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Budder – Sugar Cookie (Hybrid)


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Sugar Cookie is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain created through crossing the infamous Sensi Star X Crystal Gale X Blue Hawaiian strains. Not to be confused with the classic Girl Scout Cookies, Sugar Cookie is in a league all of its own. Like its name suggests, Sugar Cookie has a sweet sugary vanilla flavor with a buttery coffee flavored exhale. The aroma is surprisingly fruity and tropical in nature with a buttery sweet vanilla effect that’s released as the nugs are burned. Sugar Cookie buds have dense long bright neon green nugs with vivid orange hairs and a coating of chunky amber colored crystal trichomes. The Sugar Cookie high is just as addicting as the flavor, with full-bodied effects that are great for ending a long and stressful day when sleep just won’t come. The high starts with a euphoric lift that will leave you feeling happy and relaxed without any change in energy. As this high builds and builds, you’ll start to fall into a sleepy sedative state that often ends in a nice long nap. Because of these effects and its high 20-22% average THC level, Sugar Cookie is perfect for treating conditions such as depression, chronic pain, eye pressure, headaches, and chronic stress.


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13 reviews for Budder – Sugar Cookie (Hybrid)

  1. MoonshotMonster (verified owner)

    Tastes great! i love the sweet flavour mixed with the heavy cannabis concentrate oil

  2. greene amanda (verified owner)

    Good Vanilla after taste flavor, i save this for the end of the day as it is quite sedative i find.

  3. leo lopez (verified owner)

    Good smooth dabs on this, nothing too harsh on the throat which is always a treat. Id buy this again !

  4. Cannablaze (verified owner)

    Nice sweet tasting concentrates. Usually the concentrates have a very overpowering flavour that can make your taste buds twisted but this one works well!

  5. tyson walters (verified owner)

    Sedative high so i like to save after a long day, but i must say the flavor profile on this is one of the best ive ever tasted, like ever !! wow.

  6. ScottyBob (verified owner)

    GOOD HYBRID. love the vanilla accents and flavor

  7. Adrain Nash (verified owner)

    Nice sweet flavour, that leave you pretty ripped. Took a dab of this and just left me mentally focus on my tasks. Been my go to for the start of the day.

  8. Lexie Barrett (verified owner)

    Was great high, and incredible taste and smell

  9. Bob H (verified owner)

    Strong pungent concentrate !!! One of my favorites

  10. Jade H (verified owner)

    Really good flavor and relaxing strain. I would recommend this one for stress.

  11. Val Ratliff (verified owner)

    I have chronic pain, PTSD, Anxiety, bipolar, insomnia…this stuff makes it ALL go away, and that is few and far between! That body high is great

  12. Musa Hogg (verified owner)

    Very citrusy taste. Very grainy and pasty. Very easy to smoke and very enjoyable. The buzz is very lucid and enjoyable. Everyone I made sample this stuff agrees. This is some of the best stuff you can smoke. Definitely try it if you haven’t before. Also, a 3.5 of this lasts me approximately the same as a 14 of flower. So I’m smoking less and getting what I want and more. Thanks WCC!

  13. 7 up

    it has that nice little sweet taste at the end and it is definitely clean when inhaled.
    very satisfied with the product.

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