How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

The best way to grind your weed is with a dedicated weed grinder. Whether you use a simple 2-piece grinder or a top-notch 4-piece grinder that separates your weed and kief into compartments, you’ll get the finest ground weed by using one of these handy tools. With that said, if you ever find yourself without a grinder, there are ways to grind weed without a grinder.

Many alternative methods of grinding weed can come in clutch when you need to roll a quick joint or add some weed to your bowl. Although the quality of the shake won’t be quite as great as what you’d get with a grinder, these methods can still work well and give you a satisfying smoking session. Here are some helpful tips on how to grind weed without a grinder.

With Your Hands

Sometimes turning your weed into shake doesn’t even require any equipment. The simplest and easier way to grind your weed is to simply pull it apart with your hands. That way, you can make the pieces as big or small as you want before packing them into a joint or bowl.

But while it may be easy, there’s a good reason why people generally don’t use this method. For one, you’ll rub away a lot of the resin from your weed, making it less potent. It’s also hard to grind your weed as finely as you’d like. Plus, it takes a lot longer than other methods for lower-quality results.

Knife or Scissors

Pretty much anything can be chopped with a blade. That’s why some people simply grind their weed with a knife when they don’t have a grinder handy. You can lay your buds out on a chopping board and cut them up just like you’d cut up spices or vegetables.

Scissors can also work relatively well. Simply hold a nug of weed in one hand and use the other hand to start cutting your weed into small pieces. Remember to do this over a piece of paper – that way you can funnel the cut weed into your bowl or joint.

Coffee Grinder

Coffee Grinder

If you don’t have a weed grinder around but still have a well-equipped kitchen, you might want to use your coffee grinder to grind your weed. Although it’s designed to grind coffee beans, it can also work well if you put a few nugs of weed in there.

Of course, this method has its drawbacks. Using a coffee grinder for weed might seem a little excessive, and it’s tough to clean the leftover resin and pungent stench of marijuana from your coffee grinder.

Pepper Grinder

Know those bottles with the twisty tops that you use to apply pepper (or other herbs and spices) to your dinner? They can also be used to grind your weed. It’s best to grab a brand new one from the store so your weed doesn’t end up tasting too peppery – unless you enjoy that.

Once you have an empty pepper grinder or pepper mill, just fill it with your weed and twist the top to grind it right into your joint or bowl. It’s nice and easy, and the quality of the weed you’ll get isn’t too bad, although there are better ways to grind your weed.

Mortar and Pestle

If you don’t mind a little manual labor, you can also grind your weed with a mortar and pestle. This traditional utensil is often used to crush all kinds of herbs and spices and it can also work surprisingly well with cannabis.

Simply load the mortar with your marijuana and use the pestle to crush it into finely ground pieces. You can then empty the bowl and use the weed however you want. Although it can rub away some of the trichomes from your weed, it’s an effective method of grinding.

Cheese Grater

You could even use a cheese grater to grind your weed. After all, cheese graters offer multiple types of holes for you to grind your cheese – or weed – as coarsely or finely as you want it. Simply scrape a large nug of weed against the blades to grind your weed.

Although it can work relatively well, this method isn’t recommended. Unless you have a big enough chunk of weed, it’s easy to end up hurting your fingers. Your cheese grater will also end up smelling of weed – although this might be a plus if you want some weed-scented grilled cheese.

Cheese Grater


Carrying on the theme of using kitchen equipment to grind your weed, you could also use a blender. While they’re generally used for fruits and veggies, you could easily load your blender up with a generous amount of weed and grind it within minutes.

Although it’s fun to watch, the drawbacks of this method present themselves fast. Not only will it grind your weed extremely finely, but it’s hard to dig the ground weed out from the bottom of the blender. It’s also a nightmare to clean, so you might want to use a different method instead.

Coin and Pill Bottle

Grinding your weed using a coin and pill bottle might seem like some kind of magic trick, but it’s a method that’s widely known and used by many dedicated stoners when they find themselves lacking a grinder.

You’ll need a small pill bottle with a sealable lid. You’ll also need a coin small enough to fit inside. Simply fill the bottle with your weed, add the coin, seal the lid, and shake it hard enough for the coin to chop your weed into small pieces. After that, just empty the bottle and enjoy your freshly-ground weed.


You don’t always need a grinder to grind your weed. Many pieces of kitchen equipment can work surprisingly well for grinding your weed – especially the items that you use to grind herbs or spices. You could also use a knife, scissors, or even your hands if you’re out of options.

Although these methods can work when you’re in a bind, it’s always better to use a weed grinder for grinding your weed. It’s easier, the quality of the weed you’ll get is better, and it’s easy to buy a grinder online. You can find all of the weed and weed accessories you need online at West Coast Cannabis.

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