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Blackberry Kush, also known as “BBK” is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Afghani with Blackberry. Blackberry Kush produces relaxing effects, and is often recommended for pain management thanks to its strong body high. Blackberry Kush offers a hashy flavor profile with a jet fuel taste and aroma balanced out with sweet berries. According to growers, this strain is marked by dense and beautiful nugs of purple and orange. This strain takes approximately 7-8 to flower although it does not typically have a high yield.


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Blackberry Kush is an indica strain. The strain is incredibly potent, especially considering its 27% THC content offering an amazing high. The buds are dense, covered by trichomes and red hairs. However, you will notice hues of yellow, purples and blacks laced throughout the vivid buds. On the other hand, it has a very strong Kush aroma that is smooth-sweet and heady. But it is not as pungent as you would expect it to be. As for the taste, it tastes a lot like it smells. There is a pretty good reason why it is known as Blackberry Kush, it does have a berry taste to it after all. What is really amazing about Blackberry Kush is that you will require very little of it to get the high you want. However, smoking too much of the strain will make you sleep in no time. This explains why it is highly preferred by patients suffering from pain and insomnia. However, since it is an indica dominant strain, it is better for night time use. Black Berry Kush has a lot of medical applications and is prescribed to patients who are unable to cope with nervousness, anxiety and stress.


THC: 27%, CBN: 2%

Common Usage: Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, PTSD, Stress

Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Mellow, Sleepy

Weight N/A

1g, Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarters (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (4 Oz), Half Pound (8 Oz), Full Pound (16 Oz)

28 reviews for Blackberry Kush AAAA

  1. Jodie Burst (verified owner)

    Great for minor pain relief, pretty good strong body high.

  2. Steve Jobs

    i really enjoy this tasty and smooth flower, love the high as well as this great price!

  3. Sukhdeep Bains (verified owner)

    Smokes too much for and this knocked me out instantly;) potency is g2g please mind your dosing with this one . great herb!

  4. Wayne Carter (verified owner)

    first time trying this strain, ive been here at WCC for long time and this one did real good to me, everyone should try this strain!!!

  5. Reed Duart (verified owner)

    Great strain. Heavy sedation great if u tryna take a nap or have insomnia like i do i promise u wont wake 1 time thru out the night.

  6. Kourtney Stania (verified owner)

    nice after taste and surprisingly easy to smoke. effects comes pretty quick and i enjoy it alot

  7. Marie Song (verified owner)

    nice sweet smell to it, caked out nicely and great price!!! its gonna sell out fast, must try

  8. AJ (verified owner)

    Excellent strain, love the way this hits you.. definitely a hard hitting high if you smoke enough of it. Must try it for sure!

  9. Darren Evans (verified owner)

    I love this strain. Sticky and smells so good. If I wanna feel good and stuck to the couch, make me a bowl of this Blackberry Kush and I’m on cloud9

  10. Patrick D (verified owner)

    Perfect for evening relaxation and winding tf down

  11. Davina Candor (verified owner)

    something about the purple and orange hues got me so mesmerized by these buds, really great buzz too

  12. Ayub Connor (verified owner)

    Hands down one of the best strains for pain relief! I have gastrointestinal issues and a torn disc in my back that I took medicine for but did not take all the pain away. I only need 2 hits to feel relief or more to forget about every pain in my body.

  13. Jessie Brians (verified owner)

    Crazy strain, effects hit instantly!!!

  14. shay (verified owner)

    nice buzz, great taste and smell. def worth a try

  15. Randy Gordo (verified owner)

    Blackberry kush is a fan favourite with my cousins and I whenever we have smoke sessions. It’s definitely got a strong potency that attracts many to this strain. Recommended

  16. audrey m (verified owner)

    the blackberry kush gets me deathly high every time. its great for those who struggle with sleep

  17. Mattie George (verified owner)

    Fast shipping the high was potent and long lasting.

  18. Roger Whitney (verified owner)

    So far this is the most pleasant weed I’ve been able to source. I tried a bit and loved it

  19. Trina Montes (verified owner)

    If you’re an Indica fan like me, you simply cannot go wrong with a Kush. It tastes and smells great, and will get you where you wanna be within minutes.

  20. Vance Morrison (verified owner)

    Great quality the nugs are dense and covered in trichomes.

  21. Colette Laurent (verified owner)

    Tellement bon à tous points de vue ! Cela dure longtemps pour moi. C’est parfait. Génial!

  22. SmilePetal (verified owner)

    One of the best strains for insomnia I have ever smoked. Great long lasting body high and calming effect.

  23. GrindDrummer (verified owner)

    Great high and it makes the ladies horny!! I rate 10/10

  24. Azucenazakt (verified owner)

    I feel very mellow almost like I smoked an indica but I am still alert and focused.

  25. PartyWeinzierl (verified owner)

    Great for back pain!!!I have 2 bad disks in my lower back and this strain is one of the best for pain. Well worth the money

  26. Ingeborgrgerie (verified owner)

    Sweetie come brush me oh my God I love the strain relaxing uplifting tasting great from a pothead

  27. Sanabriarcum (verified owner)

    I had to put this one out. Amazing flavor and euphoria!!!!

  28. Dana Saunders (verified owner)

    It taste good, definitely gets me high and I’ve been smoking for almost 40 years.

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