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Why is Alberta cannabis so unique and popular?

Cannabis is an integral part of Canadian culture. For the longest time now, weed has been a welcome addition to hiking expeditions, beach activities, and even boring winter days spent huddled near a fire. 

In 2018, the Cannabis Act was passed, making cannabis legal for both recreational and medicinal use in Canada. If you live in Alberta, you can now buy Alberta cannabis and enjoy it, either by smoking it, dabbing, eating, vaping, etc.

In Alberta, cannabis dispensaries are available in plenty. There are numerous Alberta cannabis online dispensaries that stock high-quality, organically-sourced weed and weed products. 

If you’re wondering where to buy Alberta cannabis online, we’ve got you. 

What’s the Alberta Cannabis Market Like?Alberta cannabis budget buds from mail order marijuana online dispensary in Alberta. Buy weed online. Cannabis Alberta.

Alberta cannabis is the most sought-after in Alberta and other parts of Canada. 

And now that people can buy Alberta cannabis online and have it delivered to them, the marijuana industry is growing at unprecedented rates. 

If you live in Alberta or are just visiting, this info should help you know the type of Alberta cannabis you should buy. 

Is Alberta Cannabis Legal?

Alberta cannabis is legal, provided one is more than 18 years old. One is also allowed to buy and carry not more than 30 grams of weed at a time. 

People are also allowed to grow weed in Alberta, but no more than 4 plants a household. 

It’s not allowed to drive while high. If you have weed in a vehicle, it shouldn’t be within anyone’s reach. Smoking in public is allowed, but not everywhere. Check your local laws. 

What Kind of Alberta Cannabis Can I Buy Online From West Coast Cannabis?Value buds from Alberta cannabis dispensary for mail order marijuana and BC bud online. Buy weed online Canada.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is a hydrocarbon compound found in abundance in cannabis. 

When buying Alberta cannabis online from a dispensary, it’s crucial to check the concentration of THC in the flower. 

If you’re new to using cannabis, it would be wiser to go for a strain with a lower THC concentration. Buds with about 15%-20% THC will get you sufficiently buzzed without being too overwhelming. 

There are also many CBD strains available in the market today. In Alberta, cannabis online dispensaries stock numerous CBD strains and other CBD products. 

If you want to enjoy weed without getting high, CBD is the best option. 

Indica or Sativa In Alberta?

Planning for a hike or a workout? Alberta cannabis Sativa strains are your best bet.

Sativa strains are typically energy-inducing and are great for your wake-and-bake sessions. 

They are also perfect to consume before working out, hiking, gardening, or doing any other monotonous activities. 

For many cannabis users, Indica means in-da-couch. It sets off a comfortable, warm and fuzzy full-body high that leaves you relaxed, calm, and sleepy. This makes it ideal for people that need a little help getting to bed. 

What About Hybrids?

Hybrid marijuana strains are those that contain both Indica and Sativa. A hybrid can be sativa-dominant, indica-dominant, or a balanced mix of both. 

Some of the most popular hybrid weed strains in Canada are OG Kush, Gelato, Wedding Cake, and more. 

Benefits Of Alberta Cannabis

Although some people still believe that marijuana’s sole purpose is getting high, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Many people also use Alberta cannabis because of the numerous medicinal benefits arising from its effects.

For instance, smoking weed is known to result in the ‘munchies’ or hunger pangs. Alberta cannabis is, therefore, great for people struggling with their appetite. 

If you can never get yourself to enjoy a meal, a couple of puffs of Purple Haze will leave you nice and hungry. 

Another benefit of taking Alberta cannabis is that some cannabinoids in weed help lower cortisol levels in your blood. 

Cortisol is a stress hormone that results in ‘wakefulness’- its levels are typically higher during the early morning hours. 

However, people dealing with insomnia have high cortisol levels at night, making it difficult for them to fall and stay asleep. Nothing a little Durban Poison can’t help with!

Have you ever smoked a strain so strong you couldn’t feel your toes? High THC strains will do that to you. 

That’s why so many people living with chronic pain use cannabis. CBD and THC have anti-inflammatory properties, effectively providing relief against the painful symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more. 

Different Categories Of Alberta Cannabis That You Can Buy Online In Canada

1. BudgetBudsAlberta cannabis budget buds from an online dispensary for mail order marijuana. Buy weed online Canada.

Smoking is the most common means of consuming weed. Cannabis enthusiasts enjoy this method because of how quickly the high sets in. 

