How Much Is A QP Of Weed Cost: Common Cannabis Measurements

How much is a QP of weed? Learn everything about how weed sold online in Canada is measured.

Rapid legalization of weed across Canada has led to an increasing number of new consumers and producers in the world of cannabis.

Whether you’re trying to get into cannabis as a consumer or a vendor, understanding how cannabis is measured will come in handy.

However, the terminology used in the cannabis measurement can leave you with more questions than answers. Especially when you have to switch between metric weight (kilograms and grams) and imperial weight( pounds and ounces). Both of these measurements are used to quantify weed in Canada.

So, how much is a QP of weed? How is it measured? What does a QP of weed look like? What are other measurements commonly used to categorize weed?

A QP or Quarter Pound of weed is one-fourth of a whole pound or 4 ounces, for starters. Each ounce of weed equals 28 (28.35) grams making a QP of weed 112 (113.4) grams.

That’s about the weight of a baseball or a deck of cards.

A Qp of weed is an impressive amount of weed. To put this into perspective, you need about a gram of weed for one blunt. 

With a QP of weed, you’ll have over a hundred 1-gram blunts and about 30 weeks’ worth of bong rips.

How Much Does a QP of Weed Cost?

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Weed prices across Canada are affected by supply and demand, the strain and the quality of the bud. Therefore, prices will vary from state to state.

However, the average prices for a QP of weed in Canada range from $300-to $900. The prices will depend on the grade you buy. The higher the grade, the pricier the bud.

The price difference will also depend on whether you’re getting weed from an online dispensary or your local store. Generally, brick and mortar dispensaries costs are higher than buying weed online. If you’re looking to score some amazing weed deals, you can find cheap weed in Canada online.

What Is A QP Of Weed? Common Weed Measurements 

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For the average or new cannabis user, a QP of weed can be a little too much. Luckily, QP is not the only measurement that weed is sold in.

Cannabis weight can be broken down into specific quantities by imperial and metric scales, so you find even the smallest amounts of cannabis for sale. 

If you’ve ever been invited for a session with some friends, you’ve probably heard the word dime bag; it’s among the smallest quantities of weed you can get on the streets.

The weed in a dime bag is about one gram, enough for a generous blunt.

Here are other common official terms used to quantify weed. You’ll most likely come across these terms while browsing online dispensaries in Canada.

What Is An Ounce(Oz) Of Weed, And  How Much Does It Cost?

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An ounce of weed is popularly known by the slang name as a “zip” or simply as “O.” This is the most common quantity that weed is bought in.

An OZ of weed weighs 28 grams, about four quarters (each quarter is 7g), and eight eighths (each eighth is 3.5 grams). 

So what does an ounce of weed look like? An Ounce of weed is the number of buds it would take to fill a regular mason jar.

When we translate this to the number of joints, you’ll get about 28 one-gram joints or 46 ½-gram joints.

It’s worth noting that different strains have different bud sizes. Some buds may look smaller but have densely packed trichomes, making the weed look less in a ziplock bag. 

How much does an ounce of weed cost? Factors such as the type of strain, supply, and location affect the price of an OZ. However, the average cost for an OZ in Canada ranges from $160- $350. 

One good treat for you is the Multi-Pack – Oz currently selling at affordable rates.

What Is A Pound Of Weed And How Much Does It Cost

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A pound (lb) of weed is an impressive amount of weed. It weighs 453 grams or is equal to 16 ounces of weed. That’s a whopping 453 generously packed 1-gram joints.

Even chronic weed users will need a few months to finish this up. So properly store your weed in sealed packaging to keep it fresh throughout.

How much does a lb of weed cost? Online dispensaries are your best bet when looking to save money and buy weed by the pound as far as reasonable pricing goes.

The average price for a pound of weed online can range from $750 to $ 2500. For example, you can buy this Mix & Match Pound AA at pocket-friendly prices and have choices galore for which weed strains to make up your pound.

What Is A Half Pound Of Weed And How Much Does It Cost

A half-pound of weed is commonly known as a half-pack or a half-pounder.

It weighs 224 grams or 8 ounces(28g per ounce). A visual representation of this would be the size of half of the average watermelon.

To help contextualize, this is about 224 well-packed joints.

If you’re asking how much a half a pound of weed will cost you, the prices will vary depending on the weed strain, supply and demand in the market, and other variables.

But expect to spend from $500 to $1000. A flavorful treat you can enjoy in this range is the Multi-Pack- AA/AAA Half Pound currently selling at affordable rates.

Here is a table of weed quantities in imperial and metric measures and what each quantity translates to in joints.

Weed Quantity in GramsThe Common Term for MeasurementNumber of Joints You Can Get
3.5An eighth (⅛ )3-5
7A quarter (¼ of an ounce)7
14A half (½ of an ounce)14
28An ounce(1/16 of a pound)28
96A quarter-pound(¼ of a pound)96
443A pound( 1 pound, 128ounces)443

Common Weed Measurement Slang

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Next time you’re invited for a smoking sesh, sound like a pro throwing one or two of these terms around:

What Is A Dime Bag Of Weed And How Much Does It Cost? 

You’ve come across the slang word “dime bag” if you’ve bought weed from a brick and mortar dispensary. 

A dime bag is equivalent to one gram of weed and can roll one generous joint or two if you prefer slim joints.

The average price for a dime bag is usually $10.

What Is A Nickel Bag And How Much Does It Cost?

A “nickel bag” is worth $5 and usually carries about ½ a gram of weed. 

The nickel bag is not common even in the brick & motors stores that sell them because it mainly consists of small shakes and buds that nobody wants.

What Is A Dub Sack And How Much Does It Cost?

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Though not commonly used in Canada anymore, Dub sack is a 3-gram worth of weed that sells for about $10.

What Is An Eighth Of Weed And How Much Does It Cost?

An eight is not necessarily a slang term but is a common term used to quantify smaller batches of weed.

One-eighth of an ounce( an eight) is about 3.5 grams of weed. This is enough for about 3 to 4 generous joints.

When it comes to pricing, expect to spend $25 to $45 for this amount. As far as getting good prices goes, online dispensaries are much cheaper and offer a variety of weed strains.

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