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Chocolate Kush Strain Review: A Delicious Treat With A Sleepy Side

This Chocolate Kush strain review looks at one of the rarest strains said to have a sweet dessert-like experience matching a decadent chocolate layer cake. But is chocolate kush strain worth a try, or should you continue shopping for other indica alternatives? 

Once in a while in Canada’s cannabis market, a powerful strain pops up and takes over, leaving new consumers and connoisseurs thirsting for more. Chocolate Kush strain is one such weed. But what makes it so unique, and why should every weed smoker try it at least once?

As its name suggests, chocolate kush strain has great taste. And when it comes to the effects, it delivers an experience that many describe as a pleasant enveloping warmth and comfort that soothes you to sleep, exactly what you want in an indica bud. 

Want to learn more about the best chocolate strain? Here is everything you need to know about the Chocolate Kush strain.

Chocolate Kush Strain Review: What Is It?Top of cannabis plant Chocolate Kush Strain from West Coast Cannabis online dispensary for mail order marijuana in Canada.

Chocolate Kush strain is a potent indica bud bred by Spanish cannabis company 00 Seeds; the group is known for stabilizing legendary strains like Bubble Gum and White Widow.

When buying weed online, ensure you don’t confuse this strain with the sativa dominant Chocolope Kush that sometimes goes by Chocolate Kush. Chocolope Kush strain is a sativa dominant hybrid created by crossing Kosher Kush with a strain from the Chocolope lineage. On the other hand, Chocolate Kush is a pure indica hybrid strain.

Chocolate Kush strain is a descendant of the Mazar Sharif, also known as Mazar, an indica strain that originates from the far north of Afghanistan. Chocolate Kush is a cross between the legendary Mazar and an Afghani strain, hence its impressive qualities. 

This strain carries on its parents’ best properties, including the impressive trichome and resin production and the full-body high it is mainly associated with. Some sources also suggest that it is a phenotype of Mazar because of the similarities between the two buds.

In this Chocolate Kush strain review, we have established that it’s a nighttime weed bud. It has all the hallmarks of a pure indica, so the potently relaxing effects do not surprise many Canadian cannabis enthusiasts. 

It is known to leave you completely relaxed, pain-free and sleepy. This bud contains between 14-28% THC, making it suitable for both experienced and novice consumers. Here is what this strain will make you feel.

The Chocolate Kush Strain ExperienceChunks of chocolate next to Chocolate Kush weed buds. Buy weed online in Canada from the top mail order marijuana weed shop online.

The Chocolate Kush strain impresses from the moment you take it out of your jar for the smell test. The buds give off a dark chocolate scent with a touch of herbs. The nugs also have skunk, classic earth and spicy notes, giving the strain a chocolate muffin-like aroma profile. 

Things only get better as the rich cocoa scents mingle with fragrant notes of wood and damp soil when you crush and light up the bud. But is the flavour as pleasurable?

The flavour is similar to the aroma and is delivered by a smooth smoke. The strain provides a woody taste compounded by hints of fresh herbs and spices and damp earthiness on the inhale. On the exhale, the strain stays close to its name with a rich toasted coffee aftertaste that lingers in the mouth for some time.

Chocolate Kush’s taste and aroma are generally delicious and are pretty welcoming even for beginners.  But the rich aromas and flavour are only one part of the Chocolate Kush experience. The effects are even more impressive.Lady laying on her sofa at home relaxing after buying weed online from West Coast Cannabis online dispensary for cannabis canada.

This strain is a creeper, with a slow, easy onset that may irritate the impatient, but it’s also one of its advantages as it makes it more user-friendly. First comes the subtle rush of euphoria that may have an energizing and uplifting effect. This initial feeling elevates your mood and may increase focus initially, which is why many people think this strain may help them focus on their tasks.

This may be true, but only for a moment. The clear-headedness lasts for about an hour, so if you wish to accomplish any tasks after smoking this strain, ensure you do it quickly before the relaxing effects start kicking in.  

As the high progresses, the chocolate weed eases you into a state of physical relaxation. The limbs start feeling heavier than usual, muscles relax, pain slowly fades away, and stress evaporates. 

The relaxing feeling starts as a warm feeling that creeps over the limbs and doesn’t stop until you are enveloped in comfort. The strain may induce deep sleep in higher doses, making it perfect for late evenings and afternoons when you have nothing else to do but kick back and relax.

Chocolate Kush strain is a potent indica and will make your mind hazy, with deep-seated relaxation and warmth that will make opening your eyelids quite a task. Other effects include munchies, so ensure you have your chocolate snacks near before you start smoking this beautiful bud. 

Chocolate Kush Strain Medical BenefitsCanadian cannabis next to a stethoscope. buy weed online canada. mail order marijuana. mail order weed canada.

Chocolate Kush strain may have some benefits for medical cannabis patients. Its relaxing and soothing effects may help relieve pain caused by conditions such as arthritis. Consumers also say it may help manage headaches, among other pains. 

This bud may also help provide relief from stress, anxiety and depression. Its uplifting and calming effects help improve mood, which may go a long way in relieving stress. THC, the primary cannabinoid in cannabis, also has anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, this strain may help manage swelling and redness and provide relief from joint pains. 

As a typical indica, the potent relaxing effects lead to deep sleep, especially in higher doses. Chocolate Kush’s sedating effects may reduce difficulties falling and staying asleep. As such, it’s often used to manage insomnia and other sleep problems. 

Chocolate Kush Strain Review – Appearance

Chocolate Kush is an indica strain so expect medium to small dense buds. The nugs have a heavy cover of trichomes and resin that make them more white than green, a feature inherited from its Mazar lineage. The buds have tightly curled mossy green leaves with orange pistils breaking up the colours.

Some buds may have faint shades of purple activated by anthocyanins when grown in cold conditions. Just ensure you have your grinder, for they are solid and extra sticky.

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