Since you inhale the THC into your lungs and directly into your bloodstream, you quickly feel the effect. 

That said, there are various ways you can enjoy a good cannabis bud.

Whether rolling your own joints, buying pre-rolls, or packing a bong or pipe, weed flower offers one of the most convenient and effortless ways to consume weed. 

2. Vapes

Vaping is especially popular among young adults. This involves packing some value buds or oils into a vaping kit. The flower is then vaporized instead of burned, making for a cleaner hit. 

You can buy vaping devices from online dispensaries in Alberta and have them delivered right to your home. 

Our bestselling THC vape is from So High Extracts, a supplier committed to quality. Remember, all our vapes are FREE from Vitamin E acetate. Whether you need disposables or a permanent vape kit, look no further. 

3. Edibles

Edibles are fun. If you don’t enjoy smoking or live in a building that doesn’t allow it (i.e, your parent’s house), edibles are the way to go. 

You can easily order edibles online in Alberta: gummies, brownies, chocolates, candies, and even drinks

You should know, however, that it may take you a while longer to get high after eating an edible. 

We have a wide edible selection in our online Alberta weed dispensary. 

4. Concentrates and Extracts

If you don’t want to smoke weed, vape, or eat an edible, concentrates and extracts are for you. These include THC and CBD oils, waxes, creams, ointments, shatter, and more.

Concentrates and extracts are consumed differently. For example, oils can be placed under the tongue and swallowed, creams smeared right on the skin, and waxes added onto your dab rig. 

You can even invest in a special vaping device that takes oils, waxes, and other concentrates. That said, you should be mindful when dealing with concentrates, as they are typically very potent. 

There’s something for everyone in our stock of concentrates, whether you prefer terp sauce, budder, or Distillates, we have something for everyone! 

What are the Best Things To Do In Alberta While High?

If you live in Alberta or are travelling, there are a lot of attractions you can go to. These are some of the best things to do while high in Alberta. 

Go to Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake is one of Canada’s most popular attraction sites. It is incredibly scenic, with views of the lake, forest, and mountain making for an incredible hike. 

There are numerous activities available on this site, and you can book a trip in advance. Moraine Lake is perfect for a group hike, especially if you have some value buds to enjoy together. 

If you’re looking to experience this superb view, you can make inquiries and plan the visit. 

Moraine Lake Lodge is well-trusted when it comes to providing comfortable accommodations and parking for people visiting Moraine Lake. 

Here’s the address: 

Moraine Lake Lodge, 1 Moraine Lake Rd, PO Box 70, Lake Louise, AB T0L 1E0

[email protected]

Phone: 1 (403) 522 3733

Visit Hawrelak Park

The parks in Alberta are stunning and relaxing places to go, especially when you’ve had an edible, or have a vape pen with you. There are numerous parks in Alberta. 

Hawrelak Park is a favourite among couples looking for a cozy, quiet, and intimate place for a picnic or families seeking a different scenery. 

The trees mixed with the green space and lake make for a photogenic location and one that’s ideal for meditation, yoga, and other activities that require mindfulness. 

9330 Groat Rd, Edmonton, Alberta T5M 3K1 Canada

Take photos at Lake Louise

Alberta is incredibly scenic, and it would be a shame if you left without taking a few pictures. 

If you’re looking to cement the memories you make on your trip, the Lake Louise Insta-Portrait Experience will be one for the books. 

You will have a professional photographer take your pictures, and even provide advice on the best tips for composition, or the best settings to use while photographing the area. 

This could be a great way to spend your time in Alberta. 

111 Lake Louise Dr, Lake Louise, AB T0L 1E0, Canada

Where Can I Buy Alberta Cannabis Online?

If you’re looking for buds, edibles, or extracts, you can easily find them at an Alberta online cannabis dispensary. 

At West Coast Cannabis, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best-quality marijuana in the market. 

All our Alberta cannabis is locally sourced from trusted suppliers with the same quest for quality. 

Whether you need premium bud or cheap weed in Canada, we are the store for you. 

We’re a mail-order weed dispensary that’s built on trust, discretion, and convenience. 

Order your weed online today, and have it quickly delivered to your door in discreet packaging. 

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