How To Make Cannabis CBD-Infused Massage Oil

Whether you’re looking to relieve pain or simply destress after a hard day, the soothing and relaxing effects of cannabis come in handy. You might get them by smoking a joint or maybe by using cannabis edibles – or even with CBD products. However, one of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways to apply cannabinoids to your body is with cannabis and CBD-infused massage oil.

Massage oil is made with a blend of ingredients designed to soothe, heal, and relax the skin while also making it easy to absorb. By combining it with CBD or THC, you can get all of the usual benefits along with a helpful dose of cannabinoids added to the mix. Plus, it’s so easy to make that you can even craft cannabis massage oil at home. Here’s how to make cannabis and CBD-infused massage oil.

What You Need

Making THC or CBD massage oil at home is easy enough, but you’ll need a few ingredients first. You’ll also need a few basic pieces of equipment to make and store your massage oil. Luckily, all of these things are easy enough to find and you might even have them lying around your house already.

First of all, you’ll need a carrier oil. Olive oil and coconut oil work particularly well for this, but you could also use almond oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, or experiment with different types of carrier oil. Beeswax can also be added to your massage oil to give it a thicker consistency.

You’ll also need some essential oils. The essential oils you’ll use will enhance the scent of your massage oil and even add some extra benefits, so choose based on what you like. For instance, you might want to use peppermint oil, lavender oil, and grapefruit essential oil for some aromatic and soothing massage oil.

You can infuse your massage oil with cannabis by using cannabis tincture oils. THC tincture will enhance your massage oil with the benefits of THC whereas CBD tincture will add cannabidiol to the mix. You might want to use both. Keep in mind that, although THC is the main psychoactive component in cannabis, using it in the form of massage oil (or other topical products) won’t get you high.

As for equipment, make sure you have a double boiler for making your massage oil. You should also have a glass container for storing your massage oil – this could be a leftover (washed) container from another product such as balm or salve but you can also buy an empty container for your oil.

CBD-Infused Massage Oil

How To Make Cannabis or CBD-Infused Massage Oil

Once you have everything you need, creating cannabis massage oil is fairly straightforward. You can usually mix the ingredients and finish your massage oil in around half an hour or less. You can also experiment with different essential oils and dosages of cannabis oil to enhance your massage oil – you might even want to repeat the process a few times to create different scents.


Start by heating your double boiler. If you don’t have a double boiler, you can make one by adding a glass bowl to a pot of boiling water. Add your carrier oil to the top of the double boiler – olive oil and coconut oil make for the best carrier oils, but you can experiment with different types of oil if you wish.

Next, add the essential oils. You can use whichever oils you want based on the kind of scent and added benefits you want. Popular choices include frankincense, lavender, bergamot, peppermint, eucalyptus, and citrus essential oils. Mix your ingredients thoroughly before adding your THC or CBD.

You can infuse your massage oil with cannabis by using THC or CBD tincture – these liquid-based products blend well with liquids and are also easy to absorb. You can add as many drops as you want to get your desired dosage – you might want to add anywhere from 25 to 500mg of THC or CBD. You might even want to mix the two to infuse your massage oil with the benefits of both.

Next, add your beeswax and let it melt into the mixture while stirring thoroughly. Beeswax will make your massage oil thicker and more balm-like, so add as much as you need to get your desired consistency of massage oil. Users who prefer thinner massage oils may want to use less beeswax or even forego using it altogether.

Once your ingredients are fully combined, funnel the mixture into a glass container. A balm or salve container will work well, but you can also use a glass jar or even a bottle if you’re struggling to find a suitable container. Seal your container and store it in a cool, dry place, giving it time to solidify before using it.

How To Use Cannabis Massage Oil

How To Use Cannabis Massage Oil

CBD and THC massage oils can be used just like any other massage oil. The only difference is that, along with the other beneficial ingredients such as beeswax and essential oils, you’ll also absorb cannabinoids into your skin.

You can use as much or as little cannabis massage oil as you want to get the desired effects. You might want to rub a small amount into an area of your body affected by pain or inflammation. You could also use it for a relaxing full-body massage. Fortunately, cannabis massage oil is very safe to use and won’t make you high or give you any harmful side effects.

Many people find cannabis-infused massage oils particularly soothing and relaxing. They can also help moisturize your skin and tackle skin problems such as dermatitis and skin inflammation. Of course, you can also enhance them with whatever essential oils you like as well as other natural ingredients.


Making THC or CBD-infused massage oil is quick, easy, and rewarding. You can create all kinds of aromatic massage oils and use them to soothe aches and pain while also enhancing your skin health. With that said, if you want to skip the process, you can simply buy cannabis topicals online for discreet home delivery from West Coast Cannabis.

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