How to Become A Cannabis Connoisseur

Many cannabis consumers are quite happy to smoke the most popular cannabis strains and occasionally try other products such as edibles or tinctures. However, some users try to gain as much knowledge and experience with cannabis as possible – aiming to sample the finest strains and the widest range of products. These users are known as cannabis connoisseurs.

Much like chocolate connoisseurs or wine sommeliers, cannabis connoisseurs can detect the subtle differences in marijuana strains that casual users can’t. Each strain has a unique profile of terpenes, cannabinoids, and other properties that make it unique, and connoisseurs can identify these factors based on their experience. But you don’t need a special class to gain that experience – here’s a guide on how to become a cannabis connoisseur.

Learn About Cannabinoids And Terpenes

If you want to become a reliable cannabis connoisseur, you must learn about the cannabinoids and terpenes that define each cannabis strain. Cannabinoids are the naturally-occurring compounds that deliver the physical and mental effects cannabis is known for. Terpenes or terpenoids are aromatic compounds that add to the taste and smell of each strain.

Cannabinoids are responsible for the potency of each strain. As such, you might notice that a cannabis strain has THC levels of 20% or higher simply by how strong it is. Other cannabinoids can also make a difference. For instance, high-CBD strains will often feel more soothing and less psychoactive.

Every strain also has a unique terpenoid profile. Some are high in limonene – a terpene that offers a zesty citrus scent and flavor. Others contain high levels of pinene – an earthy, spicy terpene that’s reminiscent of pine. These terpenes also contribute to the effects of each strain, so cannabis connoisseurs should learn all about cannabis terpenes and what they do.

Examine The Texture And Color Of Your Cannabis Buds

Another common trait of cannabis connoisseurs is that they can identify different strains purely by their feel and appearance. Strains vary significantly in their aesthetics – some look greener than others whereas others are covered in purple leaves and orange pistils. Learning about these differences can help you recognize the subtle differences between strains.

Examining the color of your cannabis strains isn’t just helpful for identifying what strain it is – it can also be an indicator of quality. The freshest cannabis buds will often be more vibrant and colorful, whereas lower-grade strains may appear paler. Paler strains can still be potent, but cannabis connoisseurs often prefer the freshest and most colorful strains.

It also helps to examine the texture of your buds. High-quality buds are often denser and packed with sticky, crystal-like trichomes. Lower-quality cannabis strains will be more brittle and dry. You might want to learn more about different grades of cannabis by comparing AA strains to AAAA strains

Examine The Texture And Color Of Your Cannabis Buds

Test Different Methods Of Consumption

You can’t be a cannabis connoisseur without enough relevant experience. While examining your buds can help you identify certain differences, you also need to test them first-hand. You should also experiment with different methods of consumption – this can help you learn more about the many ways to use cannabis.

When it comes to smoking weed, rolling a joint isn’t your only option. Packing a blunt can give you a unique experience due to the mixture of tobacco and weed. Using a marijuana pipe can give you harder hits. Using a bong also offers a unique high as it filters your smoke through water, offering smoother hits.

You shouldn’t just stick to smoking, either. You should also experiment with vaporizing cannabis – this can help bring out more of the flavor of each strain. It also helps to try cannabis-infused products such as cannabis oils and cannabis edibles. Every method of consumption offers a unique experience, so you should try as many as possible.

Try A Wide Range Of Cannabis Products

In addition to trying different methods of consumption, you should also sample as many cannabis products as possible. Not only can this help you identify the differences between cannabis products, but it can also help you gain new psychoactive experiences, especially as marijuana products can vary significantly.

When it comes to cannabis strains, make sure you try a range of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. You should also check out various types of cannabis concentrates. Products such as hash, shatter, wax, and live resin can be mixed with weed for smoking purposes, but you should also try vaping and dabbing to experience their full potential.

Of course, you should also test out other types of cannabis products. Consuming cannabis edibles is an important rite of passage for every marijuana enthusiast, and cannabis tinctures can also offer potent effects. You might also want to test out cannabis topicals and CBD products. Even though these don’t get you high, they can still offer an interesting experience.

Sample Craft Cannabis Strains

Experienced cannabis connoisseurs are always looking for the most unique and outstanding cannabis products available. That’s why, instead of sticking to widely available strains, they often seek out rare and unique craft weed strains.

Craft cannabis strains are strains that have been cultivated by expert growers. These aren’t widely manufactured and are usually only available in limited batches, making them particularly alluring to enthusiastic cannabis connoisseurs.

Additionally, these strains are usually the highest-quality strains you can find. The focus on cultivating craft cannabis strains is on quality over quantity and, as such, these strains are often flavorful, potent, and full of color. If you want to gain more experience with high-quality strains, make sure you try as many craft strains as you can get your hands on.

Sample Craft Cannabis Strains


Becoming a cannabis connoisseur is all about sampling as many cannabis strains and products as you can. Over time, you’ll notice the subtle differences between each strain. You’ll also gain experience in various methods of consumption and learn how each cannabis product offers a different kind of high.

Fortunately, it’s now easier than ever to become an experienced cannabis connoisseur. Adults in Canada can buy cannabis online in a wide range of strains and products. Whether you’re looking for high-quality cannabis strains, edibles, vapes, concentrates, or other kinds of cannabis products, you can find everything you need at West Coast Cannabis.

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