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Budder – Peaches and Cream (Sativa)


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Peaches and Cream is a sativa strain that is produced after crossing Chem Dawg, Super Silver Haze, Maui and Grape Kush. It has a mushy appearance and yellow colour. It is a yellow strain that gives a smooth and pleasant high that helps in relaxing your nerves. It has a THC level of 26-27 percent. It has a candy flavour and similar aroma. Peaches and Cream quickly relieves your pains after you smoke it. It has a positive effect on insomnia and is also good to use when you are feeling lethargic. However, it has an extremely strong effect on your body that makes you behave somewhat strangely or just plain differently. Therefore, if you haven’t used similar strains before or have a low tolerance, then it is best to use it slowly and smoke a little of it at before gradually increasing its amount. It is best to wait for 15 to 30 minutes after smoking five grams of it; if you can handle the effects of Peaches and Cream, then you can continue to smoke it. One of its prominent effects is laughter. You are bound to giggle a lot after using it, so be ready to entertain those around you after a smoke.


1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

22 reviews for Budder – Peaches and Cream (Sativa)

  1. Niam Martins (verified owner)

    great product. fast shipping. got super baked.

  2. Hector

    amazing price for amazing quality budder with great taste. i took little piece and had few dab and got me happy as hell lol smiling

  3. Miley Mann (verified owner)

    I cant explain how, but this budder helps me to be happy. Magical budder !

  4. Nayan Squires (verified owner)

    Great pick for a sativa budder. Consuming using a rig was very effective and hit me quickly.

  5. Keon Berger (verified owner)

    One of the best budder i ve tried. The smell is just amazing. Great high and relax

  6. Taylor (verified owner)

    Who doesnt love a little peaches and cream. I wouldnt take a pass on this budder!!

  7. Daniel Smyth (verified owner)

    Very good sweet smell and flavor profile. This is my favorite sativa budder thus far i definitely recommend this for the sativa lovers , just make me so happy!

  8. Mika Tan (verified owner)

    Legit better than so smooth and satisfying 🙂

  9. Sohail Wilson (verified owner)

    Left me pretty sedated not gonna lie, this was some serious potent stuff

  10. Judy Fields (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved it tasted like real Peaches and cream too!!!!! Highly recommended.

  11. Frances Davies (verified owner)

    Was looking for something more potent and this did not disappoint. Worth every $ for price vs getting high . Very happy with this budder!

  12. Big Mike (verified owner)

    nice color and very good quality budder, good taste and top level of high you can experience

  13. Chris Evens (verified owner)

    Great budder , texture was nice and easy to work with

  14. Tatiana Wilkins (verified owner)

    Great budder and the quality is superb. Nice flavor profile

  15. Dominick Piper (verified owner)

    Very good budder good buzz and burnes well
    Thanks WCC!

  16. Peter North (verified owner)

    Really uolifting and elevates my mood from 0-100 real quickk. Great quality budder!

  17. Samantha Reese (verified owner)

    Cant get enough of this, always taking a hit. This budder is hands down my favourite

  18. E420 (verified owner)

    Good product , it has a nice fruity taste and aroma,

  19. johnbp87 (verified owner)

    I have never had such a potent flavour and high to match with a bidder. Especially for what we pay here. Great job west coast 👌

  20. Joe T (verified owner)


  21. Hasan Leonard (verified owner)

    Flawless taste & sooo awesome for sleep!! Nice. Cant find the better budder anywhere else

  22. Jackson Threes (verified owner)

    Instant pain reliever with tht lasting buzz

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