CBD for Your Pet A Pawsitive Guide

When the term cannabis gets brought up, most people will think of marijuana and THC-infused products. However, CBD is quickly picking up popularity due to its wide range of medical uses.

What is CBD?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of the non-psychoactive cannabinoids in cannabis plants that offers pure medical effects without any side effects. And while it’s often used by humans, you can also use CBD for your pet.

CBD works by attaching to cannabinoid receptors in the body which activate the body’s endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is linked to all kinds of biological functions. It can have an effect on pain sensation, memory, sleep, digestion, and all kinds of other things. Interestingly, mammals all have similar endocannabinoid systems and, as such, cannabidiol works in the same way in many animals.

Many studies on the benefits of CBD are initially carried out on rats, showing that CBD has the same benefits for them as it does for humans. More recently, there have been CBD studies on animals such as dogs, showing that your regular household pets can also benefit from the effects of CBD.

With that said, you can’t give the same old CBD Oils and Edibles to your dogs and cats. While it can be used effectively, there are a few things you’ll need to know and some rules you’ll need to follow if you want to give CBD to your pet.

Here’s a pawsitive guide on using CBD for your pets.

Can You Use CBD for Your Pet?

Cannabidiol products are becoming extremely popular for human consumption.

Many people now use them as a regular daily supplement to help with a range of symptoms. Studies show that many users find CBD useful for helping with pain, anxiety, stress, depression, sleep, and other issues. But while it’s good for humans, you might wonder- can you use CBD for your pet?

The answer is yes. You can safely and effectively use CBD for your pets. Most mammals have the same endocannabinoid system, which means that CBD will work for them in just the same way it does for humans. In fact, there have even been many CBD studies on other animals showing that they get various health benefits when CBD Oils are given to them.

Can You Use CBD for Your Pet

CBD is commonly used for cats and dogs. There are even CBD products designed specifically for household pets. There are also CBD products designed for other animals such as horses. You should be cautious using CBD on other animals- some may be more sensitive to the components of cannabis.

However, there are some important things to keep in mind if you plan to use CBD for your pet. You shouldn’t give them products designed for humans. There are various safe CBD products designed specifically for dogs and cats which make better alternatives. You should also avoid any CBD products with high levels of THC. THC is a much more intense cannabinoid and can cause harmful side effects for pets. You may also want to check with a vet before putting your pets on regular CBD treatments.

Effects of CBD for Pets

CBD is often used as an alternative to medical marijuana as it can provide many of the same benefits without getting you high. It’s safe to use and can help with all kinds of mental and physical symptoms without any negative side effects.

One of the most common reasons for using CBD is its pain-relieving effects. Various studies show that CBD helps with chronic and severe pain thanks to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Pets with issues such as Arthritis, injuries, and other painful conditions can benefit from CBD.

It also helps with anxiety, stress, and depression. One study found that using CBD regularly helped humans reduce their anxiety and improve their sleep. Another study found that high-CBD strains of cannabis were incredibly effective at reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Similar results have also been found in animal studies. For instance, studies on mice and rats found that CBD had rapid and sustained antidepressant effects.

CBD is also used to help with epileptic seizures. Various studies have found that taking CBD regularly can significantly reduce seizures in epileptic patients and help them live a better quality of life. Dogs and cats who suffer from seizures may also benefit from using CBD.

CBD even has anticancer effects. Research has shown that CBD can help reduce the growth and spread of cancer. It also helps with many of the common symptoms of cancer by improving sleep, reducing stress, boosting appetite, and relieving pain.

There are many other positive properties of CBD which can help your pets. CBD has antioxidant, antibacterial, antiemetic, and neuroprotective qualities which can help with all kinds of things from digestion to brain problems. It also has many general benefits such as improving sleep. Although many studies on CBD are carried out on humans or rats, there have also been studies which show that CBD can have the same benefits for household pets.

Studies on CBD for Pets

Studies on CBD for Pets

In addition to the vast amounts of research done on using CBD for humans, there have also some more recent studies on the effects of CBD for household pets. For instance, there are numerous studies showing that CBD is both safe and effective for helping dogs with various symptoms.

A study on using CBD for osteoarthritic dogs found that they experienced the same benefits as humans. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of cannabidiol helped reduce pain for the dogs, making them more mobile. The study also found that CBD was well-tolerated by dogs with no negative side effects observed.

Preliminary results from a study on using CBD for dogs suffering from epilepsy also found positive results. CBD helped to reduce seizures for 89% of the dogs involved in the clinical trial. These findings are very promising and show that animals suffering from seizures can benefit from CBD treatment.

Research also shows that many vets perceive CBD to be positive for pets. A 2019 survey found that 56.1% of the vets had clinical experience in treating dogs with CBD. Many vets reported seeing reductions in pain, seizures, and anxieties for dogs on CBD treatment.

