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CBD North

What is “CBD”?

There are more than 100 different Cannabidiol compounds found in medicinal hemp.  CBD or “Cannabidiol” is just one of them.

What are the health benefits of Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol are naturally produced in our bodies.  They interact with our endoCannabidiol system to to regulate coordination, pain, mood, cognition and inflammation.  Research suggests that supplementing the body’s natural supply could yield a host of positive health benefits.

What is Full-Spectrum CBD?

Full-spectrum formulas contain multiple Cannabidiols.  Research has suggested each Cannabidiol could offer it’s own unique health benefits.  So, a full-spectrum formula may offer a fuller range of health benefits than isolate formulas containing just one.

What makes Spark of Life products different?

Most products that advertise a “full-spectrum formula” contain up to 95% CBD with only a trace amount of another Cannabidiol.  Our true Full-Spectrum formula contains a complete range of Cannabidiol for a full range of health benefits.

In addition to CBD, our products contain CBG, CBD-V and THC-V.

Laboratory comparisons show our formula contains against leading competitors:

● 10x the amount of CBD-V
● 6.5x the amount of CBG
● 17x the amount of THC-V

What are the benefits of CBD-V, CBG and THC-V?

CBD-V has been suggested to relieve neurological disorders:
● Parkinson’s
● Epilepsy/Seizures
● Pain

CBG has been linked to reducing inflammation and bolstering the immune system to fight conditions such as:
● IBS & Crohn’s
● Cancer

THC-V, called “the sport’s car of Cannabidiols” is perhaps the most exciting of newly discovered Cannabidiols.  Studies show THC-V actually decreases anxiety and appetite.

THC-V may also aid:
● Depression
● Alzheimer’s
● Diabetes

Will I Get Addicted?
As the World Health Organization report on CBD states:

“CBD use does not lead to addiction, with no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.”

Will I get high?
No, you will not get high.

Will THC-V show up in a drug test?
No, as there is no THC in our products.  THC-V is chemically different from THC, so no amount of THC-V in the urine or blood should show up in a drug test for THC.

What’s the standard dose?
We recommend ½ a dropper.  For the fastest results, leave under the tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing.  Everyone’s body composition is different, so adjust dosage according to your response.


1000mg – 50ML, 500mg – 30ML

14 reviews for CBD North (Full Spectrum Pure CBD) – Tincture

  1. gigisterling

    My first time trying this product and so far so good. I like how much I am able to obtain from just this one product. After finishing this bottle, I can see myself repurchasing this again

  2. Jessican Reis

    This is the same as the spark of life brand they used to carry.

    Spark of Life has rebranded to CBD North. You can buy this with confidence! 🙂

    thanks guys!

  3. Lauralavel

    I am so glad to stumble upon this product. It really has everything and more than what I would want in a tincture. It even comes in different sizes for me to have at home or to bring with me

  4. Broccoli7

    Works amazing with THC together. Feels like it lowers anxiety and makes your high clearer. Amazing synergy with the green stuff

  5. ryan761

    I’ve only used isolate before so this was my first experience with full-spectrum. After trying this stuff I can say it’s definitely worth it. It feels like I need less of this than isolate to feel the same. Also with isolate it makes me feel groggy but with this I feel pretty clear-headed.

  6. Jonathan wexler

    This is probably the best full spectrum ever. I’ve tried several others but this stuff just works!

    I got my whole family on it and they feel the difference from anxiety, pain relief, sleeping better. Overall mood is lifted.

  7. Amit76

    Best full-spectrum I’ve ever used. Taste is even great too. Doesn’t make you feel foggy like other CBDs. Feeling is euphoric, relaxing, clearminded. Really helps with muscle pain and anxiety or sleep depending on how much you take. Less for energy, more for relaxing.

  8. Songbird (verified owner)

    I was not a believer until I tried this product. Since then I have turned many people onto this oil. It really does help with anxiety and small aches and pains. Reasonably priced. This amount would cost 1000$ From a licensed producer. I can’t say enough about this product. Amazing!! And no you do not get high from taking this product.

  9. PuffKing604

    Great stuff really helped my arthritis. Also helped worked well at night for sleep.

  10. Michelle87

    I have chronic nerve pain and wow this stuff works to manage the pain! Seems like it really is more effective than the previous full-spectrum I was using. Taste is nice too

  11. Michael pope

    Wow. Just wow. If you’re looking for a full spectrum cbd this is best stuff out there. Combination of cannabinoids and I believe organic mct oil, this taste amazing.

    Completely got rid of my anxiety in 10mins. I also sleep like a baby on this stuff!


  12. Raoul

    Best CBD I’ve ever tried. Puts me to sleep like a baby! Excellent with flower too

  13. Joseph

    Best CBD I’ve used. Tore a rib working out. This helped me be able to actually workout after a 3 weeks of not being able to.

  14. SepiaTone (verified owner)

    Great product. Using it for anxiety. Love it, will buy again.

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