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Galactic Death Star is a potent cross of Galactic OG X Death Star strains that combines sweet skunk and fuel aromas into a pungent fragrance that isn’t easy to hide. This strain may not have the ability to destroy planets, but it does have quite the powerful buzz. Effects can be slow to onset, but once they do, Death Star takes away all cares and replaces them with a state of relaxed euphoria. Great for daytime or nighttime use, this Ohio native now has fans throughout the galaxy.


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Galactic Death Star is a super rare indica dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa) created through crossing the potent Galactic OG X Death Star strains. If you thought the Death Star was destructive, get ready for a whole new level of power. Galactic Death Star brings on the hard-hitting effects thanks to its super high 28% average THC level and heavy mind and body effects. The Galactic Death Star high starts with a subtle lift that fills your cerebral state with unfocused creative thoughts that leaves you totally relaxed and at ease. As your mind begins to fade into oblivion, your body will start to drop off into a sleepy sedated state that can end in you snoozing if you don’t mind your dosage. With these effects and its high potency level, Galactic Death Star is often chosen to treat conditions such as chronic pain, migraines or headaches, arthritis, glaucoma or eye pressure, and nausea or appetite loss. This bud has a sweet pungent skunky flavor with hints of rich herbs and spices upon exhale. The aroma is of earthy diesel with a pungent skunk overtone that turns sweet and sour as the nugs are burned. Galactic Death Star buds have dense fluffy elongated dark olive green nugs with dark amber hairs and a coating of matching crystal trichomes.

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 28%

Common Usage: Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Glaucoma, Migraines

Effects: Cerebral, Euphoria, Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting


1g, Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarters (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (4 Oz), Half Pound (8 Oz), Full Pound (16 Oz)

48 reviews for Galactic Death Star AAAA

  1. Dexter Wilkinson (verified owner)

    This strain fills my mind with creative thoughts. It is best taken at night as it relaxes the body and you can ease into sleep a bit easier. I have insomnia so it has helped. Strong smell though.

  2. Thom Tran (verified owner)

    Great body buzz that transcends into a heavy state of relaxation .

  3. Sanderz (verified owner)

    The body buzz is super amazing and will help you sleep better since its so super relaxing. Nice smell that will just linger long after you smoke .

  4. Matthew Reeves (verified owner)

    From the aroma to it’s high, love everything about Galactic Death Star. Buds had a distinct earthy and piney smell, with a touch of spicy when ground up. Dense buds full of trichomes.

  5. Tyler Tolk (verified owner)


  6. Murdoc1974 (verified owner)

    Good weed similar to Tom Ford

  7. Christopher Hamilton (verified owner)

    great smell great taste , will buy again

  8. Reuben Morris (verified owner)

    This classic bud is great for many reasons. The flavor is a very classic weed flavor.

  9. Murdoc1974 (verified owner)

    The tase is delicious, gaz with skunky after taste, very amazing weed on of my favorite

  10. Bobbie Floyd (verified owner)

    One of my favorites! It’s very happy and relaxing. It also gives me major munchies! The smell is pungent and skunky. This strain didn’t make me cough as much as others. This was some powerful bud.

  11. Declan Phillips (verified owner)

    Suffer from severe anxiety and depression…GG4 has been a miracle for me! I can finally function again. Also suffer from PTSD and works amazing. Great for anytime strain day or night. Doesn’t give you the paranoid or anxiety feelings

  12. Matt Bean (verified owner)

    This strain has helped me a lot with my depression. Just takes all the bs away and leaves you feeling content and relaxed with heavy euphoria.

  13. June (verified owner)

    A great daily strain. Eases pain and puts the body in a very relaxed state. I’ll use it between work and home to boost my appetite and change my mood up.

  14. Jacob Moreau (verified owner)

    Great smell and taste amazing

  15. Michael Ross (verified owner)

    The high comes on strong and fast, euphoric, relaxing, all pain killing for me, including nerve pain. Anxiety and depression go. Nausea goes. Perfect strain.

  16. Tyler Webb (verified owner)

    Recommended for the experienced user who is looking to get downright STONED! This will most likely curb your productivity

  17. Jake Andrews (verified owner)

    Easy on the noggin, not too heavy but the just heavy enough. Good for an end of the night treatment, I usually make some tea but I’ll smoke it if I have the luxury of a lazy non-demanding evening. Great strain if you love Indica.

