wcc blog edibles for pain

Cannabis has been a topic of interest for its potential benefits in managing pain and inducing relaxation. Among the various methods of consumption, edibles infused with cannabis have become increasingly popular due to their convenience and discreetness. Our focus today is to explore the advantages of consuming cannabis edibles for pain relief and relaxation. So, let’s take a deep dive into the world of cannabis edibles and learn more.

How cannabis edibles work

Cannabis edibles function by transporting the active substances in marijuana, known as cannabinoids, to the body through the digestive system. Once you intake an edible, the liver soaks up the cannabinoids, which are then transformed into a more potent compound called 11-hydroxy-THC. As compared to the THC discovered in inhaled cannabis, this compound is more powerful. This implies that edibles can be more efficient at handling pain and inducing relaxation than smoking or vaping.

The effects of cannabis edibles can take longer to kick in than other methods of consumption, typically between 30 minutes to two hours, depending on your metabolism and the strength of the edible. However, once the effects do kick in, they can last for several hours, making edibles a great option for those who need long-lasting relief from pain or anxiety.

Benefits of using cannabis edibles for pain management

One of the biggest benefits of using cannabis edibles for pain management is their long-lasting effects. Unlike smoking or vaping, which can provide immediate relief but wear off quickly, edibles can provide relief for several hours. Cannabis edibles can also be more effective at managing pain than other methods of consumption. This is because the liver converts the THC in the edible into 11-hydroxy-THC, which is more potent than the THC found in inhaled cannabis. This means that you can get more pain relief from a smaller dose of an edible than you would from smoking or vaping.  Additionally, cannabis edibles can be a more discreet way to manage pain than smoking or vaping. While smoking or vaping can be noticeable to others, edibles look and smell like regular food, making them a great option for those who need to manage their pain in public.

Benefits of using cannabis edibles for relaxation

Cannabis edibles offer more than just pain management. They can also help promote relaxation, with effects that are more body-focused compared to smoking or vaping. This makes edibles a great option for those looking to unwind or manage anxiety and stress. Moreover, edibles provide a more consistent and controlled experience, thanks to their longer-lasting and gradual effects. This makes them a preferable choice compared to smoking or vaping. Additionally, cannabis edibles offer a fun and enjoyable way to consume cannabis, with many tasty flavors to choose from. They also provide an opportunity to experiment with different strains and flavors of cannabis.

Different types of cannabis edibles

Popular types of edibles include:

  • Baked goods: This includes cookies, brownies, and other baked goods infused with cannabis. These are some of the most common types of edibles and are often the easiest to find.
  • Gummies: Cannabis-infused gummies are a popular option because they come in a variety of flavors and are easy to dose.
  • Chocolates: Cannabis-infused chocolates can be a delicious and discreet way to consume cannabis.
  • Beverages: This includes cannabis-infused drinks such as tea, coffee, and soda.
  • Capsules: Cannabis capsules are a convenient and discreet way to consume cannabis. They are typically filled with cannabis oil and can be swallowed like any other pill.


Cannabis-infused edibles are an excellent option for individuals seeking pain relief or relaxation. These edibles provide a convenient and subtle means of ingesting cannabis, and their extended effects make them an ideal choice for those with persistent ailments. By exercising prudence and attentiveness, cannabis edibles can be a secure and satisfying method to experience the advantages of this incredible plant. For all your cannabis requirements, be sure to check out Wccannabis.co, Canada’s favourite online dispensary.