How And Why To Use A Cannabis Grinder

There are many types of cannabis products out there, but buying weed is still one of the most popular options for cannabis users. After all, there are tons of diverse strains of cannabis flower and many ways to use it. You can roll your weed in a joint, use it in a bong or pipe, or even vaporize it with a dry herb vaporizer. But no matter how you use your weed, you’ll need a cannabis grinder.

A cannabis grinder is one of the biggest essentials for any cannabis user. Trying to smoke huge chunks of weed will ruin your joints and bowls and lead to an unpleasant smoking experience. And, although you can use scissors or your fingers to break your weed into small pieces, these methods have many disadvantages. Here’s a guide on how and why to use a cannabis grinder.

What Is A Cannabis Grinder?

You might know it as a cannabis grinder, weed grinder, hand grinder, or even just a grinder. Whichever way, it’s one of the most essential cannabis accessories you can buy. A grinder is a small and handy tool used to grind your weed into small, fine pieces. You can then use your ground weed for your joints, bowls, and more.

Since it’s such a cheap and effective accessory, every cannabis user should buy at least one of these. If you don’t grind your weed, your joints might end up lumpy and hard to smoke. Trying to smoke huge chunks of weed in a bowl can be just as disappointing. Even if you’re using a vaporizer or making weed edibles, grinding your weed will help.

A basic hand grinder features two halves with teeth that you twist to grind your weed. However, you can also find other types of grinders. For instance, some grinders have extra chambers for collecting your weed. Some even have an extra compartment for collecting kief. You can also find electric grinders. Whichever way, you’ll need at least one of these functional tools.

Why You Should Use A Cannabis Grinder

A cannabis grinder is essential for anyone who enjoys using weed. If you like to smoke your weed in a joint, you need to cut your weed into fine pieces to ensure you can roll it tightly. Even if you’re smoking from a bowl, ground weed will burn and release cannabinoids much easier than huge chunks. By grinding your weed, you’ll waste less of it and get much smoother hits.

Some people think that they can avoid using a grinder if they simply pull their weed apart with their fingers. However, doing this can rub away the potent trichomes from your weed, meaning your cannabis will lose its potency. Using a knife or scissors isn’t recommended either as it’s unlikely you’ll get the highest quality of ground weed possible.

In contrast, a weed grinder is designed specifically to give you the best ground weed possible. Your joints will be tighters, your bowls will be more satisfying, and even your weed vaporizer hits will be smoother and more potent. Grinding weed can also help you make weed butter for edibles or even help you collect kief for cannabis concentrates such as hash and rosin.

How To Use A Cannabis Grinder

How To Use A Cannabis Grinder

Using a cannabis grinder is simple. There are various types of grinders, such as two-piece grinders, three-piece grinders, four-piece grinders, and so on. However, most of these grinders use the same basic method to grind your weed.

Remove the top compartment of your grinder and you should see a set of pegs or “teeth” on each side. Place chunks of your weed between the teeth of the bottom compartment and re-add the top compartment. Next, twist the grinder multiple times so that the teeth can break your chunks of weed into small, fine pieces.

If you want your ground weed to be finer, continue to twist until you’re satisfied. You can then empty the contents of your grinder into a bag or onto a piece of paper. Some grinders even have a compartment for collecting your weed. You can then refill your grinder with more weed if you need to or simply use the ground weed you have in your joint, bowl, or vaporizer.

Types Of Cannabis Grinders

The most common type of grinder you’ll find is the basic two-piece grinder. This comes with two compartments with teeth on each side. After grinding your weed, you can empty the contents and grind more if you need to. It’s simple and effective but doesn’t have any extra features and you may need a scraping tool to get all of your weed out of the teeth.

Three-piece grinders come with an extra collection chamber for your weed. These grinders are helpful for those who want to grind their weed and store it in the same device. You can then take as much weed as you need out of the chamber when you need it. 

You can also find four-piece grinders. These have an extra collection chamber for kief – a type of cannabis extract that can be used to enhance your joints or even used to make concentrates like rosin and hash.

These basic types of weed grinders all work in more or less the same way. However, you can find some unique types of grinders. Electric grinders grind your weed for you automatically. Credit card grinders can be used by scraping your weed against the side like a cheese grater. You may even find some other types of novelty weed grinders.

Types Of Cannabis Grinders


A cannabis grinder is a simple, cheap, and effective tool used for grinding weed. Grinding your cannabis will improve the quality of your joints or even enhance your bong or pipe hits. It can also help you fill your dry herb vaporizer with more weed.

If you’re looking for a high-quality weed grinder, check out the WCC Glossy Grinder. Not only will it give you perfectly ground weed, but it also has extra compartments for collecting the results. You can also find a huge selection of cannabis strains and accessories online at West Coast Cannabis.

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