  18. Drina Keller

    The colours on this galactic death star are amazing, smoking it was good time too

  19. Don Benny (verified owner)

    My go to night time strain!

  20. Frankie Patel (verified owner)

    beautiful nugs tastes real good. Super tasty bud. Super nice body buzz

  21. Andrew Koch (verified owner)

    The strongest herb I’ve ever experienced. Turns me into a completely useless human. It will put you to sleep without question. It’s wonderful for pain management as it totally numbs you out.

  22. Kieran Walker (verified owner)

    Fire made me feel relaxed best sleep you know I had some good eats too

  23. Gale Hayes (verified owner)

    This is a very interesting strain cause when your out of weed after a good toke you be sure to find this strain euphoric feelings and tense buds

  24. Kush_mathias420 (verified owner)

    Just the way I like my high baaby A1

  25. Matthew Thomas (verified owner)

    Fantastic strain. Taste, smell, bud structure, it has it all..super Stoney high. You won’t be disappointed. Guaranteed.

  26. Declan Kennedy (verified owner)

    Fantastic strain. Excellent for insomnia. Nice uniform buds. Smells and tastes delicious.

  27. 905laosta (verified owner)

    If ur contemplating if you should order this or not, if ur like me you will gladly be real happy with this batch, pretty much looks like the pictures, thats 1 of many good thing about WCC the pictures shown is pretty much what you will receive! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  28. Muffy (verified owner)

    2nd time ordering this one. Love it.

  29. Anders Russo (verified owner)

    It has a great euphoric high that will put you in a dimension that had me introspective. Plus it’s indica effects kicked my ass as well

  30. Jakob Gomez (verified owner)

    Galactic Death Star was a shockingly strong strain. Felt both the cerebral high and body high with this. It was very nice.

  31. CraftsmanPrototype (verified owner)

    This strain is for people with hard medical conditions. I’m in my bed, unable or I should say unwilling, to leave it because I’ve been “Glued’!!!!

  32. Lin Win

    I would say I really love this
    smell and quality are perfect
    I would buy it again

  33. Dannie Hartman (verified owner)

    You feel relaxed from head to toe with this. Ultimate relaxation and peace.

  34. Ani Chu

    Smokes very well, tastes really sweet and smells so good.

  35. badbruQc

    Le meilleur que j ai goûter jusqu’à présent sont goût est délicieux et sont buzz est super puissant .
    Svp garder cette variété en stock elle est trop bonne

  36. Grace Lam (verified owner)

    The high is so damn intense and so clean. You don’t wake up the next day feeling groggy but refreshed instead. A nice, mellow and clear-headed high.

  37. Cole (verified owner)

    Very nice firey buds
    Make my body feel great, minimal pain 🙂

  38. GLENN MACLEOD (verified owner)

    Very nice flower. Nice cure, texture. I would recommend.

  39. rachel s (verified owner)

    fav strain ever!! it tastes so delicious and the high is so chill!

  40. Steven (verified owner)

    big and dense nugs
    – nice smell & taste
    – nice burn
    – hard-hitting high

  41. David (verified owner)

    My second times with this strain. Loved the taste and the high is nice

  42. Tyler Mota (verified owner)

    Smoke this before watching movies, thank me later. It’s easier to get engaged and appreciate the movie. Jokes are funnier, colours are brighter, the sad moments hit harder.

  43. Meysam (verified owner)

    Disappointed with this one. It’s extremely light dry fluffy buds. Potency is not there. AA at its best

  44. Trent Bonifer (verified owner)

    Will solve any sleeping problems you may be experiencing. I was out like a light in minutes..

  45. Ryan Johnson (verified owner)

    ideal for night time use when you have nothing important to do except watch TV and fall asleep.

  46. Sapphire (verified owner)

    The bud is sticky and quality bud for sure. The flavor is earthy and woody

  47. jaren gallant (verified owner)

    i was the happiest and most relaxed because of this. this is the best after a stressful day.

  48. Woody Hucker (verified owner)

    Very extreme body high, its nice stuff tho

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