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Astroboy is an energetic, sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that combines Apollo 13 genetics with a cross of Ortega and Cinderella 99 bred by TGA Subcool Seeds. A mix of sweet and sour fruit flavors, like citrus and cherry, lead the way towards a heady buzz that is fast-acting and uplifting. The cerebral energy sparked by Astroboy is a great choice to keep you happy and active throughout a busy day. The watermelon phenotype of Astroboy is known to be an exceptional expression of the strain and is often desired as an influence for other breeding projects.

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Astroboy is a sativa dominant hybrid (70% sativa/30% indica) strain created through a cross of the powerful Apollo 13 X (Ortega X Cinderella 99) strains. This beloved bud is one that will take you straight to the stars with one hit. The high hits you immediately with a euphoric head rush that leaves you insanely uplifted and blissfully happy with a sense of hazy motivation. Your mind will fall in and out of focus as your high builds and builds. This is followed by a relaxing body buzz that spreads from the head down the neck and throughout the rest of the body, leaving you completely pain free and utterly at ease. As the buzz builds, you’ll be hit with a powerful case of the munchies that leaves you scrambling to grab any food within reach. These effects and its powerful 26-28% average THC level and 1% CBD level makes Astroboy the perfect bud for treating conditions such as chronic fatigue, mild to moderate cases of depression, lack of appetite, and chronic stress. This bud has lumpy and dense medium-sized light minty green nugs with sparse furry orange hairs and a thick frosty coating of milky amber hued crystal trichomes. Astroboy has a unique flavor of sweet buttery grape with a hint of nutty pine upon exhale. This taste is accented by a smell of sweet and sour earthy fruit with a citrus effect that’s released as the nugs are broken apart and smoked.

Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 26-28%

Common Usage: Asthma, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Loss of Appetite, Nausea, PTSD, Stress

Effects: Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Focus, Happy


1g, Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarters (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (4 Oz), Half Pound (8 Oz), Full Pound (16 Oz)

87 reviews for Astroboy AAAA

  1. newsletter

    Awsome!! This one made my day off longer than I thought lollll

  2. Zeg (verified owner)

    Gave a real sociable high. A chill sativa

  3. Harris, Tobias

    I smoked a bowl of this and was out like a light after the overpowering calm feeling filled my body and mind!

  4. jonathanlewis1983 (verified owner)

    I just smoked this strain what a taste and I’m wacked. Thanks WCC.

  5. Dylan (verified owner)

    Got here in 3-4 days really good weed No complaints

  6. GrosseRoche (verified owner)

    Really good looking bud, it smell nice.

  7. Labissiere

    the best 100% strait up i was an opiate addict and i’m currently on methadone (yes i regret it all) but this strain is wonderful for sleep and feeling heavy and relaxed

  8. Jamie

    This is one amazingly strong and sedative strain. I recently got this but in oil for vaping. It has done wonders for my insomnia and appetite as well as muscle aches. A MUST HAVE 4 ALL INDICA LOVERS

  9. rottingfleshpsn (verified owner)

    Very bright and mellow tastes amazing would definitely recommend if you like sativas

  10. Black

    My second favorite stress so far. Great taste and great relaxing feeling right after use. Would recommend to anyone. I made friends who would rather be as far away from marijuana as possible to enjoy it with me

  11. McLaughlin

    This strain has become my go to for use during the day. Calms my anxiety but keeps my energy levels high.

  12. Anthony Jr

    This is a perfectly balanced hybrid. Beautiful, kief-coated buds. It smells like a basket of flowers flowing down a glistening stream.

  13. Harold

    I receive my medication today. Three days from BC it arrived very quickly, Thanks you guys!!

  14. Brandonab

    Very easy to focus on a task and still enjoy your bud…Astroboy is a lovely strain!

  15. Trevor Nicholls (verified owner)

    Take me away……………Amazing high one of the top for me !!!!!

  16. Andrew Staples (verified owner)

    lift off amazing high very saliva head buzz

  17. Fireinawhole

    A very relaxed, if not almost a CBD-like come down. Great recommend for relaxing movie time.

  18. CharlesWill

    this strain has to be my all time favorite, I love the high it gives me and it just makes me want to go hang out with my friends and it actually really helps with my depression and anxiety

  19. Stuart Doug

    great daytime strain used for fatigue, mood is lifted. great for depression. 2nd favorite daytime strain

  20. Wardrüna (verified owner)

    Perfect weed for telework if you need to keep focus. Also helps with fatigue and headaches.

    Nice huge buds, could be a little more sticky but the flavors and aroma are awesome.

    Will buy again for sure!

  21. Michael Nelson (verified owner)

    great taste, great buzz great weed

  22. Dave Russell (verified owner)

    How do you spell , ‘bawchicka wown wown’ … get your selves in the mood!!!

  23. Colt (verified owner)

    Been smoking for 20 years. Nice breakage. An Oz lasted me over 2 weeks which is rare. I don’t smoke all day out that into account. I’m too busy.
    But I never got tired of smoking this stuff.

