Marijuana Grinders

No matter how you choose to use your weed, you’re going to need a marijuana grinder. Marijuana grinders are simple, handheld tools that you can use to cut your weed up to fine little pieces within seconds. They’re cheap, practical, and an essential accessory for every marijuana lover.

Grinders are important as you need to grind your weed into shake before you use it. Whether you’re planning to roll your weed in a joint, smoke it in a bowl or even use it in a vaporizer, ground weed always works better than large, dense buds. It’ll roll better, burn more easily, and the process is so quick and easy that it’s more of a hassle to not grind your weed.

If you’ve never used a marijuana grinder before, there are a few things you should know about these handy tools. It’s easy enough to learn how to use it, but you should also know about the different types of grinders, why you should use a grinder, and how to use the leftover kief that’ll accumulate at the bottom of your grinder. Here’s an in-depth guide to marijuana grinders.

What Are Marijuana Grinders?

Marijuana grinders are handy accessories that are commonly used to grind weed. The classic style of grinder comes in a small, cylindrical shape made up of two halves. Each half has pegs (plastic or metal teeth) jutting out, and when you put your weed in the middle and grind the two halves together, you’ll end up with some finely ground weed.

Ground weed is also known as “shake”. This is the type of weed you use to roll in a joint, smoke in your bowl or pretty much any other method of weed consumption. Although you can try to use larger buds, it’s better to grind your weed as finely as possible. This allows you to roll your joints as tightly as possible. It also makes your weed burn better whether you use it in a joint, bowl or anywhere else.

Every marijuana user should have at least one grinder, and some users even have multiple. They’re extremely cheap for the amount of use you get out of them. They’re also exceptionally easy to use and being able to grind your weed into fine pieces will make every smoking session better. Although there are other ways to cut your weed, using a hand grinder designed for marijuana is the most effective and practical.

Grinders are small enough to fit in your pocket so you can take them anywhere. Whenever you want to smoke, you can grind your weed within seconds and use it however you want. Grinders also come in various styles with some offering extra features.

What Are Marijuana Grinders

Types Of Marijuana Grinders

While many marijuana grinders look similar, there are a few different types. The main difference between grinders is how many pieces they have. For instance, 2-piece grinders only have a top and a bottom, but you can also get 3-piece grinders or even 4-piece grinders with extra collection chambers. You can also get flat grinders or even electric grinders. Here’s a breakdown of the different types.

2-Piece Grinders – These cylindrical grinders consist purely of a top half and a bottom half. Your weed goes in between the two halves and you grind them together to get ground weed quickly and easily. 2-Piece Grinders work just fine for users who want something slim and compact, but if you want to grind larger quantities or have collection chambers, it’s best to upgrade.

3-Piece Grinders – If you want an upgrade from the regular 2-piece grinder, 3-piece grinders also include an extra collection chamber. You open the top, put your weed inside, reapply the top and grind. Your shake will then fall through small holes into the collection chamber. Like 2-piece grinders, these grinders are small and cylindrical.

4-Piece Grinders – 4-Piece Grinders are naturally slightly thicker than 2-piece or 3-piece grinders, but they’re still cylindrical and compact enough to carry in your pocket. The difference with these is that they have 2 collection chambers. Your weed falls through to the first chamber and kief falls through a mesh screen into the bottom. This is perfect for collecting as much kief as possible.

Electric Grinders – The above grinders require you to twist the top and grind your weed manually. However, if you want your grinder to give you nicely-ground weed without any effort on your part, you might want to try electric grinders. These are more expensive than other grinders as well as looking different and generally being larger. However, they’re fun to use and give you some of the best ground weed automatically.

Novelty Grinders – While the cylindrical style of grinder is the most common, grinders can come in various other forms. For instance, you can get flat, credit card shaped grinders that you can fit in your wallet. You grind your weed against these like a cheese grater. Some graters are shaped like balls or batteries. These offer something unique if you don’t fancy the traditional style.

Along with coming in many different forms, grinders can also come in various materials. Most are made of acrylic plastic, but you can also get metal grinders or wooden grinders if you want something a bit heavier and sturdier.

How To Use A Marijuana Grinder

The great thing about using a marijuana grinder is that it makes grinding your weed into fine pieces so quick and simple. While some grinders, such as electric grinders, work slightly differently, these steps will cover how to use the traditional cylindrical style weed grinder.

Start by taking the top off your grinder and filling the grinding chamber with weed. Some grinders will be able to handle more weed than others, but make sure you leave a little space for smooth grinding.

Once you’ve filled your grinder with weed, re-apply the top half and twist it firmly while twisting the bottom in the other direction. This will drag your weed through the teeth of the grinder, resulting in the weed being ground into small pieces of shake.

