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Interested in learning how to use a dab rig? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This article teaches you how to set up a dab rig and use it to take a perfect dab. Read on!

Cannabis concentrates, also called dabs, are slowly becoming the preferred way of consuming cannabis. They are tasty and way more potent than using flowers – imagine smoking an entire joint in one puff. That’s how strong dabs can be.

The best way to consume cannabis concentrate is through dabbing. And for this, you will need specialized equipment called the dab rig. Cannabis concentrates cannot be combusted like regular flower. Instead, they have to be flash vaporized at high temperatures.

Dabbing is a new approach that may seem even more complicated for many people, especially when you add special accessories to aid in taking a perfect dab. However, dabbing is easy if you have the right equipment and information.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to use a dab rig for a perfect dabbing experience.

But first, what is a dab rig?

What Is A Dab Rig?woman holding a dab rig. were to by weed online in canada.

If you are new to concentrates, a dab rig probably isn’t on your radar yet, so what is a dab rig?

A dab rig is a device typically made of glass designed for consuming cannabis concentrates instead of cannabis buds. If you are wondering what a dab rig looks like, it’s similar to a bong or water pipe but for concentrates.

A dab rig is simply a specialized water pipe or bong. Instead of having a flower bowl, it has a nail, and you will also find there is no use for a lighter. Dab rigs come in different designs, and the prices can vary wildly depending on the setup and customization. You can get a basic rig from $20 but could go up to hundreds of dollars.

You can buy dab rigs as complete kits or buy individual components and build a customized setup. Complete kits come with everything you need to start dabbing right out of the box. If you opt to build your own rig, you can buy individual components such as the glass rig, nail, carb caps and build it your way.

The nail is the most important part of the rig, so if you are building a customized device, this is where you should put all your money.  

Ready to start dabbing? Here’s what you need.

Everything You Need To Start Dabbing

1. A Rig

The foundation of any dab rig is a glass water pipe that contains a water chamber and connects to a nail or banger. The rig is the base that everything connects to. 

2. Nail Or Bangerphoto of nail or banger from a dab rig. buy weed online canada west coast cannabis online dispensary.

This is the attachment where the concentrates are heated and vaporized. Like other accessories, a dab nail comes in various styles and designs and can be made of glass, titanium, ceramic, or quartz. Each material has its unique qualities, so if you learn how to use a dab rig with a quartz banger, the experience may not be the same when using a ceramic one.

A nail can also be heated electronically. This is known as an e-nail. E-nails are slowly getting popular among dabbers as they eliminate the need for a blowtorch and give you complete control over the dabbing temperature. However, they are not very portable as you have to plug them in.

3. Dabber/Dab Tool

A dab tool helps you move the dab from its container to the nail without burning yourself. Dabbers can be made of glass, ceramic or metal and come in several designs such as scoop or flat, so pick the best one for your type of concentrate.

4. Blowtorchman holding a blow torch to use when learning how to use a dab rig. buy weed online from west coast cannabis online dispensary.

A lighter will not provide the high temperatures needed for dabbing. To heat the nail, you will need a blow torch. A torch will burn long enough to provide the high temperatures.

5. Carb Cap

This is a cap with a small hole used to cover the top of the nail or banger. A carb cap is used to regulate airflow and to trap heat in the banger.

6. E-nail

This type of nail heats up electronically and allows you to dial in a precise temperature instead of heating it with a torch and then waiting for the nail to cool.

7. Water

How To Set Up A Dab Rig

1. Water The Chamber

Begin by adding water to your rig’s chamber. Ensure the water bubbles when you blow into the downstem; if water splashes into your mouth, pour some out and repeat. 

2. Season Your Nail

This is a one-time process to incinerate any chemicals from manufacturing. Seasoning can strengthen ceramic nails and improve their performance, but it is especially essential if you are using a new titanium nail. Seasoning prevents the sharp, metallic aftertaste you may experience during your first dab.

To season the nail, heat the nail to approximately 260 degrees Celsius, hold the temperature for 10 seconds, let the nail cool for 20 seconds, coat the entire interior surface with a small amount of concentrate, and let the nail cool down completely. Repeat the process three times.

3. Portion Your Concentratephoto of THC concentrate to buy online from online dispensary west coast cannabis.

Now your rig is ready to go, and you are ready to start dabbing. Using the dabber, take a small amount of concentrate and put it aside. This is a good time to ensure you are in a comfortable position where you can’t drop or spill anything. We recommend sitting.

4. Heat The Nail

Turn on your torch and aim it directly at the center of the nail. Some people heat the nail until it turns red hot but depending on the thickness and type of nail you are using, 20 to 30 seconds may be enough. If you have an e-nail, just plug it in and select the temperature.

Be careful when heating the nail to avoid injuries.

5. Let The Nail CoolWoman holding an hourglass. order weed online from online dispensary west coast cannabis.

Let the nail cool for up to 45 seconds if you use a dab rig with a quartz banger and around ten seconds if you use a titanium nail. This allows the nail to settle into the recommended temperature range for dabbing. 

Do not touch the nail as it can retain heat for minutes after heating.

6. Apply The Dab To The Nail

Place the concentrate on the nail. The dab will evaporate immediately, so be ready to start inhaling. Swirl the dab tool around the nail to evaporate any dabs sticking on the dabber to avoid wastage. 

7. Use The Carb Cap To Cover The Nail And Inhale

Place the carb cap on the banger and slowly inhale. If your carb cap doubles as a dabber tool, use it to spread the concentrate to ensure it’s all vaporized. You can lift the carb cap for more airflow.

Dabbing effects kick in within a few seconds.

8. Clean The RigAdult man cleaning his dab rig. purchase weed online in canada from west coast cannabis online dispensary.

After dabbing, clean the nail to remove any concentrate residues for a cleaner, smoother dab next time. Congratulations! You just had your first dab!

Buy High-Quality Cannabis Concentrate For Dabbing In Canada

The quality of your dabs matters. We recommend buying weed concentrates from a reputable online dispensary to ensure it’s safe, effective and pure. THC concentrates are stronger than regular flower, so a little piece goes a long way. 

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