How to Flush Marijuana Out of Your System

The 2018 changes in Canada cannabis laws mean that now anybody aged 19 or over (and even 18 in some provinces) can enjoy cannabis legally for any purpose. Cannabis stores are popping up all over the country and you can even buy marijuana online. But while it’s safe to use, you might still want to know how to flush marijuana out of your system.

Some users need to rid their body of marijuana due to upcoming drug tests. Others might simply want to detox their body. Even if you plan to use marijuana again in the future, detoxing can reset your tolerance and give you stronger effects next time. Although you may need a few days to successfully detox, there are many tricks to help speed up the process. Here’s a guide on how to flush marijuana out of your system.

How Long To Flush Marijuana Out Of Your System?

After consuming marijuana in any form, THC metabolites can stick around in your system for a while. Although the effects of marijuana wear off within a few hours, you could be looking at days or weeks to completely flush marijuana out of your system depending on how much you use.

Most users can flush out most of the marijuana in their system within a week. Research shows that, within five days, 80-90% of THC is flushed out of your body via excretion. It helps to drink plenty of water and eat healthy food during this time to speed up the elimination of marijuana metabolites.

How long it takes to clear your body of marijuana can vary from user to user. One-time marijuana users could be clear of THC within three days, whereas heavy, frequent users might have traces of THC sticking around in their body for a couple of weeks. However, knowing the best methods to flush marijuana out of your system will help.

Load Up On Water

Drinking large quantities of water is the most simple yet effective way to flush marijuana out of your system. Since most of the THC in your body is eliminated via urination, drinking water helps as it makes you go to the toilet more and henceforth flush more THC metabolites out.

Load Up On Water

Health professionals generally recommend drinking at least 2 liters of water a day, but those looking to flush marijuana out of their system may want to drink even more. If you have a drug test coming up soon, drinking as much water as possible in the days leading up to it will help you flush out as much THC as possible. It also helps to drink 2 liters of water a couple of hours before a drug test.

Other fluids can also help. For instance, prune juice and cranberry juice are often used as natural diuretics to speed up the excretion of THC. Things like green tea and lemon juice can also help you detox your body of weed faster.

Take Supplements

Taking certain supplements can also help you clear your body of THC faster. There are even supplements that help you mask the THC in your system, which users often use before a drug test to avoid failing.

Two supplements commonly used for marijuana detoxes are B Vitamins and Creatine. Vitamin B-12 and B-6 help speed up your metabolism and clear toxins out of your system faster. Niacin is also especially useful for cleansing your body of THC metabolites. Creatine restores flushed out creatinine from your urine, which helps ensure that you don’t fail a drug test.

Take Supplements

Other supplements can also help. For instance, calcium, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E can all help with detoxing your body in general and may come in handy for those looking to eliminate THC from their body. However, B Vitamin complex and creatine are the most useful supplements for flushing marijuana out of your system fast.

Increase Your Metabolism

Since excretion helps flush marijuana out of your system, it helps to do what you can to speed up your metabolism. Users with faster metabolisms will naturally flush marijuana out much faster. However, those with slower metabolisms can still take measures to speed up digestion.

Changing your diet can help. High-fiber foods such as vegetables and complex carbs can help improve digestion and speed up the excretion of marijuana. Drinks such as green tea are also great for improving your metabolism. Getting plenty of sleep will also help with improving your metabolism and detoxing.

Although exercise helps with speeding up your metabolism, it’s not recommended for those looking to pass a drug test. A study found that fasting and exercise can increase THC in the system. Therefore, it’s best to focus on dieting and avoiding exercise in the days leading up to a drug test.

Use A Detox Kit

Usually, the best way to flush marijuana out of your system is to use a home detox kit. These are kits specially designed for users looking to eliminate traces of weed in their bodies as quickly as possible.

The contents of a detox kit can vary, but usually, they contain supplements and drinks which help get THC out of your system. Some also contain home testing kits which allow you to test for yourself if THC is detectable in your system.

Use A Detox Kit

You can also buy detox drinks that are packed with vitamins and nutrients to help you detox. Detox kits and detox drinks are usually best for users who have upcoming drug tests and need to flush weed out of their system within a few days. However, they can help anyone who’s looking to detox their body of marijuana.


There are many effective ways to flush marijuana out of your system. Drinking plenty of water is always recommended, but it can also help to take the right supplements and eat the right foods. The longer you have to detox, the better, and abstaining as soon as possible will help clear your body of weed faster.

Many users can clear their body of marijuana within around five days to a week, although heavy users may need longer. If worst comes to worst, you can use products such as home detox kits for an all-encompassing approach to clear your body of THC fast.

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