Now, simply open up the top again and empty your weed into a container. You can leave your weed in your grinder if you want, but it’s best to empty it quickly to avoid it sticking to the edges. If you have a 3-piece or 4-piece grinder, you’ll need to open the weed collection chamber to get your weed. You now have some quality ground weed to use however you want.

How To Use A Marijuana Grinder

Benefits Of Using A Marijuana Grinder

Although there are other ways to cut your weed into smaller pieces, there are many benefits of using a marijuana grinder as opposed to other methods. Using a marijuana grinder is quick and simple- you’ll end up with finely-ground weed within seconds. Plus, it’s specifically designed to give you good quality ground weed every time you use it.

It’s important to grind your weed before using it as it’ll make your smoking experience better. If you plan to roll a joint, ground weed will give you a much better result than trying to roll with large buds of weed. Plus, smaller pieces of weed will burn slowly and smoothly so you don’t waste too much. Even if you plan to use your weed in a Bong, Pipe or Vaporizer, ground weed will give you better hits.

As well as making it simple to grind weed, marijuana grinders are beneficial due to how portable they are. A simple hand grinder is small enough to stash in a drawer or carry in your pocket if you plan to smoke weed on the go. You can take it out, grind your weed within seconds, and put it back in your pocket no matter where you want to roll a joint or hit a bong.

Marijuana grinders often come with extra chambers to collect your weed. As such, they can make for easy portable storage containers. Although other kinds of containers are better for long-term storage, having all your weed in one place in the chamber of your grinder is great for when you simply need to grab some shake for a joint or bowl. Grinders also make it much easier to collect kief.

What Is Kief

Kief is a type of cannabis concentrate that you can often find accumulating at the bottom of your grinder. It looks like green dust and comes from the dried trichomes of marijuana buds. The trichomes are the parts of the plant where most of the cannabinoids and terpenes are produced. As such, kief is extra high in THC and can be used for powerful effects.

When you grind your weed, the dried trichomes break off and you’ll end up with a nice stash of kief. Some users may end up simply emptying their kief into a joint, but if you let your kief accumulate in your grinder for a while, you’ll end up with enough to make cannabis concentrates such as Hash.

You can add extra kief to a joint or bowl to enhance the effects. Since it’s so high in THC, it doesn’t take too much kief to get a strong high. Alternatively, you can compress kief using a Pollen Press to create coins of Hash. You can also wrap kief in a piece of parchment paper and apply heat and pressure to it either using a hair straightener or a glass jar filled with hot water to create impressive cannabis concentrates.

If you want to collect high quantities of kief, then it’s best to use a 4-piece grinder. These grinders separate your kief from your shake using a mesh. The kief falls into a collection chamber at the bottom of your grinder. The more you grind your weed, the more kief you’ll end up with, and eventually, you’ll have the perfect stash to use however you want.

What Is Kief

Can You Grind Weed Without A Grinder?

Using a marijuana grinder is the best way to grind weed. These devices are cheap, easy to use, and designed specifically to give you high-quality ground marijuana. However, in cases where you don’t have a grinder and need to cut your weed into small pieces, there are various alternative options.

Hands – Many users simply use their hands to separate their weed when they find themselves without a grinder. Just pull apart small pieces into a joint or bowl until you have enough. While it’s convenient, using your hands takes more time and may reduce the quality of your weed.

Scissors/Knife – You can also use scissors to grind your weed. Simply hold your buds over a container and cut it into small pieces. You might need to repeat the process a couple of times to make your weed as fine as possible. You can also use a knife and a chopping board. However, both of these methods can be a hassle.

Coffee Grinder – Although it’s designed to grind coffee beans, you can put some weed in a regular coffee grinder and grind it. It works surprisingly well, although you might end up with weed caught in the blades and the weed you use might end up tasting a little like coffee.

Coin and Pill Bottle – One of the craftiest ways to grind weed without a grinder is to fill a Pill Bottle or similar small, sealable container with weed. Put a coin inside and seal the top and shake it thoroughly. When you open it up, the weed will be ground into small pieces.


A marijuana grinder is a must-have for any self-respecting marijuana user. Whether you use weed frequently or occasionally, grinding it will result in smoother-burning weed and a better smoking experience overall. Marijuana grinders are better than any other option as well as being cheap and convenient, so there’s no excuse not to have one.

You can buy marijuana grinders online at along with a range of other marijuana products and accessories. Whether you prefer a simple Green Pattern Grinder or something fancier such as a Light Oak Grinder, Mahogany Grinder or Silver Grinder, all of these options will give you high-quality ground weed.

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