    Light/crisp/zesty citrus flavour. I shared and ppl enjoyed it. I will get again.

  24. Rhonda Flamand (verified owner)

    I’m an old lady with COPD…this is not as harsh as most!! If fact it isn’t harsh at all… my fav!!!!

  25. Mari

    After 4 years of daily smoking I finally found my favourite! This one is great for creativity. I get a lot of great ideas after I smoke this! It’s also great for listening to trance, chill, heavy bass, electronic music. Good stuff 🙂

  26. Jeremy Johnson (verified owner)

    Nice mellow sativa high good for getting things done. Really smooth taste and a nice bag appeal.

  27. subaru6x (verified owner)

    Super nice buds, love the smell and taste!

  28. Don Smoke (verified owner)

    BOMB! Smoked with the wifey and had some great sex. 100% will order again. 5 stars fo sho!

  29. SwerveCookT (verified owner)

    Wife and I loved this one. Almost dont wanna smoke it… Super tasty, great daytime high. Definitely in my top 5.

  30. -K- (verified owner)

    Great punch in these beautiful looking and nice tasting buds!


  31. bernard

    WCC keeps this stocked almost more than any other strain as its always available and they have every reason to. This strain is amazing in all ways. Colour, hits hard, smell, taste. Give this a try!

  32. Wes

    Really good weed for a really good price!
    Definitely one of the best strains on this site (top10)

  33. apollo22 (verified owner)

    wonderful strain at an amazing price. definitely recommend to this to anyone and everyone. wowza!!

  34. Bino187 (verified owner)

    Vraiment un Bon goût fruité !

  35. Aditya_chan (verified owner)

    My go-to when i just want to be creative and have burst of energy. Love Astroboy!!

  36. Sergio R (verified owner)

    Astroboy the GOAT. Its been a strain thats been around this website for a while. prosp to WCC for processing my orders quick. Takes like 3 days

  37. Pauletted (verified owner)

    Real good high, its good for social gatherings

  38. lakopeep (verified owner)

    Great looking cure on these buds. A chill high to enjoy a movie after a longs day of work. Very impressed 🙂 🙂

  39. sunshinemoon (verified owner)

    Heavy-hitting potent strain smells and tastes great. 🙂

  40. Mcjoober (verified owner)

    Great taste, great high, very clean burn.. highly recommend

  41. Marc Polluck (verified owner)

    Great for someone looking for a good upbeat tempo or just want to have a happy time with no downers.

  42. Kristen Samson (verified owner)

    A very energetic fun strain.

  43. Ralph Hodge (verified owner)

    9.5/10 an exquisite example of a hybrid containing the best of both worlds. It’s an Excellent stress reliever and has great anti-anxiety properties

  44. Annette Wood (verified owner)

    This strain is amazing for taking a nice energetic, creative journey.

  45. Johnnie Goodman (verified owner)

    Working mans medication. high quality and potent, I highly recommend this for daily medication, for ANY ailment. Brings you up and makes you cheery and lucid, and really medicates your body while not making you pass out. Perfect after a hard days work, early weekend smoke, or just whenever you dont want to pass out.

  46. Dirk Wilkins (verified owner)

    Straight fire strong and delicious!

  47. Confirmed buyer (verified owner)

    Re-up this one is my go to and favorite wicked good batch this one’s killer when it’s been fresh

  48. Frederic Cox (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite strains. It helps me think, clean my house and go’s good at the gym. All around a good strain

  49. Gerald Bradshaw (verified owner)

    AMAZING. Cures my headaches once I smoke enough of it. Gives me a great uplifted high and I was able to be functional when I was super high off this. Just made everything feel so nice and okay.

  50. Bruce Everett (verified owner)

    this is my go-to daytime weed so that I can function I have a high anxiety and I’m add adderal help Slow Me Down. if I’m out of adderal , I take a hit or two of this will get me up and moving, focused and get the task done

  51. Glenda Irwin (verified owner)

    been along time since I’ve had a nice sativa hybrid

  52. ThePieMinister (verified owner)

    One toke and I was singing Don’t Speak by Nellie Furtado and I haven’t heard that song in 10 years

  53. Nathan Larsen (verified owner)

    Great for heavyweight smokers, VERY strong buzz hits you after one really milky bong hit.

  54. Mia Belanger (verified owner)

    This one was a real life saver today. Helps break away the grip of depression and irritability for me.

  55. Felix Johnston (verified owner)

    hands down the best hybrid sativa there is. Not too tired but also not super energetic. Just the right strain to set up for a good mood.

  56. Anna Spencer (verified owner)

    THIS IS MY FAVORITE BY FAR. I have tried a bunch, but this stuff is amazing. Best high you’ll ever get

  57. Aaron Heath (verified owner)

    This is a good strain for someone to smoke if you’re looking to be very relaxed but still functional. It’s also pretty to look at too.

