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Ontario is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque locations in Canada. The populous province boasts over 250,000 lakes plus three of the Great Lakes of North America.

Ontario takes up the southern part of Canada, bordered by Manitoba to the east and Quebec to the west.

Tourists and locals alike love traversing the diverse landscapes of Ontario to explore the mineral-rich Canadian shield, the endless lustrous forests, and the fertile farmland.

Locals who grew up in Ontario claim that their farms produce the most delicious apples, peaches, ginseng, potatoes, and grains.

And with the legalization of cannabis through the Ontario Cannabis Act, adult Ontarians have access to the widest selection of cannabis products to manage their medical conditions or use recreationally.

With West Coast Cannabis, you can access the highest quality weed products, including edibles, concentrates, mushrooms, vape, and CBD products.

All the items have been marked at affordable rates to ensure that all Ontarian cannabis users access quality weed at affordable rates.

Want to learn more about incredible Ontario cannabis? This guide will detail all the Ontario cannabis products available at our online weed dispensary. 

We’ll also explore some exciting sites you can tour while in Ontario. 

Is Ontario Cannabis Legal?Legal concept for Ontario cannabis and marijuana laws for an online dispensary in Ontario. Buy weed online in Ontario.

Yes, Ontario cannabis is legal. Any Ontarian 19 and above can grow, possess, buy and use recreational cannabis within the confines of the law.

While in public, you’re only allowed to have about an ounce or 30 grams of dried weed. Of course, you can store more in the privacy of your home.

It’s legal to grow cannabis in Ontario, but only four plants per household.

Also, you can consume cannabis in any public area allocated for cannabis consumption or other public places not prohibited by law.

West Coast Cannabis Stocks a Wide Range of Ontario Cannabis Products Hipster man buying weed online in Ontario from an online dispensary with a laptop and his credit card

Whether you enjoy brewing ambrosial mocktails with a THC twist, vaping on some delicious concentrate, or get great delight from preparing flowers for rolling paper, West Coast Cannabis, the best Ontario cannabis dispensary, has something for you.

Our Ontario cannabis dispensary has a competent team that thoroughly tests all our cannabis products. 

As a result, we ensure all cannabis products delivered to your doorstep are of the highest quality every time.

Whether you’d like to buy concentrates or topical or pet health products, West Coast Cannabis values your privacy. 

Therefore, all your products will be packed in tamper-proof discrete packaging to ensure they get to you securely.

And if you hit a hitch while making your online Ontario cannabis purchase, you can contact our chat support which is available every day from 9 am – 7 pm PST.

Ontario Cannabis Products Available Online in Canada

Whether you’re looking for a particularly hard-to-find Ontario cannabis weed strain for your medical condition or would like to try the new cannabis products available in Ontario dispensaries, you’ll be sure to find something worthwhile in our pot store.

1. BC Bud Online

Bud or pot refers to the harvested and dried flowers of the cannabis plant, which is what most cannabis consumers smoke for its psychoactive effects.

Depending on the cannabis effects you are chasing, you can choose a Hybrid, Sativa or Indica cannabis strain.

Sativa strains are the best to consume during the day as they induce bouts of euphoria, mind highs and lots of energy. 

The strains are also known for delicious tropical flavours and aromas thanks to their illustrious terpenes, including Humulene, Linalool, Pinene, and Caryophyllene.

If you want to indulge in some delicious Sativa, try Lemon Sour Diesel, which features sharp citrusy notes and strong diesel aftertastes.

Indica strains are quite the opposite of Sativa strains. For one they’re best known for their danky flavour notes and sedating euphoria.

Suppose your goal is to become one with the sofa after a long day at work; best to try out some Master Tuna. The strain promises adequate sedation and a spicy, fishy pungent underlaid by citrusy notes on the exhale.

If you love the best of both worlds, a Hybrid strain will suffice. They come with the euphoric energy buzz of the Sativa strain and a subtle relaxation reminiscent of Indica strains on the calm down.

Mango Kush is a hybrid strain with a sweet mango aroma and flavour. You’ll be deeply relaxed and euphoric with a few puffs from the weed.

2. Concentrates

Concentrates are so-called because they contain essential cannabinoids and terpenes in concentrated forms.

For this reason, cannabis concentrates are ideal for any patient who has developed resistance to low-dose cannabis products like flowers. 

Aside from potency, Concentrates are also richly flavoured thanks to their terpene concentration. 

So, if you want to appreciate the flavour and aromas of individual weed strains truly, try them in concentrated form.

