. When you visit Gimli, you’ll get the full take on the Icelandic migration and a chance to taste an Icelandic cake called Vinetarta at the local bakery.

Name: The New Iceland Heritage Museum

Location: Gimli, Manitoba

Address: R0C 1B0 Canada

Phone: +1 204-642-4001

Buy Weed Online From West Coast Cannabis Manitoba

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If you’d love some cheap weed or other weed products in Winnipeg or any other location in the province of Manitoba,  West Coast Cannabis can have it delivered directly to your mailbox.

Buy weed at our online dispensary and enjoy guaranteed low rates for high-quality weed products.

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