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Cinderella 99, otherwise known as C99, or simply “Cindy,” is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred by Mr. Soul of Brothers Grimm. She’s best known for her potent cerebral high, sweet fruity flavors, and epic yields. According to Mr. Soul, C99 was created using seeds found in a Sensi branded 2 gram package of Jack Herer purchased at an Amsterdam coffee shop. Cinderella 99 is very popular with indoor growers because of its short, bushy stature, high yields, short flowering time, and high THC content. Cindy’s effects are usually described as dreamy, euphoric, and uplifting.

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This medical marijuana strain which is often called as C99 was originally developed by ‘Brothers Grimm’. This is one among the hybrid strains which was created by crossing Jack Herer with Shiva Skunk. This is a sativa-dominant strain and its indica/sativa ratio are found to be 15:85. The THC level of this strain is found to be around 16-18%. This was among the ‘Top 10 Strains of 2009’ list in the High Times. The plant appears to be light-green colored with orange-colored hairs all over. Numerous crystals can be found in all parts of the dense bud. This strain is famous for its mild citrus/tropical smells. When used, this strain will give off a piney flavor with hints of fruity flavor. Cinderella 99 is found to be good for daytime use with its effects lasting for up to 90 minutes. The users of this strain have found that this strain would help coping with the problems of ache, pains, stress, anxiety, depression and even migraines. This marijuana strain is also helpful in easing out inflammation, increasing hunger and combating nausea. This is also found to be an effective energy booster for the patients having fatigue.

Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 85% Sativa / 15% Indica

THC: 16% – 18%

Common Usage: Chronic Pain, Depression, Eye Pressure, Fatigue, Inflammation, Stress

Effects: Energizing, Euphoria, Happy, Motivation, Uplifting


Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (4 Oz), Half Pound (8 Oz), Full Pound (16 Oz)

20 reviews for Cinderella 99 AA

  1. Lucas Mason (verified owner)

    Blissful flavor & head experience, wonderful strain for mid-day.

  2. Vicente Benton (verified owner)

    Hard hitting and satisfying micro dose if you’re an amateur find out what your tolerance level is before taking a full toke easy grow nice big buds very tasty smoke

  3. RifleMeter (verified owner)

    Awesome bud, great smoking not harsh but strong herb that relaxes me to the point of sleeping well due to my night mares

  4. CookPie (verified owner)

    Amazing strain. Will buy again, relieved my pain, anxiety and helped with sleep also. I could also focus with this as well with it being sativa dominant. Putting on my list of favorites.

  5. Walt (verified owner)

    This one is a real creeper

  6. Athanasiouodroad (verified owner)

    It’s strong weed it smells amazing the high is good for creativity and clear head as well. I had a batch that literally made me fall asleep.

  7. Benjamin Bradley (verified owner)

    Refreshing and uplifting. This one isa keeper

  8. Nalewickintso (verified owner)

    Good flavor, it’s a little sweet… Effects are relaxing, very mild and not too strong overall.

  9. Callie Pacheco

    the buds are nice looking nothing spectacular but nice, they’re sprinkled on the outside clustered trichomes on the inside.

  10. ImportantElite (verified owner)

    The taste is actually pretty good! using this one during the day to help treat ADHD and its working, no longer taking adderall and i can stay a bit more focused.

  11. Alexandra

    I would definitely recommend this to some of my friends, it’s got a great taste and long lasting high

  12. Gerald Hobson (verified owner)

    Came super quick , I commend WCC for their blazing fast ship times so I was able to enjoy this a lot sooner!

  13. Nathan Lim (verified owner)

    Helps alleviate minor aches and pain.

  14. Lisa Wong (verified owner)

    Uplifting and just overall a cheery high. Can’t get enough of this !

  15. lily Tilley (verified owner)

    Has a very nice steady uplifting high/buzz, can’t go wrong with this one.

  16. LumbierresHoop (verified owner)

    This is my all-time favorite strain because it is a thought-provoking, cerebral high that, at least when you ingest in small enough doses, allows you to get things done.

  17. DayVacationer (verified owner)

    Excellent “motivational” pot! Keeps you clearheaded for any project you want to do and makes you want to “get things done” yet delivers a very nice head high. I’m impressed.

  18. Jimmy T (verified owner)

    Great looking nugs , very uplifting high

  19. Shirley Valencia (verified owner)

    great for the afternoon and evening relaxation.

  20. Emerson Whitehead (verified owner)

    very nice buzz, tingly sensations. smooth, no cough at all. kind of A spicy feel at the back of the throat. earthy flavor. I’m glad I bought this.

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