If you want to experience enjoying the pleasant fresh banana scents highlighted by tangy, fruity notes, consider vaping or topping off your joint with some So High Premium Syringes – Banana Kush.

Budder – Bubba Kush is a concentrate in budder form made from the Indica dominant bubba kush strain. 

Dabbing a morsel of this concentrate will lead to hard-hitting Indica effects suffused by notes of pleasant dark chocolate notes and hints of rubber.

If you want a truly unique high, try some Caviar – Alaskan Thunder Fuck. The caviar promises a unique high that can help you through a hard day. 

If you love your weed dunky, you will enjoy the cat-piss notes combined with skunky flavours.

3. CBD

CBD is one of the 100-plus cannabinoids found in cannabis. However, unlike THC, CBD doesn’t induce any psychoactive effects.

Research in CBD has revealed the cannabinoid to be medically beneficial for managing depression, anxiety, chronic pain and a host of mental health conditions.

You can buy CBD online in Ontario pot stores in relief rollers, gummies, oils, tea, and good old capsules.

After a long day at work, draw yourself a bath with our VVS Bath Salts – Naturally Flawless. Bath salts are a great way to enhance the relaxing effects of warm baths.

If you want to feel great overall throughout the day, the Chewda Gummies – Key Sabers CBD or  Potluck Edibles – 200mg CBD can greatly help.

4. Edibles

Edibles are a convenient and easy way to get your daily dose of potent THC. They’re great for cannabis patients intimidated by other methods of consuming weed.

Edibles are also great for managing chronic conditions since their effects last longer in the body—almost six to eight hours.

And since they have to be broken down in the liver before being reintroduced into the bloodstream, the effects also take longer to kick in. usually 1 to 3 hours.

Enjoy the greatest collection of Ontario cannabis edibles at the best online weed dispensary. From our vegan-friendly Munched Medibles – Vegan Gummies Assorted Flavour to Fortune Kushies – The Cocoa Chip, and Mary’s Medibles – Plant-Based Chocolate Chip.

5. Vape

Vapes, vaporizers or vape pens are a popular mode of consuming cannabis since they allow you to inhale cannabis vape, which is free from combustion and hence no smoke.

Vaping devices come in sleek designs and a variety of forms. 

You can use disposable vape pens like So High Extracts Disposable Pen – Jack Herer and So High Extracts Disposable Pen – Diablo Death Bubba until the concentrate inside runs out.

On the Other hand, vapes like CG Extracts Premium Concentrates Sunset Sherbert and CG Extracts Premium Concentrates Lemon come with a refillable cart to refill your concentrate once it runs out.

The Best Attractions in Ontario to Explore After Getting Your Ontario Cannabis THC Fix

Ontario has much more to offer than reputable Ontario cannabis dispensaries & delicious weed products.

Whether you’re a local or a newbie in Ontario, indulge in these sites for sore eyes.

Awaken Your Taste Senses at Peller Estates Winerywoman drinking wine at the autumn vineyard

Both wine and food lovers will immensely enjoy this igloo-like lounge where the white, red and sweet wines will keep flowing.

The tour will be highlighted by enlightening seminars throughout the day and concluded with a taste of the exclusive Ice Cuvee sparkling wines and a delightful barrel cellar dinner.

Name: Peller Estates Winery

Location: Peller Estates Winery And Restaurant

Address: 290 John St E, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0, Canada

Phone:+1 888-673-5537 

Explore Cultural Abundance at the Royal Ontario MuseumRoyal Ontario Museum

Immerse yourself in one of the Ontario museum’s greatest collections of world culture and natural world history.

The museum boasts six million artefacts, including the Djedmaatesankh mummy, the Egyptian sarcophagus, and the Allosaurus Dinosaur skeletons.

Name: Royal Ontario Museum

Location: 100 Queen’s Park in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Address: ON M5S 2C6, Canada

Email: [email protected] 

Take in the Gawk-Worthy, Exquisite Niagara Fallsdouble rainbow over niagara falls

If you want to be awed by the amazing three-quarters of a million gallons of water per second that falls 167 feet to make up Niagara falls, here’s your chance.

And for thrill-seekers, you can opt to ride the zip line, Skylon towers, and the sky wheel. The tunnels behind the falls may tickle your fancy if you have an adventurous spirit.

Name: Niagara Falls

Location: 6650 Niagara Parkway. (River Rd) Niagara Falls, ON L2G 0L0

Address: ON L2G 0L0

Phone: 1 800 56FALLS, 1 800 563-2557, ​905 356-6061


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