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Is Shatter Legal In Canada? 

Shatter is one of the unique marijuana products ever to grace the cannabis market but is shatter legal in Canada? 

With a stunning appearance that cuts the image of stained glass, shatter weed is loved by many for its elegant glam. 

Like its name, shatter has a little consistency that makes it shatter like glass when broken. 

Shatter comes in shades ranging from dark amber and honey-like tones to lighter shades of yellow like vegetable oil. 

Since hitting the scenes in the late 2000s, shatter has become one of the most popular forms of cannabis concentrates among medical marijuana users in Canada. 

But here is the question on the lips of many. Is shatter legal in Canada? Read on to find out the answer and many more. 

But before we delve into answering this question, let’s take a quick journey into the delightful world of shatter weed. 

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What Is Shatter? 

Shatters are cannabis concentrates produced by taking out cannabinoids from flowers and pressing them under extreme pressure. 

The result is a solidified resin that can be used just like any other concentrate. Making shatter is quite different depending on the brand and the product. 

Now here is how it works. The cannabinoids within the plant are immersed in a solvent such as butane, propane, and CO2. 

The solution is then heated until the solvent changes into gaseous carbon dioxide. 

The cannabinoids are extracted from the solvent and put under high pressure to produce a solidified resin. However, the resultant end product is pretty much the same. 

Benefits Of Shatter 

Several benefits come with consuming shatter weed. Some of these benefits of shatter include; 

  • Higher potency: Shatter weed packs a powerful punch that leaves users with intense euphoric effects. 
  • Quicker effects: Shatter weed has become one of the most sought-after cannabis concentrates among many marijuana enthusiasts because it takes less time to feel the effects. 

Dabbing or vaping shatter allows the cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream very quickly, making it easy for them to deliver instant therapeutic and psychoactive effects. 

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Ways To Consume Shatter 

The following are some ways to consume shatter concentrates. 


Vaping offers one of the most convenient ways to enjoy shatter. You would find many shatter pens in the market specifically designed for vaping. 


Another popular way in which people consume shatter is edibles. Unlike the belief of some marijuana enthusiasts, edibles are safe and healthy for consumption. 


Some people choose to enjoy shatter by smoking it. This is because it allows them to consume it more quickly than vaping or eating it. 

Can You Buy Shatter Legal In Canada? 

is shatter legal in Canada? The answer to this question is yes.

However, they must be purchased online or through a licensed private retailer from the provincial government. To shed light on this, let’s know a brief history of the legalization of weed in Canada. 

Can You Buy Shatter Legal In Canada? The answer to this question is yes.

History of Legalization Of Weed In Canada

In 1923, Cannabis Indica was included in the Act to Prohibit the Improper Use Of Opium and other drugs. As cannabis gained popularity in the late 1960s, the Canadian government formed a Royal Commission to study its use. 

From Prohibition To Legalization 

The fight to legalize cannabis rebounded in 2000 when the Ontario Court Of Appeal ruled that cannabis prohibition was unconstitutional. 

The decision was based on the fact that the law did not make an exemption for the medical use of cannabis. In 2013, new federal regulations permitted the production and distribution of medical cannabis.

In October 2018, cannabis was officially delisted as a controlled substance from Schedule 11 of the Controlled Drug and Substances Act. 

The new law made Canada the second country in the world after Uruguay to legalize cannabis. The law allowed Canadians aged 18 to purchase cannabis by mail or in provincially regulated retail stores. 

Legalization of Cannabis Concentrate In Canada 

Cannabis concentrate, also known as concentrated THC, and other forms of cannabis, including shatter, were not immediately permitted under the new Act. 

Regulations that allowed the sale of extracts, edibles, and topicals were implemented on October 17, 2019. The sale of these products officially began in December 2019. 

The Legalization of Cannabis Concentrate In Canada began in December 2019.

Federal Regulations 

According to Health Canada, licensed producers must submit their products before they can be available for sale. 

Once the products get submitted, they are on a 60-90 day approval and procurement process. 

The following are the regulations regarding the content, packaging, labeling, and promotion of shatter and other cannabis extracts in Canada. 

Ingested cannabis extract THC content:

  • limit of 10 milligrams per unit (e.g., a capsule) or dispensed amount
  • a limit of 1000 mg per package
  • Inhaled cannabis extract THC content:
  • A limit of 1000 mg of THC per package

All cannabis extract content cannot contain the following:

  • any added vitamins or minerals
  • any nicotine (and added alcohol in inhaled products)
  • caffeine
  • added sugars, sweeteners, or colours

All cannabis extract packaging must:

  • be child-resistant and plain to lower the risk of accidental consumption and make packages less appealing to young persons
  • have a maximum package size of 90 mL for liquid extracts if under 3% THC
  • have a maximum package size of 7.5 g for extracts if over 3% THC
  • include dispensing device if a liquid and not in unit form

All cannabis extract labels must state the following:

  • a list of ingredients and allergens
  • the intended use
  • the standardized cannabis symbol for products containing THC (must be directly on accessories such as vaping pens)
  • a health warning message
  • the THC/CBD content
  • the equivalency to dried cannabis to determine public possession limit

As well, cannabis extract products cannot:

  • be appealing to youth or children
  • contain elements that would associate the product with alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or vaping products
  • make any health or cosmetic claims

The following are the regulations regarding the content, packaging, labeling, and promotion of shatter and other cannabis extracts in Canada.

Provincial Regulations 

The use of shatter weed and other extracts is federally legal in Canada. However, provincial and territorial governments regulate the sale and public consumption of cannabis concentrate. Each province has its excise stamp for legal cannabis products (except for products with less than 0.3 THC.), which is different from other provinces and territories. The stamp comes with security features that protect it from forgery. The public possession limit of cannabis in all provinces and territories is 30grams or equivalent. 

However, the legal age permitted to buy cannabis differs. For example, the legal age to buy shatter weed or any cannabis products is 21 or older in Quebec. In Alberta, it is 18 and older. At the same time, the rest provinces have their legal age for cannabis at 19 and older. 

Popular Shatter Weed You Can Buy 

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So High Extracts Premium Shatter – Girl Scout Cookies

GSC is a cross between OG kush and Durban poison. It has a sweet earthy aroma that propels you into soothing euphoric levels. Individuals who seek relief from severe pain and loss of appetite can turn to GSC and enjoy a relaxing dose of satisfying cannabis goodness. 

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Premium Shatter – Maui Wowie (Sativa) 

Maul Wowie is the perfect shatter weed for an unforgettable day and morning smoke. This Sativa-dominant strain would leave your body with a buzzing sensation that sets you in a great mood. It has a note of pine mixed with citrus and lavender aroma. As for its taste, the savory fresh hash flavor would leave you longing for more. Maul Wowie is effective for several medical conditions, including pain, stress, and depression. 

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Premium Shatter – Ice Cream Cake (Indica) 

Ice cream cake is an extraordinary Indica dominant hybrid strain. It packs an excellent, great, and tacky creamy taste with a candy note that lingers even after your last toke. With a similar aroma to a mild sticky effect, the Ice Cream Cake delivers a relaxing effect you would love. Patients can turn to the Ice Cream Cake to get relief from chronic pain, depression, insomnia, and loss of appetite. 

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Buy Shatter Online 

The cannabis industry has been experiencing a boom since its legalization in Canada. The online dispensary market has become the go-to space for high-quality cannabis products. 

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If you desire cannabis that offers a potent high with instant effects, shatter is your best. 

Shatter is legal in Canada, and you can have it delivered to your mail in just a few clicks. 

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