Difference Between Hashish And Marijuana

Cannabis consumers now have a wide selection to pick from. Not only can you find a massive selection of strains of marijuana, but it’s also easy to get your hands on cannabis concentrates like Shatter, Wax, and Live Resin.

However, one of the most popular cannabis concentrates is Hashish. So what’s the difference between Hashish and Marijuana?

Both of these products can give you potent psychoactive effects by offering ways to consume THC. However, Hashish is much stronger than Marijuana or Weed, not to mention it’s rigid brick-like form makes it unique aesthetically.

Here’s a guide to Hashish, Marijuana, how to use them, and how they differ:

What Is Hashish?

Hashish is another word for Hash, one of the most popular cannabis concentrates. Hashish is instantly recognizable due to its dark and rigid form. Although Hash can come in many varieties with slightly different colors and textures, you’ll most commonly find it in the form of a solid, dark brown or black block that can be burned and crumbled apart for use in various ways.

How To Use Hashish

Interestingly, Hashish is one of the oldest and most widely used cannabis concentrates. It’s said to originate from many centuries ago when it was made on the Indian continent simply by pressing the resin of marijuana together. Although you can still make finger hash, you can now buy Hash made using lab equipment for maximum quality and potency.

Much like Marijuana, you can find Hash in all kinds of strains. You can apply some heat to break it up and it’ll crumble into small, pliable crumbs that make it easy to use in various ways. The main draw of Hash is that it’s much stronger than weed and it only takes a small amount to get high, hence why Hash is more expensive per gram.

How To Use Hashish

You can use Hash in various ways, especially as it can be crumbled up and added to pretty much any smoking device. You’ll need to burn Hashish first to break it apart, although some forms are much more pliable from the get-go.

Here are some of the most common ways to use Hash:

  • In a Joint – Much like Weed, Hash is easy to break into small pieces and can be spread into a joint for easy smoking. It’s best to mix Hash with Weed or Tobacco- this will result in a joint that burns easily and provides powerful effects.
  • In a Bong/Pipe – For an even simpler method, you can add Hash to the bowl of your Bong or Pipe. Using Hash in this way usually results in an even stronger high as you’re likely to take bigger hits of THC.
  • Vaporizing – Many users prefer vaping cannabis concentrates to smoking them. After all, you won’t be inhaling any burning chemicals and studies suggest vaping produces a stronger high than smoking. If you have a Vaporizer or Vape Pen compatible with cannabis concentrates, you can vape hash for a hard-hitting high.

What Is Marijuana?

Marijuana refers to the flowers of cannabis sativa, indica, and hybrid plants that produce THC. These flowers are dried and cured to create what’s commonly known as Weed. The terms Weed, Cannabis, Marijuana are often used interchangeably, as well as other slang terms such as Bud, Grass or Green.

Whether you call it Weed, Marijuana or Flower, it’s the most commonly used kind of cannabis product. After all, it’s easy to grind marijuana to roll it in a joint, smoke a bowl or even vaporize it. It’s also commonly used for cannabis cooking.

How To Use Marijuana

While marijuana may not be as strong as some of the products out there these days, such as the cannabis concentrates it’s used to create, it’s still a top choice for most users. Marijuana can still give you a strong high without being too overwhelming. Plus, you can find tons of strains of marijuana in any cannabis store or online.

How To Use Marijuana

It’s easy to use marijuana in a variety of ways. All you have to do is cut your weed up using a grinder and you have plenty of great options available. Here are some of the most popular ways to use marijuana.

  1. In a Joint – Ground weed is perfect for rolling. Whether you roll weed on its own, mix it with tobacco to create a spliff or even pack it into a cigar wrap to make a blunt, marijuana always provides a great smoking experience.
  2. In a Bong/Pipe – You can also simply apply some buds of weed to the bowl of a Bong or Pipe for quick and easy smoking. This method usually gets you higher as you end up taking bigger hits of THC.
  3. Vaping – If you have a dry herb Vaporizer, you can also vape weed. Temperatures of 350-420°F are usually best for vaping weed as it’ll bring out the best of the cannabinoids and terpenes without burning it.

Difference Between Hashish And Marijuana?

Both Hashish and Marijuana provide great ways to get the effects of THC, as well as various other cannabinoids and terpenes. So what exactly is the difference and which one should you use?

The main difference is that Hash is much stronger than Marijuana. Strains of weed usually contain around 15-25% THC. Hash can reach as high as 60% THC due to it being a concentrated marijuana product. They also differ in their forms- Hash is usually solid and brick-like, although it can be crumbled up after heating.

Weed may be slightly more convenient to use but Hash can provide stronger effects with just a small amount. Realistically, it’s worth trying both of these products out, especially as there are many varieties of each available and both Weed and Hash can provide a great experience.


Marijuana generally refers to Weed, but there are also plenty of concentrated marijuana products with even stronger THC levels. Hashish is a prime example of this, and users looking for stronger effects often try Hash by smoking or vaping it. Whether you’re looking for a selection of marijuana strains or some high-quality Hash, you can buy both online at West Coast Cannabis.

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