Marijuana for Insomnia

Marijuana is a fascinating drug. Many people use marijuana for its fun, euphoric effects, otherwise known as getting high.

However, marijuana can also provide a massive range of medical benefits. While many people use marijuana to deal with pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, and other physical and mental ailments, another one of the most common uses is marijuana for insomnia.

Using marijuana for insomnia helps for a few reasons. It helps relieve many of the common causes of insomnia, such as nagging pain, anxiety, and chronic stress, putting you in a more mentally and physically calm state. Plus, as most stoners will know, many marijuana strains have a strong sedating effect which makes you feel tranquil, lazy, and ready to sleep.

Some strains are better than others for insomnia. Users generally opt for indica strains over sativa strains since they’re known for their deeply relaxing effects. High-THC strains can also help by giving you a much harder-hitting high.

So which should you use for getting some quality rest? Here are 15 of the best strains for a deeper sleep.

1. Alien Headband

Alien Headband is a cross of Alien OG and Headband, resulting in a hybrid strain that’s 60% indica. Alien OG is known for its heavy physical effects while Headband is known to give you long-lasting soothing effects with a feeling of a band around your head. Combining these two strains leads to a particularly hard-hitting strain that can help any user sleep.

Using Alien Headband will send soothing waves across your body. You’ll be relieved of any pain or physical tension you might be experienced and instantly feel more relaxed. While it gives you a nice cerebral head rush, it’s soon followed by a hazy mind state which makes it hard to stress or worry about anything. These mentally and physically calming effects make it a top strain for knocking out insomnia.

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2. Animal Crackers 

If you love eating Animal Crackers, you’ll probably love this marijuana strain even more. It has a unique flavor that’s nutty and spicy with hints of vanilla, making it extremely enjoyable for smoking or vaping purposes. The high is just as great, managing to both improve your mood and make your body feel soothed and relaxed throughout.

Black Diamond

The high from Animal Crackers starts by making you feel rapidly more uplifted, bringing you an intense burst of happiness and euphoria. You’ll then be treated with sensational physical effects with tingles throughout your body. It’ll quickly make you feel at ease, taking away both your stress and your pain. After that, you’ll have an easy time sleeping.

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3. Black Diamond

You might know Black Diamond as Black Diamond OG. Either way, this indica-dominant strain is known for packing a punch thanks to its high THC levels and sedating effects. With an earthy taste that’s reminiscent of red wine and a particularly enjoyable high, Black Diamond is another top-notch strain to try out.

It’s best to use Black Diamond late in the evening or at night. The effects can come on fast and leave you in a dreamy, hazy state. Fortunately, this is perfect for users looking to counteract insomnia or issues with their sleep. It also helps with pain, stress, anxiety, muscle spasms, and more. You can also expect to get the munchies, so keep some snacks closeby.

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4. Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is an intensely potent indica strain with THC levels hitting 27%. If you need to tackle severe insomnia or sleeplessness and other strains aren’t doing the job, Bubba Kush is perfect for you. The high is like an enjoyable, soothing knockout punch that puts you in a blissful and dreamy state with relaxing tingles throughout your body.

You should avoid this strain unless you’re trying to sleep. It’ll quickly make you lose your focus and give you serious relaxation, often leaving you couch-locked. As well as helping with insomnia, it can also help deal with chronic pain, depression, migraines, nausea, stress, and more.

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5. Chemo Kush

Also known as UBC Chemo, Chemo Kush is a pure indica strain that’s known as a strongly relaxing medical strain. Interestingly, Chemo Kush was bred specifically for helping patients going through chemotherapy. As such, it delivers a sensationally relaxing high that eases you of pain, tension, inflammation, headaches, nausea, and stress, while also making you feel sleepy.

Chemo Kush

Chemo Kush is one of the best strains for insomnia. It’s known for its sedating effects and you might have a hard time keeping your eyes open after a few hits of this. It’ll also give you intense couch-lock and the munchies. This powerful indica is one of the best strains for deeper sleep, as well as helping with various other issues.

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6. Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is a strain known for its colorful buds and sweet and sour taste. It’s also known for giving some of the best indica effects. Medical users enjoy this indica-dominant hybrid for its ability to help with a range of physical and mental symptoms. Recreational users will also love the sensational high Cherry Pie gives you.

This strain comes on fast and the high sticks around for a couple of hours. However, it’s incredibly enjoyable, making you feel calm and tranquil while relieving all kinds of pain, inflammation, anxiety, and stress. Soon enough, you’ll be in a beautifully relaxed state which will make it easy to slip into a deep sleep.

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7. Four Star General

Four Star General is an indica-dominant hybrid that crosses Stardawg and Tres Dawg. It has a ratio of around 70:30 indica to sativa and an average THC level of 22%, although it can sometimes measure even higher. As such, this is a fantastic strain for users looking for powerful indica effects along with some cerebral stimulation.

When you take a hit of this top-notch strain, a wave of relaxing euphoria will wash over your body. It’ll make you feel happy and blissful, but you’ll soon find yourself in a hazy and dreamy state that makes it incredibly easy to drift into a deep sleep. As well as being helpful for insomnia, Four Star General is also great for tackling pain, stress, inflammation, and nausea.