  58. Johnathan Stewart (verified owner)

    Really nice bud – super orange hairs, strong buzz, sweet smooth taste

  59. Ronald Hughes (verified owner)

    This strain was very nice, the second I opened the container it already started smelling strongly. Also, the smoke is smooth and tasty. The weed has a quick onset, and a strong one. Makes you think, and makes you uplifted, it’s a VERY nice strain.

  60. Gary Shepherd (verified owner)

    Such a fun and energetic high. I felt focused and happy, definitely a euphoric head high with a burst of energy to back it up.

  61. Alexander Gagnon (verified owner)

    Without a doubt one of the top 5 Sativa dominant strains Ive ever had. Definitely, a buy as much as you can while it lasts, strain.

  62. Kayden Thompson (verified owner)

    The first strain I’ve found that for me, is great for daytime use…a gentle, single rip from my 1 hitter sent me on an uplifting high, without munchies or the inability to remember something 5 seconds in the past.

  63. Myles Miller (verified owner)

    Took a little bit to kick in, but damn was it fun. Everything was funny, Slight social anxiety, but that could just be me. Was feeling really euphoric and happy and giggly.

  64. ​​Emmett Kelly (verified owner)

    This may be a sativa, but it will leave you toasted if you decide to underestimate this strain.

  65. Rosetta Buchanan (verified owner)

    This strain is great, if I do a little it helps with focus and motivation. I also have anxiety and this strain never acts on it so it’s a constant uplifting happy high.

  66. Oscar Parker (verified owner)

    Really strong, heady high. Progressive, seems to arise out of nowhere and take you by surprise.

  67. Austin Page (verified owner)

    Phenomenal, airy, light, sativa-leaning in its feeling. Best part is the beautifully fragrant smell, though!

  68. Declan Wong (verified owner)

    Very great sativa dominant hybrid but definitely just for taking it easy.

  69. Jamie Stout (verified owner)

    Sweet smooth smoke, nice euphoric head high.

  70. Carlton Crosby (verified owner)

    One of my faves! Smells fruity it’s almost candy like, but not too much of a flavor when smoked. Giggly, relaxed, and absolutely no tendency towards an anxious high. 10/10

  71. Amber Jordan (verified owner)

    Amazing, the most highest I’ve gotten and the hardest I have ever laughed in my life

  72. Francis Whitehead (verified owner)

    I love this strain, it tastes so good and is very intellectually stimulating.

  73. Sydney Hunter (verified owner)

    Amazing strain! Had it for a while definitely recommend it to anyone!

  74. Jacob Harmon (verified owner)

    This one is a super fun smoke! Plenty of giggles and excellent quality.

  75. Todd West (verified owner)

    This is my Spirit Strain! A perfect mix to maintain creativity and stay productive during my workday.

  76. Kweed (verified owner)

    This is AAAA.

    Great hybrid, mabye the best hybrid I have tried (and they are not my thing) that is not sedating yet won’t make you over think.
    VERY strong buzz. 10/10 will buy again.

  77. Ivan Gordon (verified owner)

    awesome strain of bud it smells and tastes amazing when smoked. it is really a head high mixed with a lil body high. felt really happy and creative

  78. Bart L (verified owner)

    This is giving me such an artistic brain it’s really making me creative AF and in just truly vibing it’s a very buzzy & heady high really good for stress

  79. Sammy (verified owner)

    Definitely a day time weed. munchies as well. pretty bombs, cant go wrong with it.

  80. Seymour (verified owner)

    Another one of my favorites my God the taste and smell from this strain is so unique it can never be mistaken! it’s a wonderfully delicious stain. Very strong too.

  81. Guy (verified owner)

    Potent bud. When smoking it comes on slow, then ur very high. I smoked with friends and we all were talkative and happy

  82. Austin (verified owner)

    One of my fav. strains, very up lifting, energetic, with a good even buzz. Increases my appetite, helps me relax, helps anxiety n depression.

  83. Warren (verified owner)

    LOVED smoking this one. Its such a beautiful, dense bud that kept me euphoric all day. Excellent quality for sure.

  84. Jamie

    Cant get enough of astroboy <3______<3

  85. Samual Pat (verified owner)

    This stuff makes me laugh. Whenever I use it, I find myself having a super good time. My jokes feel more creative and other people’s jokes feel funnier than usual. It’s not a slow, stereotypically ‘stoned’ type of giggly. It really just kind of makes conversation flow more easily, or jokes come more easily.

  86. Kristina Lowe (verified owner)

    Loooove the effects- a great, fast overall high. Good taste and no harshness. Dense, sticky, frosty buds. Perfect for a midday smoke.

  87. Donn Rich (verified owner)

    I haven’t had a strain kick my ass in a while, like astroboy. A few rips and my mind is lost in thought, very spacy strain. Helps with depression and won’t sink you deep into the couch.

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