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What Are Cannabis Topicals?

Weed and hemp topicals are often used for their medical benefits. From weed creams to marijuana lotions to CBD bath bombs, these products enable you to absorb cannabinoids through your skin without getting high.

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Cannabis Topicals Benefits

THC and CBD topicals can help with pain, inflammation, muscle aches, and other forms of physical distress. You can also use cannabis topicals for skin problems such as acne and dermatitis. Aside from their medical benefits, weed-infused topicals can help with general relaxation and stress relief, making them great for a wide variety of users.

Do THC Topicals Get You High?

Cannabis topicals don’t get you high, even if they contain THC. When THC topicals are absorbed, THC interacts with cannabinoid receptors in your body without reaching your bloodstream. The lone exception is THC patches, which provide a slow and steady dose of THC into the bloodstream.

THC Topicals or CBD Topicals?

Should you use THC topicals or CBD topicals? Both are non-psychoactive and have many medical perks for users. Whether you’re looking for pain relief or general relaxation, you can use either THC or CBD-infused creams, salves, lotions, balms, bath bombs, and other topical products. You can also combine THC and CBD topicals for greater effects.

Cannabis Topicals or Cannabis Tinctures?

Are cannabis topicals better than cannabis tinctures? If you’d prefer to apply THC and CBD directly to your body for targeted relief, weed topicals are a better choice. THC tinctures are psychoactive and provide stronger overall effects. CBD tinctures can be used for medical relief. The choice comes down to your personal needs and you can also use these products together.

Side Effects Of Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis topicals are safe to use and have no known side effects. Since CBD and THC topicals are non-psychoactive, you don’t need to worry about getting high or experiencing adverse effects. Some users may experience issues if they’re allergic to the ingredients inside topicals, so check the ingredients before use.

How To Use Weed Topicals

How to use THC and CBD topicals can be applied to the skin for quick and effective absorption. The method of application depends on the type of cannabis topical you use, so check the instructions first. You can use cannabis-infused topicals as much as you want without worrying about side effects.

Types Of Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis Creams/Salves/Lotions – Cannabis-infused creams, salves, lotions, and similar products are applied directly to the skin. Simply rub your product into the area of your body where you want physical relief.

Cannabis Balms – Cannabis body balms can also be used for targeted relief. Cannabis lip balms moisturize your lips and help heal wounds, cuts, and infections.

Cannabis Bath Products – Cannabis bath bombs and bath salts are popular choices for those who want to absorb THC and CBD passively. Add them to your bath to enjoy the soothing relaxation. These products also provide various skin benefits.

Cannabis Patches – THC transdermal patches can be applied to your wrist for a slow-acting dose of THC. Unlike other topicals, these provide mild psychoactive effects. CBD transdermal patches can be used in the same way but are non-psychoactive.

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