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Orange Crush Strain Review: The Energizing Strain That Gets You up and Moving

We recommend some Orange Crush strain if you’re looking for that energy boost to get your day started in the morning.

Orange Crush is a cross between two equally famous parents—Blueberry and California Orange.

Blueberry soared to fame after clutching the High Time Cannabis cup as the best Indica strain in 2000.

California Oranges rose fame, is the mystery shrouding its origin. No one knows for sure, but it’s believed to be a balanced hybrid. 

California Orange smells akin to lemon zest. The strain can give you a pleasant, upbeat head high when consumed in moderation. However, the overconsumption of this strain leads to dominant Indica effects.

The two strains combine so well to produce Orange Crush, a fruity, citrusy sweet and tangy strain.

Orange Crush is 80% Sativa and 20% Indica. The strain produces eye-catching flowers with tiny glistening buds adorned with visible orange hairs.

This Sativa dominant hybrid is excellent for those looking to dip their toes in the cannabis world because of its moderate effects. The pleasant high can be attributed to the THC content, which ranges from 20 – 25%.

There’s a lot more about the Orange Crush strain. In this Orange Crush Strain review, we’re going to reveal everything there is to know about this cheek-puckering, juicy, tangy strain. 

We’ll give more details about the strain’s appearance, scent and flavour profile. We’ll dig deeper to uncover its illustrious list of terpenes that give it a unique flavour, aromas, and medicinal benefits. 

Finally, we’ll give you a list of strains that pack similar punches to the Orange Crush strain.

Let’s dive right into the Orange Crush Strain Review. 

Orange Crush Scout Strain AppearanceOrange Crush weed online Canada at wccannabis weed store and online dispensary Canada. Value buds and mail order marijuana Canada. buy weed online.

Orange Crush is a strain that likes to stick to a theme. Its aroma, flavour, and appearance all have something in common—the notes of orange.

When you finally get your hands on these nugs, your mind will be immediately drawn to the orange hairs that sprinkle the buds throughout.

The bud underneath the orange hair adorns hues of green with tints of lime green and shades of olive green streaked throughout. Sometimes under different lighting, you might notice some streaks of purple on the bud.

Though Orange Crush trichomes are not as frosty, they do not leave the flower without some sparks. The thin layer of sticky resin covering the trichomes still looks pleasantly frosty and sparkly.

Orange Crush Scout Strain Scent and FlavorWoman eating an orange. Orange Crush Scout Strain review. buy weed online at west coast cannabis dispensary for value buds and cheapweed in canada. dispensary.

Imagine sinking your teeth into a freshly cut, ripe, juicy orange fruit. The sweet, tangy flesh burst open to reveal some pulpy goodness.

The tangy shotgun of zesty citrus to your nose, the liquid sugar dripping as it fills your mouth with the sweet-sour taste of orange.

Smoking Orange Crush strain will bring back such memories. The experience can only be improved by the accompanying flavour notes that come with this dominant citrusy flavour.

Orange strain features four main flavour notes: herbal, pine, citrus and peppery. The strain smells like orange peels laced with pine and strong berry notes. However, this aroma comes in layers.

When you first smell the bud fresh off the packet, it will be dominated by earthy notes akin to a chill spring morning.

As you break the buds apart to refine them for use, the earthy herbal scents will only get more potent.

When you light this bud up, you will start to appreciate the citrusy notes. When you inhale the smoke, you’ll notice the astringent flavour that can only be compared to orange peels.

You’ll pick up sweet berry notes with pine undertones as you exhale and the air lingers in your nostrils.

After a few tokes and some exhales, your whole mouth will feel like you just mowed down a good number of deliciously tasting Valencia oranges.

Orange Crush Scout Strain EffectsHappy woman smiling in her PJs. cannabis stores. weed delivery canada. weed online. dispenseries.

Orange Crush produces some sweet-smelling, thick, smooth clouds of smoke. It will give you a pleasant stoning session. No coughing or choking on smoke.

The high kicks in surprisingly fast. After one or two tokes, you’ll feel floaty as the cerebral high kicks in.

A pleasant burst of euphoria will cloud your brain, and you will begin to feel your energy rising while the creativity juices start to flow.

