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Budder – Mike Tyson (Indica)


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Tyson, also known as “Mike Tyson,” is an extremely rare 100% pure indica strain that is said to be a descendant of the infamous OG Kush strain. This bud has been the classic house strain of the Canna Clinic since its conception in 2011 and packs a powerful punch of heavy effects. You’ll feel an initial cerebral onset that is relatively mild, leaving you uplifted and happy with a sense of euphoria. A creeping body high will slowly overtake you, hitting you like a truck with a heavy sense of couch-lock and lethargy that’s not too drowsy or narcotic. You’ll be functional if need be but completely relaxed and pain-free. These powerful indica effects and its high THC level of 26-29% make Tyson perfect for treating patients suffering from chronic stress, insomnia, chronic pain, and appetite loss. This bud has a classic pungent skunky aroma with a sharp chemical diesel smell that’s released as the nugs are broken apart. The taste is of spicy pungent diesel with a skunky aftertaste that lingers long after you toke. This bud has large and lumpy bright lime green nugs with bright fiery orange hairs and a fine layer of frosty milky golden hued crystal trichomes.


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14 reviews for Budder – Mike Tyson (Indica)

  1. Ami N

    My cousin told me to check out this site and i am so glad i did! I love this product, super indica effects !

  2. Dennis Lambert

    Found this strain intense the first few times from the pipe; eventually evened out and found it to be a night time, sleepy buzz. Really liked the taste and was easy smoking. Strong stuff

  3. (verified owner)

    perfect strain, made me high after work.

  4. Adela cali (verified owner)

    one of my fav. highly recommend

  5. Gian Birch (verified owner)

    Very nice Smooth hit, and very relaxing high. The prices are just unbeatable.

  6. Shawnester (verified owner)

    one of my friends introduced me
    unbelievable it is wonderful for me

  7. j.d (verified owner)

    It truly is a 100% indica. It’s a heavy hitter and will relax every single muscle in your body.

  8. Sean Thomson (verified owner)

    Mike Tyson will have you knocked out in no time.. so if you struggle with sleep I suggest you try this strain!

  9. Morgan B (verified owner)

    could barely handle this strain….. the thc content must be high as hell. i recommend to smoke only at night

  10. Alice Rei (verified owner)

    This was quite a strong high so mind your dosage; otherwise perfectly made quality budder.

  11. Saul Manning

    I love this stuff! calms my mind and helped me sleep.

  12. Batboy (verified owner)

    One punch knock out! Very sedative effect.

  13. Maia Nemmers (verified owner)

    This has to be a high THC strain!! The buzz is strong!

  14. Terry (verified owner)

    I call this the miracle budder. It knocks me out within minutes of taking a fat hit its amazing

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