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2 Best Ways To Smoke Moon Rock Weed For An Out-Of-This-World High

What are moon rocks? And no, we are not talking about the lunar kind; we are talking about moon rock weed, a type of marijuana product whose high will likely send you to outer space and back. In this article, we dive into the world of uber-potent cannabis for everything you need to know about moon rocks.

If you are looking to buy weed that provides the ultimate high, moon rocks may be just what you are looking for. Although moon rocks are a relatively new way to consume weed, their high potency has made them a favourite among enthusiasts when shopping to buy weed online in Canada.

But what are moon rocks? How do you use them? And most importantly, are they right for you?couple relaxing and smoking marijuana at home. order weed online. west coast cannabis online dispensary canada.

What Are Moon Rocks?

Although they resemble rocks from the lunar landscape, moon rocks get their name from the out-of-this-world high that they provide. 

Moon rocks are effectively regular weed nugs dipped in or sprayed with concentrate oil then coated in kief. To put it simply, moon rocks are weed buds dipped in concentrated weed and then rolled in even more concentrated weed. Get the picture?

The kief coating is what gives the moon rocks the “rocky” appearance. If done correctly, you may not even see the bud underneath.

Moon rocks were originally made using GSC, but producers started using more strains, including high CBD ones and hemp varieties, as they got more popular. 

This form of cannabis is not for novice consumers looking to order weed online. Moon rocks were made for connoisseurs searching for new ways to elevate their high

If you are trying them for the first time, ensure you clear your schedule, have water and snacks nearby and be in a space where you can chill without responsibilities or being judged.

Now you may be wondering how potent moon rocks are, and the answer is… very potent.image of moon rock strain for sale online dispensary cannabis canada.

How Potent Are Moon Rocks?

A concoction of hash oil, weed bud, and kief will obviously hold a large THC percentage, but how potent are moon rocks?

Most moon rocks test at about 50% THC. Most Sativa strains average around 15-20% delta-9-THC, with very few touching 30%. Moon rocks are practically buds that deliver around two to three times the THC in a regular bud.

Because of this high concentration, it’s not a very good idea to hand a first-time smoker a moon rock.

However, moon rock potency depends on the materials used to make them. Unscrupulous dealers take advantage of the fact that you can’t see the bud until you break the moon rock down when preparing to smoke it. They use low-quality nugs and oil and hide them under the kief.

The effects of a moon rock will depend on the strain used to make it, the quality of the nugs and oil and who/ or how it’s made. To ensure the quality and safety of the product, we recommend buying moon rocks only from reputable sellers like West Coast Cannabis.

On your first hit, you notice the terpene-rich flavour of kief that many enthusiasts who buy weed online are after. Moon rocks produce big, intense smoke clouds every time you light up, making the process even more enjoyable.

It isn’t until you are in too deep that the high gets to the “what have I done” stage. If you know how it feels to be super high, this is where the ride gets exciting. Whatever strain you use, moon rocks are guaranteed to blast your mind into space.female smoking moon rock weed strain. buy cannabis canada. buy weed online canada.

How To Make Weed Moon Rocks In 4 Easy Steps

Moon rocks tend to be a product for experienced cannabis smokers. As such, the potency, flavour and quality have to be as top-notch as possible. There are two ways to ensure you buy the best moon rock weed when you order from any online dispensary in Canada. You can either make them yourself or buy from reputable online dispensaries.

If you can’t find moon rocks weed for sale that meets your standards, you will be pleased to know that making them isn’t a complicated process, and with the right ingredients, you can make them yourself.

Making moon rocks also offers a chance to play around with the ingredients to see what offers better results. You can alter the potency by using different strains or choosing stronger or weaker oil, buds and kief. You can also try high CBD moon rock weed strains to balance the effects of THC or high THC flower for the maximum high.

What You Need 

  • Fresh, high-quality buds of your preferred strain
  • Concentrate/hash oil
  • A bowl of kief
  • Tongs
  • Dropper 

1. Roll the bud in the hash oil or use the dropper to cover it with oil. The hash oil may need to be heated to reach a consistency that will adhere to the bud.

2. Let the oil permeate through the nug and repeat step one. Be careful not to oversaturate as it could lead to longer drying times or difficulty lighting.

3. Once the second oil layer is set, grab the tongs and roll the bud in kief until it’s fully covered. Kief should stick to the oily bud easily.

4. Let your moon rock dry away from the sunshine in a cool, dry place until it’s ready to light up. Enjoy!

2 Ways To Smoke Moon Rocks Like A Pro

After you have cleared your schedule, gathered snacks, water and anything else you might need, it’s time for you to spark it up. Here is the best way to smoke moon rock weed.

1. Using A Bong Or Bowl

Break the moon rock down by hand, don’t use a grinder as it’s stickier, and you will also lose some of the kief. Add some regular weed to your glassware as it will help the moon rock burn more evenly.

The heat will melt the oil and kief, enabling you to get to the flower underneath. 

2. Using A Joint Or Blunt

This is not the best way to smoke moon rocks as the greasy texture and kief make them a little hard to light and keep alight. To smoke moon rocks in a joint, break up the rock and sprinkle on top of the blunt/joint.

Moon rocks don’t burn like regular flower. Sprinkling it on top of the ground bud will help keep it alight long enough for you to enjoy it. Don’t attempt to roll up moon rocks by themselves in a joint, as it will be messy and probably won’t burn well.

The other alternative if you don’t have the recommended glassware is to buy moon rock pre-rolls.young woman smoking moon rock weed pre rolls for sale online dispensary canada. buy weed online and order weed online in canada.

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