While studies on using CBD for pets are still limited, most research on animals shows that they receive the same benefits as humans. This shows promise that CBD could potentially help pets with sleep problems, diabetes, cancer, and other health issues. These studies also show that pets can tolerate CBD without any harmful side effects. Funding and research on CBD for pets is set to grow, with numerous organizations planning to carry out clinical trials on dogs and cats.

Is CBD Safe for Your Pet?

While studies show that CBD can be effective for animals, users will naturally wonder whether CBD is safe for their pets. Fortunately, CBD is extremely safe to use. In fact, studies and reports regularly show that CBD has no potential for harm and acts as a much safer alternative to traditional medications.

CBD generally has no harmful side effects. In some cases, users may experience minor side effects such as diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, and changes in mood and appetite. Most users report feeling no side effects, and studies on dogs also report no observable side effects.

It’s also safe in the sense that it’s non-addictive. While many medications can cause withdrawal symptoms when usage is stopped, CBD won’t cause any problems. There’s also no risk of an overdose with cannabidiol.

With the high safety profile of CBD, you can give your pets CBD regularly without any problems. It’s best to use products specifically designed for pets as human products may be tougher for animals to digest. You should also avoid giving your pets any products with added THC.

How to Administer CBD to Pets

How to Administer CBD to Pets

There are a few different ways you can give CBD to your pets. In theory, the same products which humans use can work on pets. However, these shouldn’t be used on animals. Instead, there’s a range of CBD products for pets which you can use to administer cannabidiol to them. Here are a few of the common ways to give CBD to pets.

Pet CBD Oil – There are CBD oil products designed specifically for use with animals such as cats and dogs. Humans usually take CBD Oil by applying the oil under their tongue and holding it there. However, you’ll find it difficult to make your pets do this. As such, the best way to use pet CBD Oil is by adding it to your pet’s food so they’ll eat it and digest the CBD. CBD Oils are quick, convenient, and very effective.

Pet CBD Topicals – You can also find CBD-infused topical products such as creams and balms which you can use on your pets. These make things easy as you can apply them to your pet yourself- simply rub the topical into their body. Topicals won’t give you the mental benefits of CBD, but they can help with pain relief in a way similar to icy hot. These products are especially useful for things such as joint pain and inflammation.

CBD Pet Treats – Usually, the easiest and best way to give your pets CBD is via CBD-infused pet treats. These work much in the same way as regular CBD Edibles, only they’re designed to be safe for cats and dogs to consume. CBD Pet Treats come in packets full of individual tasty treats which you can give to your pets. They also make it easy to give your pet the dose of CBD they need as each treat will contain the same dose of CBD.

Best CBD Products for Pets

Whether you want to treat your pets with pet CBD Oils, topicals or CBD-infused treats, there are many different products to choose from. The best CBD products for pets are ones which use pure CBD with no added THC. These products are entirely safe for your pets and won’t give them any unwanted side effects. Here are a few of the best pet CBD products to buy.

Fortify Nutraceutical Pet Oil – This pure, lab-tested, nutraceutical oil is designed especially for pets. It mixes potent CBD extract with coconut MCT Oil to make it easy for pets to absorb and get the great benefits of cannabidiol. You can administer it orally or infuse it into your pet’s food to give them a healthy dose of CBD.

Pawsitive CBD Pet Tinctures – These tinctures use hemp-based oil infused with terpenes and CBD to give your pets tons of benefits. It’s ideal for cats and smaller dogs- just infuse some into their food and they’ll eat up the benefits. It also contains Omega-3, a fatty acid known for its health perks.

Pawsitive CBD Pet Balm – You can apply this pet balm directly to your pet to give them fast-acting relief. It’s particularly helpful for their skin, helping heal their snouts and cracked paws. It’s made with a range of natural ingredients, making it safe and healthy for your pets.

Harmony Neutraceutical Pet Treats – If you want to give your pets a tasty treat chock full of CBD, try these Neutraceutical Pet Treats. Your pets will love the great taste, making it easy to subtly give them the CBD. Each pack comes with 90mg of CBD, split into 3mg treats. These make it easy to give your pets the dose of CBD they need. Other treats are also available targeted at various different symptoms, such as Serenity and Vitality.

You can also check out other CBD Pet Products in our online store. All of these are safe-to-use, effective, and legal to buy for delivery all over Canada.

Best CBD Products for Pets


Pets like cats and dogs have similar endocannabinoid systems to humans. As such, they’ll get many of the same great benefits from CBD as you would. You can use CBD to help your pets with pain, inflammation, anxiety, sleep, seizures, and a lot more.

Avoid giving your pets human CBD products and never give them products with THC. You can use safe and natural CBD products designed specifically for pets. Whether you use Tinctures, Topicals or Treats packed with CBD, there’s something your pet will love.

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