CBD Doses for Dogs or Cats

CBD products have become a largely sought-after alternative to medical cannabis for users who want the medical benefits of cannabis without getting high. CBD is often extracted from hemp and other cannabis plants for use in Oils, Edibles, Topicals, and other easy-to-use CBD products.

But as well as being popular products for humans, you can also find a range of CBD Pet Health Products.

Your dogs and cats can benefit from CBD just like you can as it works on their body in the same way. While you shouldn’t give them human CBD products, you can now use products such as Pet CBD Oils, Treats, and Topicals to give them a daily dose of CBD. But how much do they need?

Here’s a guide on CBD doses for dogs or cats:

How Much CBD Does Your Pet Need?

The dose you should give your pet varies on numerous factors. Their body weight is the most important factor. Naturally, larger animals will require larger doses. The severity of their symptoms can also make a difference, and you may want to give your pets a higher dose if you feel that they need more.

Knowing the best dose of CBD to give to your dog or cat can be tricky, especially with no official recommendations. However, many CBD pet products come with guidelines on how to give your pets the best dosage. Some studies on animals also shed some light on what kind of doses your pets can benefit from.

How To Administer CBD To Pets

Fortunately, CBD is very safe to use for your pets. With no observable side effects and no risk of addiction or overdose, you can safely administer CBD to dogs and cats in all quantities. Nonetheless, it helps to have some idea of how much CBD to give them. That way, you can ensure your pets benefit while not wasting too much CBD.

How To Administer CBD To Pets

Many CBD pet products are similar to human CBD products, but the way you give them to your pet can vary slightly. Naturally, you’ll need to find ways to ensure your pets consume CBD safely and effectively. Fortunately, there are various practical ways that you can administer CBD to your pets.

Pet CBD Oils are particularly popular. Just like human CBD Oils, these products can be absorbed into the system fast for swift effects. They’re also convenient and come with a dropper which makes it easy to measure out the right dosage. While humans take CBD Oil under the tongue, the best way to give CBD Oil to pets is by applying it to their gums. You can also add it to their food so that they consume it orally.

CBD Pet Treats are another popular option. These are dog and cat treats that are infused with quality CBD so that your pets will eat up the goodness. Naturally, these make it much easier to make sure your pets get an effective dose of CBD. They also make it easy to administer the right dosage as each treat comes with a certain amount of CBD.

You can also find CBD Topicals for pets, such as creams and balms. These are products that you apply directly to your pet’s body for them to absorb the cannabidiol into the skin. CBD Topicals bind to cannabinoid receptors under the skin without reaching the bloodstream, but can still be helpful for therapeutic purposes. They’re also great for relieving skin problems such as cracked paws or skin infections.

Best CBD Doses for Dogs or Cats

Finding the best CBD dose for your dog or cat can take some trial and error, and fortunately, CBD is safe in all doses. However, there are some general rules which can help when it comes to giving your pet CBD.

Around 1-5mg of CBD for each 10lbs of body weight is a good rule to follow. For instance, if your dog weighs 30 pounds, then give them 15mg of CBD Oil and see how they react to it. You may want to increase the dose if they’re suffering from severe symptoms or if you don’t see much of a change over time.

Research on using CBD for dogs also helps shine some light on good CBD doses for pets. For example, a study on using CBD for osteoarthritic dogs found that a dose of 2mg per kg of body weight helped increase comfort and activity.

Best CBD Doses for Dogs or Cats

Usually, it’s best to give your pet a daily dose of CBD and increase or decrease it over time if you need to. You may even want to consult with a vet about how to use CBD for your pet and their symptoms. It also helps to check product guidelines, as different products often recommend different dosages.

Where To Buy CBD Products for Pets

If you want to use CBD for your cats and dogs, then make sure you get safe, high-quality CBD pet products. These products are different than human CBD products as they’re designed specifically to help animals, as well as being safe and free from any harmful ingredients.

Pawsitive CBD Pet Tincture 150mg makes it easy to help your pets with high-quality oral drops packed full of CBD. In addition to giving your pets plenty of cannabidiol, it also contains Omega-3 which provides nutritional benefits. It’s safe and effective for use with both cats and dogs. It’s also available in quantities of 300mg or 600mg.

Harmony Nutraceutical Pet Treats are CBD-enriched edibles for pets. Each one contains 3mg of CBD, but you can give your pet as many as they need for a healthy dose. These tasty treats are great for making your pets consume CBD eagerly without any hassle.

Pawsitive CBD Pet Balm is a CBD-infused balm that you apply directly to your pet’s body for localized relief. It’s particularly helpful for helping dogs with skin conditions such as dry, cracked paws or nose, hyperkeratosis, dry elbows, and skin infections.


Your dogs and cats can use CBD just like you can, although giving it to them works a little differently. You can give CBD to your pets using specially designed CBD pet products, and the doses you give to your pets will also differ. Usually, around 3-5mg per lb of body weight is a good general rule to follow, although you can tweak their dosage as you see fit. You can find CBD pet products and plenty more online at WCCannabis.ca.

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