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8. Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is one of the most potent and flavorful marijuana strains you can buy. With a high THC content of around 27% along with relatively high CBD levels, it’s one of the best strains for tackling all kinds of physical and mental medical symptoms. It also has an amazingly rich flavor which makes it a pleasure to smoke or vape.

Grape Ape

If you’re looking for a powerful high, then it doesn’t get much better than Granddaddy Purple. It’ll take over your body with an incredibly relaxing high that washes away all pain and tension. It’ll also calm your mind and free you of stress and depression. It’s also ideal for getting deep sleep and can quickly make you feel lazy and sedated.

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9. Grape Ape

If you’re looking for a strong indica-dominant strain with a rich fruity taste, then look no further than Grape Ape. When you smoke or vape this strain, you’ll catch hints of berries and grapes, making it extremely enjoyable. It’s around 90% indica and has moderate THC levels of 18-21%, making it strong without being overwhelming.

The high you get from Grape Ape is particularly sweet and soothing. It’ll put you in a happy and euphoric mood while still being clear-minded and focused. The physical effects are the main draw- Grape Ape relaxes your entire body and frees you of any pain, physical tension, nausea, aches or strains. You’ll find it easy to get to sleep under the influence of this strain.

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10. Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is a notorious pure indica strain and one of the best strains for counteracting insomnia and getting deeper sleep. It gives you a blissfully relaxing high that can last for many hours. As well as helping you sleep, it’ll also help relieve a whole range of medical symptoms and leave you feeling happy and tranquil in general.

Each hit of this strain will ease your mind and relieve you of any underlying stress or anxiety. You’ll be left in a blissful, dream-like state of mind that makes it hard to worry about anything. The body effects creep in slowly, eventually making you feel couch-locked and sedated. At this point, you’ll find it very easy to sleep. Hindu Kush is also brilliant for relieving pain, aches, strains, nausea, headaches, anxiety, stress, depression, and a lot more.

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11. Ice Wreck

Unlike most of the indica and indica-dominant strains on this list, Ice Wreck is a perfectly-balanced hybrid strain with a 50:50 ratio of indica to sativa, giving you the best of both. Despite that, it’s still one of the best strains for insomnia thanks to its heavy 27% THC levels and intensely relaxing high.

Lemon Kush

Ice Wreck gives you a strong head buzz, heightening your senses and making everything seem more interesting. However, it also hits you hard and fast with powerful, soothing physical effects. You’ll soon find yourself in a blissfully happy and relaxed state, making it perfect for using in the evening when you want to mellow out. As well as making it easier to sleep, Ice Wreck is also great for counteracting stress, anxiety, and depression as well as relieving physical tension and pain.

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12. Lemon Kush

If you’re a fan of sweet and fruity strains, then Lemon Kush is one of the best strains you can buy. With high amounts of the terpene Limonene, it’s incredibly flavorful and gives you a fresh citrus taste every time you take a hit. But aside from that, it also gives you one of the most enjoyable hybrid highs.

Lemon Kush is a 50:50 hybrid strain that both heightens your mind and relaxes your body. It has THC levels of 17%, making it strong without being overpowering. It also has high levels of CBD and CBN, making it particularly great for counteracting insomnia. Lemon Kush can also help take away stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and headaches.

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13. OG Kush

OG Kush is one of the most well-loved marijuana strains for many reasons. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid with a ratio of about 75:25 indica to sativa. It also boasts relatively high THC levels of around 19-24%. As such, it’s a strong strain that gives you a sensational recreational high with a range of helpful medical effects.

The mix between sativa and indica genetics means it’ll give you a sharp mental boost, helping to counteract all forms of stress, anxiety, and depression while putting you in a happy and euphoric state. It’s also soothing for the body, helping to relieve pain, aches, and strains and putting you in a calm and sleepy state.

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14. Super Nuken

Super Nuken is another heavy indica-dominant hybrid that has THC levels as high as 27%. It gives you a powerful high that leaves you feeling hazy and stoned, making it perfect for relieving stress and anxiety while also making it much easier to get to sleep.

Strawberry OG

It’s a cross between God Kud and Kish, resulting in an 80:20 indica to sativa hybrid. Super Nuken will lift your mood fast, giving you an intense wave of euphoria. Soon after, the physical effects will wash over your body making you feel intensely relaxed and sedated. It’s perfect for counteracting insomnia, but also helps with pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, and stress.

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15. Strawberry OG

Strawberry OG, also known as Strawberry Kush, is one of the most interesting strains out there. It crosses Bruce Banner #3 with SFV OG and the result is a hard-hitting strain with THC levels that hit as high as 28% and one of the most delicious tastes.

Smoking Strawberry OG will give you hints of strawberry and diesel. But flavor aside, it’ll give you an incredible high that starts off being mildly relaxing and soon leaves you feeling stupidly happy and tranquil. As such, it’ll help you get a deep, soothing sleep as well as washing away pains, aches, strains, and any anxiety or stress. 

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