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Caviar – Super Skunk (Indica)


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Known for its strong skunky smell and deeply relaxing effects, Super Skunk is an indica-dominant crossbreed of Skunk #1 and an original Afghani strain. The sativa/indica ratio is 35:65, making this a decidedly physical strain that can help relieve bodily pain, insomnia, depression, and anxiety, as well as everyday stress. It’s also effective at treating depression and lack of appetite. THC levels vary widely, depending on the batch and the lab that analyzes it, but it can apparently be fairly high, above 19%. CBD levels are also hard to pin down, with estimates ranging from 0.26% to 2.4%, but neither reading is high enough to firmly recommend this for seizure disorders. Super Skunk delivers a euphoric body buzz that improves mood, sparks creativity, and encourages a carefree attitude. Paranoia is possible, but dry mouth and bloodshot eyes are more common. Like its parent strain, Super Skunk has a strong, pungent skunk aroma and an earthy, skunky flavor. The buds are a lighter green color with a light hazing of trichomes. This strain sells on the legal markets in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Arizona, and Connecticut. It also circulates on the black market, though it isn’t terribly common there.

In a cannabis context, caviar is full spectrum extract on steroids. It share similar process as in HTFSE. What makes Caviar different is purging and capturing of the terp sauce. Terp sauce is also extremely potent which goes on to produce a powerful psychoactive effect.


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11 reviews for Caviar – Super Skunk (Indica)

  1. Logan Willis (verified owner)

    Perect fr my mild depression, just cheers me up completely and puts me in a happy place,

  2. Larry Gould (verified owner)

    Mood instantly gets a boost just with a couple dabs so i’d say this is pretty potent. Great purchase

  3. Marty Watson (verified owner)

    Favorite flavors are the Super Skunk, Rockstar Kush and Tom Ford.

  4. Tony Velez (verified owner)

    Instantly boost your mood and well being by just a few dabs of this

  5. Joel Tillyer (verified owner)

    Just tried the Super Skunk and damn it hits heavy really good high and super tasty loved it.

  6. 604tv (verified owner)

    Great caviar very good happy vibes off this. Well made.

  7. Megan Derosa (verified owner)

    I like to use this for sleeping. It’s pretty hard to stay awake after a few dabs of this.

  8. Jenny Q (verified owner)

    unbelievable sweet flavor and intense buzz. highly recommend.

  9. Tai Hudec (verified owner)

    No weird taste at all! It makes me feel too chill 🙂

  10. Mindy Montes

    If you use your medicine to find pain relief, this is your miracle strain right here. I give it a 10 in the pain department.

  11. Wade Camp (verified owner)

    Been taking this for my insomnia and it works so well. Actually puts me to sleep within an hour

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