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Best Use
Perfect addition to a joint or a quick sneaky puff on the back deck. High is light and talkative.

Light flavour that is not far off higher quality hashish.

Mid-level intensity high.

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1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g, Quarter Pound (4 Oz), Half Pound (8 Oz), Full Pound (16 Oz)

34 reviews for Hash – Diamond

  1. joannebarnes83 (verified owner)

    Good smoke. Good in bottle tokes. ? Buying more.

  2. demitri25

    Yo this is a real gem man

  3. harmonii6

    great experience defs buying again

  4. PublicOstrichxx

    smells awesome!! reminds me of my old days

  5. ianthac51

    I love how hash can turn any of your joint into an amazing high. Just be careful to choose the ones that are not on the indica side because you might get locked on your couch.

  6. tinley59

    third order and still the same quality! one loyal customer here

  7. valentina.d70

    Just received my order! This is sooooooo gooooooood

  8. fhng0908

    I am shining bright like a diamond 😉

  9. UnableCellist3

    omg what the fffff this blew my mind dude

  10. dazzcaribou

    really tasty and quickly hits you

  11. Jody (verified owner)

    I think that the Diamond is ok. Not alot of taste or smell. The buzz is decent

  12. HashMan83 (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this very much, tastes like old school hash from back in the day! Instant mental stress relief!

  13. Patti (verified owner)

    Love ? this diamond hash. Crumbles nicely to sprinkle over my joints. Will buy more!

  14. peternqumaluk

    I would buy again and again.

  15. kevinjl (verified owner)

    defiantly a unique flavour, earthy but not in the traditional hashy sense, cant really put my finger on it, kind of weird almost at first but end up liking it more and more every toke, until you crave it lol and really good power, hybrid like high but still leaning towards the mellow body high side of it. very good stuff

  16. Tim Pettitt (verified owner)

    As an old school entrepreneur this reminds me of the 80’s and the great times. This smokes very well and the smell/taste is on point

  17. Ron (verified owner)

    Needs a littl heat to crumble ,smooth light smoke, no coughing.. the body effect is first and the head stoneis
    even better

  18. kevdumont69 (verified owner)

    Very nice hash one of the best!!!

  19. Robert Carleton (verified owner)

    Just got my quarter of diamond hash and I must say I definitely enjoy this hash, easy to work with great smell to it, and the high is great! nice relaxing, body and head high great for the evening to chill out on, I could see myself coming back for more of this, especially if the price stays as good as it is! HIGH-ly recommend
    Keep up the great work WWC!! ✌❤🙂

  20. Jeff

    This hash was amazing

  21. Brandon Perry (verified owner)

    This strain is absolutely wild. It has strong psychedelic effects and a deliciously sweet taste.

  22. Juicyjayz (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing would definitely recommend trying if you love hash 🔥

  23. Thegate (verified owner)

    SWEEET !!! Bought as a Christmas present.

    – Got a huge 28.5+gr chunk of what could be a corner of that big hash slab on the picture with the diamond printed on.
    – Properly packaged in a solid glass container. Yeah, yeah, those glass jars you can throw at the wall and break the wall.
    – Also got some pieces of that GOLD diamond here & there. (Hmmm shinny)
    – Splitted the once in two equal parts that rolled easily into Temple Balls “less that 1 min rolling” then wow… Sticky, oily, shinny plus that amazing smell.
    – sons-in-law were speechless on Christmas eve when they opened their “Special 420” presents Ho! Ho! Ho! lolll.

    Pssssst, Don’t tell anyone i paid so little here, i’m their new santa hero now 😉

    Many thanks to the WCC team for being part of it too in their own ways.

  24. John Kopacka (verified owner)

    Tastes nice and smooth, and sets you into a deep relaxation.

  25. bumblebee77 (verified owner)

    Very nice.. One of the best I’ve order!

  26. Canadians (verified owner)

    Well by the lard Jesus I have not endulged in hash yes 50 plus years and does this bring me back .This DIAMOND HASH is very inviting for an ole east coast sole.
    Very good blast with the size of a lentil pea and yes it took me by surprise for the quick time line to rush across my fore head into total relaxation.
    Good dam piece of hash I will say.
    The price was well worth buzz
    Thank You


  27. Thomas R (verified owner)

    very nice good for pain THANK WCC

  28. Gianna L

    Excellent product, easy to use, not too tough to break apart. Perfect to smoke. Just overall a good time with the high too

  29. Michelle Barkow (verified owner)

    provides. a fun and relaxing buzz, doesnt make you too sleepy either, just the right amount of chill

  30. wheels (verified owner)

    Love this old school tasting Hash, Just a touch of heat and fluffs up nice for a puff. Two day delivery in my mailbox from west coast to East coast. Thank you Wcc

  31. Jed Lorenzo

    So good cause its a hard hitter like the high hits me instant

  32. Gerald Meugg (verified owner)

    I enjoyed Diamond a lot. It made me feel chill and open up in conversation

  33. Raphael (verified owner)

    Love at first blaze. just ordered another after i killed the first one!

  34. Diane Kane (verified owner)

    High quality hash that didnt need much to get high

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