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Caviar – Magical Brownie (Indica)


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Magical Brownie is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic Platinum Girl Scout Cookies X Kosher Kush strains. Love a super delicious true chocolatey flavor? Magical Brownie is made for you. This bud packs a sweet chocolate deep mocha taste with hints of nutty herbs and sweet citrus. The aroma is both earthy and chocolatey with a pungent diesel overtone that intensifies the more that you toke. The Magical Brownie high is just as delicious as the taste, with a relaxing and hazy head paired with a super heavy body. You’ll feel lifted and euphoric throughout the duration of this high, bolstering your spirits without adding any energy. Your body will be fully melted to the couch, leaving you completely immovable and pretty sedated before you finally fade away and fall fully asleep for hours on end. With these heavy effects and its super high 26-38% average THC level, Brownie Scout is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue and chronic pain. This bud has fluffy deep green nugs with rich purple leaves, long thin orange hairs and a thick frosty coating of tiny bright white crystal trichomes.

In a cannabis context, caviar is full spectrum extract on steroids. It share similar process as in HTFSE. What makes Caviar different is purging and capturing of the terp sauce. Terp sauce is also extremely potent which goes on to produce a powerful psychoactive effect.


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4 reviews for Caviar – Magical Brownie (Indica)

  1. Rebecca Turner (verified owner)

    Relaxing and a very heavy body high . This actually tastes like chocolate it’s crazy !!

  2. Anne Polinsky (verified owner)

    Good lifted and euphoric high; this tasted really amazing as well !

  3. Tyrone Biggs (verified owner)

    Quite a lifted high and a relaxing body high. Great balance of both!

  4. Jose M (verified owner)

    That’s was the best Caviar that I have ever tried. Didn’t take much to get me really baked. I recommend this to anybody. It defiantly did the trick

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