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Double OG is a very potent indica-dominant strain that combines genetics from Big Bud, Afgoo, and regional favorite SFV OG Kush. Possibly named for the double dose of Afghani dance in its background (it’s a building block for both Afgoo and Big Bud), this strain is a true knockout.

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Double OG is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created as a cross of the hugely popular SFV OG X Big Bud Afgoo strains. This powerful celebrity child boasts an insanely high THC level that ranges from 20-25% on average, although it has been recorded upwards of 32% on occasion. Double OG is not for the novice user – you’ll be hit with a potent wave of deep mind and body relaxation that completely knocks you flat on your back. You’ll be helplessly melted into wherever you are sitting with no hopes of moving or functioning at a normal level. As the high builds, you’ll experience substantial pain relief that pulls you into a deep and peaceful sleep. Despite these strong effects, the Double OG high only lasts about an hour and a half on average, making it a not very potent, but overall powerful, strain. Because of these strong effects and its high THC level, Double OG is ideal for treating muscle spasms, tremors, insomnia, and nightmares, among other conditions. This bud has an aroma of harsh citrus and sage with a hint of diesel and a taste of smooth citrus herbs with a harsh diesel aftertaste. Double OG buds have small piecey pebble-shaped forest green nugs with amber hairs and a fine layer of milky white trichomes and resin.

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

THC: 20-25%

Common Usage: Arthritis, Asthma, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Eye Pressure, Headaches, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms, Tremors

Effects: Body High, Euphoria, Relaxing, Sleepy


1g, Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarters (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (4 Oz), Half Pound (8 Oz), Full Pound (16 Oz)

18 reviews for Double OG AAA

  1. Derrick Humphrey (verified owner)

    M A G N I F I C E N T !! Strain Love it Smells amazing, Gorgeous Bag Appeal taste wonderful

  2. Tia Barajas (verified owner)

    Nice, relaxed feel. I haven’t had the munchies in a long time but after some Double OG I found myself defrosting a piece of cake & giggling. Sooo… Definitely a mood booster as well as appetite.

  3. Roberto Cummings (verified owner)

    Great strain. I have back problems and they said this strain could definitely help and i did! My whole body was numb and really relaxed. Had the giggles a little. Than after a while went right to sleep. Its a great pain med.

  4. David Robertson (verified owner)

    Can never go wrong with this flavor, will always be a top pick for me, helps with anxiety, pain, and nausea

  5. Sarah Vanders

    Nice and clean, easy burning, and lasting high. Will not be disappointed if you order this! Overall a well worth it strain for a triple grade flower.

  6. Rachelle Galloway (verified owner)

    Hits smooth as hell. Perfect for people who have trouble going to sleep early because for once i knocked out before 12 LMAO.

  7. Drusilla (verified owner)

    The high had me feeling relaxed and feeling good

  8. Paul Wight (verified owner)

    Not for the faint of heart, super potent and just an intense high overall. Super NICE!!!!

  9. zayn t (verified owner)

    this strain is fire, really dank and potency is off the charts

  10. Joe Schmo (verified owner)

    More than your moneys worth here, good bud

  11. Elliot Andrews (verified owner)

    what a way to relax and enjoy the evening. To date, this strain is the smoothest bud I have tried. top of my list.

  12. faith jepson (verified owner)

    fixes my insomnia with ease and makes me feel so sleepy

  13. Fredric Russo (verified owner)

    This strain is KICKIN’–really great indica to mellow out and release the day with.

  14. Sherwin (verified owner)

    tasty and strong , I love this flavor so much

  15. Jack Bolton (verified owner)

    Freaking bomb! Such a stony high, instantly puts me at ease.

  16. Mike Tepaz (verified owner)

    Very awesome full body high. Instantly feel it after a couple hits. Super great for just chilling out, thinking, listening to music. Munchies come about 30-45min after smoking.

  17. Bailey Gerasklis (verified owner)

    This that good good sooo dank and sticky buds

  18. Jayrey (verified owner)

    I find those buds have great medicinal values…

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