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What Makes Pink Goo’s Resinous Buds More Potent Than Most Indicas?

Tired of the usual boring strains that somehow seem to be everyone’s favourite? Are you looking for a new kind of high that will have you floating in the sky while your body is glued to the couch? If the answer is yes, then Pink Goo, a relatively new entrant in the cannabis scene, may be what you need. And here is everything you need to know about it.

Every year new strains enter the cannabis market, their creators hoping to deliver new kinds of effects, medicinal benefits or generally to add something new to your cannabis experience. But as expected, very few make a splash, as most cannabis consumers stick to the ultra-popular strains. 

If the most common strains just don’t cut it for you anymore, it may be time to check out new, relatively less known weed strains that have something fresh to offer in the market. Pink Goo is one such strain.

Pink Goo, not to be confused with Pinkman Goo, is a relatively new entrant into the marijuana market, but it has already garnered some hype because of its effects, appearance and supposed lineage. But is it worth a try?

What Is Pink Goo Strain?What Is Pink Goo Strain? Buy weed online.

Pink Goo is a mysterious strain, its parentage is contested, and its indica to sativa ratio is unconfirmed. All that is publicly known about this strain is that it’s an indica dominant hybrid with strong relaxing effects.

However, the consensus is that it’s a cross between Pink Kush and Afghani Goo. Supporters of this theory also suggest that it gets its name from its parents – Pink from Pink Kush and Goo from its other parent strain, the Afghani Goo.

Other sources claim that Pink Goo gets its name from its extremely sticky buds, a characteristic inherited from its Afghani Goo parent. Afghani Goo, also called Afgooey, is a hybrid strain that, as the name suggests, is a descendant of the Afghani indica landrace strain. Afgooey is the child of Maui Haze and the Afghani indica landrace strains.

Pink Goo’s other parent strain is the popular Pink Kush, an indica dominant hybrid with genetic links to the legendary West Coast weed strain, OG Kush. As you can already tell, the Pink Goo strain comes from a lineage of strong cannabis strains, but does it live up to the hype?

Pink Goo carries on its parent’s desirable characteristics. Its buds are covered by a thick blanket of resin oozing trichomes, giving it the “goo” name. But that’s not all. Pink Kush’s tasty and gassy flavours and appearance are also expressed in the offspring making it adequate for Pink Kush’s fans.

Its effects are that of a typical indica. It’s mildly sedating and is likely to leave you couch-locked, especially when taken in larger amounts. Consumers suggest that it spurs creativity when used in small quantities.

Pink Goo is an excellent strain for evenings when you have cleared all your tasks and want to kick back and relax.

Pink Goo Strain Review And Info

This strain has compact, densely packed buds that are bright green. The nugs are covered by a generous layer of resin oozing trichomes, making them extra sticky when handled by hands, making them perfect for making concentrates.

The buds’ bright green colour is broken up by fiery orange hairs that can turn brown depending on the maturity or growing conditions. This strain is a looker! 

Fragranceonline dispensary. purchase weed online canada.

Opening a jar of these beautiful nugs gives off a sweet, piney and peppery aroma, complemented by hints of sweet earth. Pink Goo is a relatively pungent strain, and the fragrance will linger in the room long after you have stopped smoking.


This strain is a treat of sweet, gassy smoke, just like its parent strain – Pink Kush. On the exhale, you will detect diesel, earthy, sweet, pine, and spicy notes.

Pink Goo gets most of its flavour profile from Pink Kush, but does it also carry on its parental strain’s impressive effects? Is it worth buying this weed online in Canada?

Pink Goo EffectsWoman taking a nap at home on her sofa. buy online weeds cannabis canada. buy weed vapes canada.

A sudden feeling of euphoria kicks in as soon as you start taking hits of this uniquely sticky strain. The first effects are energizing and uplifting, you can feel your mood changing, and before you know it, you will be falling into fits of giggles.

These first effects have a touch of cerebral energy that spurs creativity which is why some people believe that this strain can be used during the daytime in smaller quantities.

Pink Goo’s mental effects leave you in a happy space, energized and mentally focused. But as is the case with most indicas, it’s only a short time before the physical effects kick in. 

As the euphoria fills your mind, your body settles into a state of deep relaxation before the strain pulls you into a deep sleep that can continue for hours uninterrupted. Pink Goo is mildly sedating – as is typical with most indicas, and consumers report that it causes couch-lock

As such, Pink Goo is best enjoyed in the evenings or late afternoons, when you have no more tasks to cover, and you want to unwind, watch a movie or relax before going to bed.

Pink Goo Medicinal EffectsWoman in a yoga pose after smoking pink goo weed strain from west coast cannabis online dispensary.

Pink Goo benefits may be valuable to medical marijuana patients looking to alleviate several conditions. As mentioned above, its high starts with uplifting and relaxing effects, which may help with anxiety and other mood disorders.

Another of Pink Goo’s effects is enhanced mental focus, which may be of some help to people with ADHD, especially when combined with its calming and relaxing effects. Pink Goo also induces mild sedation and sleepiness which may come in handy if you have insomnia or other sleep problems.

This strain is also used to soothe pain, inflammation and soreness. This makes it a must-have strain for your after gym session care box.

However, although consumers say that this strain is relatively potent, there is no verifiable data on its THC or CBD test levels. It’s also said to be high in CBD but this claim is also not verifiable. As such, you should consume it carefully as overconsumption of THC products may cause paranoia leading to an uncomfortable high.

Common side effects of this strain include red eyes and dry mouth which are expected from most, if not all strains. If you are interested in Pink Goo, where can you buy weed online in Canada?

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Pink Goo can be hard to come by sometimes. If you can’t find it online, you may consider buying Pink Kush strain, a parent of the Pink Goo and is pretty close in appearance, flavour and effects. Buy Pink Kush online today from West Coast Cannabis.

Another product to consider is the Pink OG strain by Riot seeds. This strain is known for its delicious flavour and pungent smells when grown in the right conditions. Buy Pink OG online from West Coast Cannabis today and enjoy amazing prices!

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