That’s why most connoisseurs recommend taking this strain in the morning. It will get you going and ready to do what you intended.

As the high settles in, everything becomes more fascinating, music becomes more melodic, colours shine brighter, and your surrounding becomes more engrossing.

Even though you’ll experience a mild case of the munchies, later on, even the dullest food will taste like a culinary masterpiece throughout your high.

If you’re stuck on a project or out of ideas, trust some Orange Crush strain to give the part of your brain in charge of creating an extra nudge to get the ideas gushing out of your head.

Terpene Profile of Orange Crush strainMan smelling the scent of Orange Crush weed from cheapweed dispensary for value buds and BC cannabis. mail order marijuana canada. weed dispensary. vape pen.

Orange Crush strain boasts an illustrious list of terpenes that gives it its characteristic smell and flavour.

Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds in some animals and plants—especially cannabis. The compound is responsible for the characteristic smell, flavours and colours of different strains of cannabis.

In all plants, terpenes are mainly produced to protect against predators and harsh weather.

In cannabis, terpenes are more than a protecting agent for the plant. Some research shows that terpenes contribute to the medicinal benefits associated with cannabis.

Now, budtenders and cannabis connoisseurs advise medical and recreational cannabis users to base their strain choice on the terpene profile rather than on the THC contents.

Here are the terpenes that naturally occur in the Orange Crush strain.


Myrcene has an earthy, spicy and mucky aroma and flavour profile. The terpene is also found in hops, mangoes, lemon grass, and basil.

Do you know the couch lock effect popular with certain strains of weed? Myrcene might have something to do with that.

The terpene is believed to have sedating effects. Research into it also shows that it has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties.


The spicy and floral lavender aroma and flavour in cannabis can be traced to linalool. This terpene is also found in cinnamon, rosewood, mint herbs, and laurels.

Linalool is believed to induce intense relaxation and may help alleviate stress.


Limonene is highly concentrated in the rinds of citrus fruits but can also be spotted in plants like rosemary,  turmeric, chamomile, red pepper and ginger. The terpene has potent citrusy notes that are very hard to miss.

Limonene has been studied for anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and heart disease-fighting properties, with research revealing some positive results.

One study has shown limo to possess some potentially anticancer properties. Another study supported its anti-inflammatory properties.


Caryophyllene is also found in pepper, cloves, hops and rosemary. The terpene features peppery, earthy and spicy notes.

Caryophyllene could be beneficial in managing mental health conditions occasioned by depression and anxiety.


Terpinolene is a bit of a lurker; though it’s found in many cannabis plants, it usually occurs in trace amounts. Don’t let this fool you; flavour-wise, this terpene packs a real punch. 

While other terpenes feature a distinct single smell, terpinolene comes with layers of pleasant fruity and earthy flavour and aromas. 

First will come the piney herbaceous scent laced with pleasant floral aromas sprinkled with citrus notes.

Orange Crush strain Medical BenefitsOrange Crush strain Medical Benefits. pot store for weed vapes and vape pens. weed pens. Dispencary.

Now that you know more about the terpenes found in Orange Crush, it’s clear to see what its medical benefits might be.

The strain can be great for managing anxiety and depression, thanks to its relaxation-inducing effects, which can also lead to sedation, helping with insomnia or pain management.

Because the strain can leave you with a mild case of munchies, this effect is especially significant for patients who lack appetite.

If you’re struggling with a lack of motivation or low energy, Orange Crush strain might also help you out with that. The cerebral high and the burst of euphoria and energy effects of orange strain will get you up and moving and very excited about your project.

An Alternative Strain to Orange Crush Strain

Live Resin – Agent Orange (Sativa)Buy Live Resin Agent Orange Sativa strain THC concentrate dab drug at wccannabis. cheapweed dispensary for value buds and mail order marijuana Canada.

Live Resin – Agent Orange (Sativa) is a Sativa-dominant resin made from the Agent Orange strain. Agent Orange produces an uplifting cerebral high that gives you bursts of energy to get you started with your day. 

Your to-do list, won’t know what hit it with this strain. That’s why you should take it in the morning or during the day.

The live resin from this strain features more robust notes than the cultivar strain. Expect sweet and spicy notes dominated by orange smells and flavours.

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